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Riven mod advice



So, im a new player and i got this riven mod for tigris, so i decided to invest in it, i think this is the best i got from this riven mod in all the rerolls i made, please tell me if this is good for tigris!!!

(i could not figure out how to upload an image so im writing the mod)

Tigris Hexacan:

+51.7% Status chance

+55.8% Multishot

-24.4% Fire rate (x2 for bows)

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Rip in fact :/

it cant replace one of the 60/60 mods to make 100% SC (wf builder says its 99.510%)

Other than that, the MS is good and -rof kinda harmless

Overall id roll it, only 1/3 of the stats will increase your dmg

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