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Primary Dmg Mods, Are They Even Droppin'?



Since i didn't see any words from the devs about it, i wanna know, was this mentioned on the last livestream? it's intended? It's gonna be adressed soon?


If it's just my imagination, are the faction-specific? Where can i found them?


plz, my paris is hungry of moar dmg mods ;w;

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Just for the record, i'm not talking only about serration. What about the elemental mods? and the crit ones? Jesus, i don't even have a single copy of Point Strike! It used to be te most common common.


I've just fighted the Lech Kril of the alert and droped Cryo Rounds, and that's my first dmg mod in months..


I'm just unlucky? or is someone else experimenting this?

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