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@Moderators - what about notifications when deleting threads?


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just came back to the forum to have a quick look at my topic about Sentinel Rivens.

Created it an hour ago maybe or two,  i was basically talking about the situation with price that went up like crazy.

- no ranting, no flaming, no clickbait, no nothing, just a short analysis and a a few reason why people shouldnt do that

- all the comments i have read so far were discussing the topic in a calm way aswell


To keep it short:

- if you feel the need to delete my topic, could you maybe tell me (and others) why that happened?

- and also, dont merge it with other topics that you delete aswell

(this is the 2nd time now that a thread of mine got merged with another one, and now it looks like i created topics that i didnt create at all when i look at my history)

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just removed all unnecessary stuff
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