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litte idea for a warframe


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name =foxtrot

passive= one man army =be able to equip a another primary over a secondery weapon
health =150(400 at rank 30)
shield =150(300 at rank 30)
energy =150(200 at rank 30)
armor =150

1st= cost 25 plasmor grenades= throw a plasmor greande than deals 250 damage in a aoe of 4m power strenght increases damage power range increases the aoe.
2nd =cost 25 lock and load= give yourself and teammates in 10m radius reload and firerate 50 percent buff for 20 secs power strenght increases the buff power range increases the radius of the buff
3rd =cost 50 medic= deploy a first aid tower than heals all warframes in radius of 5m for 100hp per sec last 5 secs power dtrenght increases the healing power range increases the radius of the skill and power duration increases the the time.
4th =cost 25 ricochet onslaught =all shots made have a 100 percent chance to ricochet to a new target bounces 3 times also all shots do 75 percent more damage
power strenght adds more damage to the shots power range adds more bounces to the shots channeling skill cost 10 energy per sec redure by efficiency and duration mods.

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