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  1. Wo a riven the innate heat will mix into blast/rad - so i guess it depends if u have one and can skip few status mods or not
  2. Damn, idk now, did some testing Clanmates 40% toxin vs my 55% heat and its screwed up Not only innate toxin does not do more tick dmg but my ogris did more lol Serration + thermite rounds + malignant force: tick values were 77 for his ogris and 86 for mine
  3. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Damage/Gas_Damage "However, innate Toxin damage from weapons such as the Paracyst does not contribute to the damage-over-time ticks." I just roll with the most official info i got, i guess it could use some testing specifically on kuva weps
  4. Nope cuz innate toxin doesnt contribute for the tick dmg Forgot to mention it
  5. Been trying to figure out best possible elemental bonus for each individual kuva weapon taking into account their stats and build its best to go with: Tonkor - high rad Quartakk - low heat Chakkhurr - high rad Drakgoon - high toxin Ogris - high heat (for gas build) Twin stubbas - low heat Brakk - high toxin/electric Kraken - low heat Seer - high heat (for gas build) Shildeg - high rad/heat Ayanga - high rad/low heat Kohm - high toxin Karak - low heat (or low toxin/cold for slash build) Correct me if im wrong somewhere. All of it is build for corrosive (unless its gas) and before you ask why low heat, ill explain it briefly - cause of new heat proc and the fact it doesnt stack like corrosive, so you want it to proc but not too much in fact. Also why not toxin/electric then and use heat mod on weapon? Well having a low innate heat will provide more corrosive procs than having high innate toxin/electric and using 60/60 heat mod on a gun Im still missing karak and kohm so i wouldnt mind some ideas for those as well Updated PS. Rivens are not considered here so it may be better for completely different elemental if you have one, especially for the shotgun ones
  6. Raskol

    Kuva weapons

    If only DE would be working on some trade system oh, wait... https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1141762-dev-workshop-kuva-lich-changes-coming-soon™/
  7. Since new heat proc effect the best combo for armor stripping is currently corrosive + heat, no discussion here but Considering the heat proc works similar to viral (6s duration and its unstackable) i figured out that it may not be the best idea to aim for 60% bonus heat dmg on some kuva weapons You sill want your corrosive value the highest and heat should only proc once in a while. Having high heat bonus kinda gets in the way of corrosive procs So just you guys know not to always trash low rolls in the bonus dmg 😛
  8. There should be something done with "lich-lovers" who are not even trying to kill their liches (no matter that it gives you 10 murmur nor that its blocking others ppl lich spawn) Its making me mad not to be able to kill my lich even tho im rdy for it cause in almost every mission theres a guy like that There should be some form of punishment for that behaviur OR there should be some change in the system to prevent it/let other liches spawn
  9. Vaubans photon strike seems to do no dmg to ragdolled enemies The moment when theyre lying on the ground for a brief second theres not even a dmg indicator when u cast your strike on them, like its ignoring them completely
  10. PM offers, i dont bite 😛
  11. Lower the grind, make it 1 lich/day Problem solved
  12. So since protagonists determine your kuva weapon elemental bonus i was wondering which damages are most desired I kinda only consider: TOXIN/ELECTRIC, HEAT or RADIATION. Others, i dont see that useful, but feel free to change my mind 😛 Toxin/electric for obvious reasons, but maybe it would be smarter to build corrosive with mods and get a bonus heat (especially with its new effect on armor) ? Rad with its bonus vs alloy armor combines well with corrosive as ultimate anti-grineer weapon, but on the other hand if i wanted to build some other status it would only get in the way of procing what i rly want The hard part is the fact that u dont know what weapon the lich gonna have Any ideas?
  13. Hes just fodder frame, maybe a bit fun at first but later on there wont be any reason to bring him for a mission (except u like him and/or have som fun) Its like with Garuda for me. Shes not bad, for some even fun more or less, but shes not good enough in any role that id choose her over some other frame
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