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Riderless k-drive


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Got this by spamming shortcuts for gear slots, having archwing and k-drive out the "same" time, resulting in a riderless k-drive. Also managed to bug out a coil drive since I was invincible, enemies ignoring me completely.

I have F6 screenshots but here is an imgur link: UHCtYgX.jpg


and here's a google drive download thing https://drive.google.com/open?id=1N7B_EJAHWOn66toXcdaCXCWzCycHapil

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added link for devs to download F6-screenshot data file
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I could reproduce this by equipping a K-Drive while investigating a body(in the "find bodies then hack mission"). You cant crash while like this. The board doesn't take dmg, but your body (which isn't on the board and just chilling somewhere) can take damage. The only way to get out of Fortuna is forced Extraction(via Teammates) or hoping some corpus dude finds and kills your body.

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