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  1. I like the addition very much but noticed theres no option to invert tap/hold for warframes with subsumed abililities with such property Would rly be good if you could set it for them too
  2. What about this? With bonewidow i remembered how pethetic that mod is Pls make it worth using
  3. I only have 1 issue with those changes Why chaining up the throws is set to hold melee button, release and hold again while it comes back? Wouldnt it be simpler to just hold melee button to continue throwing?
  4. I made guide about that a while ago when the liches first came out. It was before elemental rework so its quite outdated now. Ppl ask me questions or quote that thread in other posts so i guess i can make an updated version (since the old thread is archived). My intention was to pick the best elemental base for each weapon accoridng to its type (either high rof AR or slow hard-hitter), its IPS values and having some build variety if needed. Now some explanation Im aware im old fart using corrosive+heat since the new meta is viral+heat but... Having heat as base elemental
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