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Weird Framerate Pattern/Stuttering



So recently my game has been acting odd. Every 2 seconds it drops to sub-10 fps before going back to 165. At first I thought it was throttling or some gpu issue but other games(rainbow six, monster hunter, starfract 2) I play seem fine.

Here are the graphs:



Rainbow Six(ignore the bit at the end, thats just me alt-tabbing to screenshot):


I've reset my settings in Warframe, reinstalled it, reset nvidia graphics settings, clean installed nvidia drivers, reinstalled DirectX, checked cpu and gpu temp limits.

Interestingly enough, this problem only starts occurring after my pc has been on for 1-2 hrs. If I restart my pc and start Warframe, no stuttering. Then 1-2 hrs in, game starts the micro stutters, and eventually it becomes unplayable 

Not sure what to do now...

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3 hours ago, PastaAdventures said:

I have gsync, the framerate is not the problem, the game itself is just freezing up


I even tinkered with capping the framerate at 30 and it would still freeze

Don't use the in-game framerate limiter. Either set vsync off in game and set it to Fast in the nvidia panel or use the Rivatuner Statistics Server that installs with Afterburner to limit your framerate.

Off topic: If you get massive framerate drops in Assassins Creed Origins/Odyssey as a gsync user set vsync to Fast in the nvidia panel too.

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