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  1. False equivalency. We do not live in China, our government is not run like China's. Your thinking will turn our nations into totalitarian corporate states, though. Over a long enough timeline, there's no other possible outcome of this "free market" sort of ideology. There's a reason that when someone gets censored for "hate speech" all the screeching totalitarians suddenly turn into libertarians and begin preaching that it's a private business, and it can do what it wants. The libertarian to authoritarian pipeline is very, very real, and authoritarians of all sorts love to ride it to whatever their desired goal is once it's been established. You have done nothing but prove my point. When members of a western government want someone censored, they typically use a privately owned and operated proxy to do it. This is especially prevalent in the US, as the US government cannot constitutionally do anything you've listed here. In many if not most cases, they don't even have the means to do so, outside of applying police force, which has severe social consequences. Even when members of western democratic governments do attempt these things through direct government action, they use their massive, bloated, corporate media institutions to manufacture consent for their desired action. I'd frankly prefer to live under a dictator, because at least you have a singular, visible target sitting atop the hierarchy you're being crushed under. This is why even China has moved away from communism: Capitalism is a better economic model for totalitarianism. Totalitarian corporations and trusts are like a thousand headed hydra, with a reach that expands far outside of anyone's borders. The CCP is communist only in name, most of their power in the modern world comes from their industry and capital, because that, right now, is where the truest, least restricted form of power resides. When China wants someone outside their borders censored, they use their money and business power to put pressure on the companies that host your services. They even corrupt your politicians this way: Which is to say the same way the lobbyists of domestic corporations do. Everything you're complaining about is indicative of vast and dangerous power imbalance and centralization in the hands of private establishments, which is by nature totalitarian. Private business is run in a top down, authoritarian manner (and probably can't be operated in any other manner, due to the nature of how markets work), and the result of an out of control private sector is the erosion and outright destruction of democracy worldwide, as even governments must obey capital reality. The simple situation we're in is that business simply has too much freedom, and power, while having disproportionately little responsibility forced on them. They have the power to infringe on your government mandated rights and protections, without any obligation to maintain those rights and protections. There is only one outcome that can come from this, and it's the one you fear the most. We're going to become just like China, and it will be through the memes and advocacy of people like you that this happens. Automation will be the boot on the face of humanity that Orwell warned about, and this will happen precisely because people chose to be ruled by business rather that what was supposed to be an elected government. This is probably a good time to remind you who owns DE, and in turn who owns them.
  2. Ah yes, an automated ban handed out without any review, over an end user license agreement violation. Y'know, that license everyone is forced to agree to if they want to use anything more modern than an abacus, that a company can put basically anything they want in. ...And people wonder why I want more government involvement, stricter restrictions on business, protections for consumers, and general capital control in the private sector.
  3. I hope one day you learn to address people's arguments fairly, and heed valid points. :)
  4. You're the one arguing in bad faith. You're doing exactly what I said you were doing, again. You can forfeit this argument if you wish, it's probably the best idea for you at this point since you can't seem to address his overarching point with any kind of fairness.
  5. I put no words in your mouth. If you don't like your argument being critiqued, don't make it.
  6. You're doing the whole thing where you take your opposition's argument hyper literally, in order to dismiss it outright. That, if anything, is the closest thing to actual hyperbole here. Try being intellectually honest and actually addressing an argument properly for a change.
  7. It's not hyperbole, and it is a legitimate concern.
  8. Would you please consider increasing the number of hits each in each attack of Butcher's Revelry combos instead of simply increasing the damage? It's a chainsaw, after all. Ghoul Rush is in an especially sad state still. It requires you to repeatedly mash the melee key, while pressing forward, and it doesn't even do good damage, nor does it have any frills. No forced slash procs, not even a stagger. This was an excellent opportunity to add charge/maintain combos to the game, and make a category of weapons that is strong and slow, a category currently only occupied by a handful of hammer weapons due to the sorry state of Heavy Weapons.
  9. We've still got no variants for the Jat Kitag or the Javlok for that matter, and those are old, old weapons. This is before getting into the fact that the Shiv probably outperforms this thing in some regards, and that's an MR 5 weapon that's also status based (status focused melee weapons are almost universally bad in the current game). It can work, but it needs a lot of support from your frame and pet, which greatly limits where and how you can use it.
  10. Kuva Zarr isn't as good as people think it is. Which isn't to say it's bad, but the hype is absolutely wrongheaded.
  11. Oh, actually, I am going to say something else... There's a disparity between crit and status that has existed forever: There is no status severity stat, only a critical severity stat. This has always been a problem for damaging status procs (except maybe slash as it bypasses armor), but now it's even more of a discrepancy since corrosive can't strip armor completely. This is why when status is used, everyone builds viral/slash or viral/heat. And no, the fact status stacks doesn't help the situation. It actually makes it worse because crits get their full payoff immediately, inherently biasing the TTK of crit leaning weapons.
  12. I called this way back when they were reworking status and nerfing status shotguns. Everyone was telling me I was wrong, and low and behold, here we are. I'm just going to say "I told you so" and peace out.
  13. Not a lot of frames are what they used to be. That's not necessarily a problem. His 4 is good, if very plain. Paired with his health pool it's a good part of why people keep putting him in A tier... I don't really think he belongs there, but whatever, warframe community is going to warframe community. Point is his 4 just needs some mechanical tweaks, like not being instantly and completely broken by nullifiers, transitions in things like ESO, etc. His 2 and 3 aren't great, but at least his 2 is functional. It actually does something (the healing), even if that something is a bit redundant in most situations. He's not that much worse off than Atlas. ...Then again everyone seems to think Atlas is horrible for some reason, when in reality he's just kinda middling and has most of the same sorts of problems Inaros does. I'd rather they focus on the frames that really need the attention right now, since they already seem to be struggling with the workload. Functional but flawed frames can wait for Hydroid and Yareli to get looked at.
  14. I just don't see... Why. Like, what the point of messing with _this_ part of his kit is. Inaros does basically two things well: Stay alive, and toss pocket sand then smack things with a stick. If you're going to completely rework the mechanics of something on him, maybe look at his 3, or the sand clones and damage scaling on his 2.
  15. The purpose is to make the new player experience even worse.
  16. The biggest improvement to her damage output here just makes her better Helminth fodder. Don't get me wrong, her aqua blades could use more damage, but she's got no _real_ scaling mechanics, which is precisely why putting aqua blades on a frame with a way to amp damage, or strip armor, or _something_ tends to make the ability way, way more impressive than it is on Yareli. You also keep nerfing any secondary that is even remotely competitive with primaries and melee, and notably you keep nerfing their AoE. With no scaling built into the frame, and her passive and 2 shoehorning her into using her secondary, you've pushed her into a specialization that basically means she has to use sub par weapons to make her frame abilities do damage. That pretty much murders her viability in say, the Steel Path, where you're putting all the new goodies these days. Her 1 could be a pretty decent CC ability, but last I checked it still had problems with pathing. Maybe her 4 could be good for dealing with large groups now, but I really just don't see the damage being high enough, even with this buff. At least not when you're fighting enemies with EHP in the millions.
  17. Really not sure if this is a joke, sarcasm, satire or what. Wukong isn't even that good. There are frames that are as strong if not stronger way lower on that list. Is this thread making fun of DE balancing based on usage? If so, don't be mad if it backfires and they actually go through with it. DE still hasn't figured out that usage statistics don't actually tell you anything useful.
  18. It really goes to show how few people actually play and understand Vauban that so many here are determined that this would be a "nerf."
  19. Hmmm... Let me find the correct, lame, cringy, boring and politically correct gif response featuring a celebrity, as are so popular around these parts... ...Ah, yes, this will do. "Let's double down on a plan that didn't work and is accomplishing nothing other than angering a bunch of players, that'll surely make us look competent and help our popularity!" If the usage statistics aren't changing, in all likelihood it's because most people can't be arsed to change their secondary weapon on their 2-3 dozen loadouts, while they run around with primary slot rocket launchers, shotguns and all manner of cool swords and exploding boomerang blades. I've been replacing the Kuva Nukor in all my loadouts with the Tenet Detron, which does have a useful niche... And I'm building a Sporelancer... But I'm dragging my feet because 90% of the time I only use my primary and melee.
  20. Actually, all the youtubers are repeating what you're saying, and they're wrong too. :)
  21. Nova and Zephyr both have ways of multiplying damage, and mitigating damage, past armor and shields. Nova's null star has percentile DR, 5% for each star, and the number of stars scales off Duration, something Nova wants lots of. With the augment it's fairly easy to maintain. Molecular Prime has enormous range and doubles the damage enemies take in addition to making them explode, and is very strong when combined with something like a Glaive or a launcher. Molecular Prime can be built to speed up, slow down, or not effect enemy movement speed at all. Making Molecular Prime neutral is as as simple as slotting power donation as your aura. Zephyr's Tornados amplify damage fired into them in two ways: Weapons with punch through or splash can strike both the target in the tornado and the tornado itself, and critical damage that strikes the tornado gains a 200% bonus. The pull on the Tornados is also quite good now. Zephyr's 3 also makes her almost invincible to ranged attacks targeted directly at her, and its augment makes many weapons really, really goofy, not least of which is turning the Tenet Plasmor into a sniper cannon. Saryn falls of pretty fast. She needs to rely on weapons much more in SP. I believe there are some infusions that can amp up her damage, but I don't bother. She's a noob starchart clearer or a so-so debuffer in the current meta. Gara actually does have infinite scaling, but it flatlines if you fail to maintain splinter storm stacks even just once. Not a fan. She is super, super strong. The rest of the frames you have listed there all have ways of bypassing or stripping armor. You'll notice a reoccurring theme: AoE damage amps, buffs, and armor stripping paired with survivability are how you SP effectively. Big guns and melee then become the go-to, as weapons can be modded much harder than warframe abilities. Even Nyx is kinda OK in Steel Path. I almost want to say more frames are viable in Steel Path, despite the overall lower ability to deal damage with frame abilities in SP. Umbral Mirage, I guess? Disco ball is super, super strong, and nobody even knows. Not to mention her damage amps are absurdly strong. Throw it down a brightly lit hallway and everything just melts. She's even squishier than nova, though, using helminth to give her something to help with staying alive is an absolute must.
  22. Nukor is garbage now. Dump it into the MR fodder bin and get yourself a Sporelancer (or just ignore secondaries altogether, DE nerfs any good secondary into the ground). Get yourself a good launcher/AoE Primary and pick a frame who's abilities amplify damage or bypass/strip armor/shields. Mod for Viral/Corrosive/Toxic/Fire, those are the elements that matter. Corrosive isn't for the status (It helps, but viral is way better) but the bonus against ferrite armor. Radiation can situationally be good too. If you can completely strip armor very quickly, Viral is pretty much all you need. Vauban, Mirage, Nezha, Zephyr, Nova, Xaku, Hildryn, etc. This is the steel path meta.
  23. Would be a real shame if Yareli became an "older frame" without getting all the improvements she needs.
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