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Garuda's 1 Blood orb


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Hi! so i found this bug on Garuda's blood orb from her 1 still charging damage even after my energy is depleted while I activated my 3rd ability twice so I had only 2 hp. I've replicated this test a lot of times considering whether my hp isn't depleted or not. It only does it in between 2.04mil - 2.14mil stored damage ( before charging 1), after my energy went to 0, it was still charging up until 26.6mil damage.

Stacked my dmg on 1 upto 2.12mil before charging 1

Then here's the dmg when my energy ran out

But it still scaled up until it hit a cap of 26.6mil dmg

Didn't know where to post this so I just posted here since its Garuda related.

Here's my build that I used on that test

Btw Good job still DE for a really smooth Fortuna release!! Cheers!! #WeAllLiftTogether #MesaPrimeWhen

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5 minutes ago, ChiroToru said:

The odd thing though is that the overcharging only worked for me in the dmg range i specified, i tried it on a lower charge and a higher charge but it stopped when my energy ran out.

You can just go and stand on the energy pad in the simularcum it keeps your energy maxed all the time.

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