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  1. XaoGarrent

    Why is Saryn motherly?

    I got a few of my own. Excal is the serious and stoic but not emo traditional swordsman guy. Umbra excal is that guy, but ALSO emo. Mirage is the smol crazy chick, who's currently fighting with The Good Guys, but also about one rainy day from becoming the Joker's sidekick. Harrow isn't an edgy dude. He's that weird kid with the ouija board and a bunch of strange trinkets, that nobody takes seriously until they discover he's got a portal to a parallel dimension in his closet. Loki is that one character who seems to be doing things really important to the plot, but never on screen. Y'know, the one that runs off at the start of a game or chapter and you don't see him again until whatever plot critical thing he's supposed to do is already done. Ash is this trope as a playable character. Zephyr isn't a bird. She's that weird girl you know that acts like a bird (or some other animal) and nobody really understands why, but just pretends it's normal anyway. Ember is the punk rebel that has no idea of her own limits and gets her ass kicked every single season, because the author intentionally wrote her as a deconstruction. ...Look, I'm really tired of all these useless Embers that die constantly, buff her back already for crying out loud. Octavia, Banshee and Revenant throw warehouse rave parties in Fortuna, and Titania is the party hard chick that shows up and hands out the good drugs. I was going to say Chroma is the really big manly dude that goes to conventions to cosplay as a monster or a knight, but really that's more or less the same idea. Atlas is one set of eye sparkles away from being part of the Armstrong family.
  2. XaoGarrent

    Why is Saryn motherly?

    It's really not that complicated. You've got a thicc frame and so there will be thicc related memes. It doesn't help the situation that she has heels on and is exceptionally tall, things that get associated with the "big mama" image. And so, the internet does what the internet is wont to do. ...It memes. https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Fire_Trap
  4. XaoGarrent

    Account suspended

    Why is this still a thing.
  5. XaoGarrent

    Saryn Augment Changed Please?

    Where are people finding all these Saryns, lol I see Octavia, Mesa, Rhino, Ash, etc more than I see Saryn. I almost never get paired with a Saryn unless it's ESO or a few specific endless maps like Stephano. People are just crying because they want to cry at this point.
  6. XaoGarrent

    Have we gone a little too far chasing new frames?

    I think Gara and Khora actually came out pretty good on the other end of things. That isn't to say they couldn't use more work, but when you have frames like Revenant that are both underperforming and mechanically unique, I think it's clear that the problem is less the repetition and more design kludges in the way the various frames operate. Most of these frames could use an ability or two reworked, some better synergy between abilities or just a straight up increase in power/scaling. I mean, look at Nezha: He went from a C-List "worse rhino" to A-Tier material right along side Rhino, and at the end of the day they didn't really change what his kit does, they just made it synergize and do what it does better.
  7. XaoGarrent

    Azima, A.... well its just bad. worse now.

    That's actually how the soldier nail grenade functioned in TFC and Fortress Forever.
  8. XaoGarrent

    Best Brawler?

    Atlas hands down is the best brawler in the game. I think he does what you're likely looking for, he's a melee caster that just barrels headlong into the thick of things, punching everything to death. You could say he's Brick from Borderlands, except it's always punch time. Always. Punch time 24/7. He still has some problems, though. He has survivability issues, but they don't show up until you're fighting stuff level 100+. The bigger issue is that he's absurdly energy hungry until you can get corrupted mods and hit or get near the efficiency cap.
  9. XaoGarrent

    Prisma ... when?

    I think you're missing the point entirely... There are some weapons that people like, but are low MR and/or struggle to scale into high levels because of bad stats. The Prisma and Wraith variants allow for weapons with high MR stats or better stat spreads to be released without touching the existing weapon.
  10. XaoGarrent

    My FIRST Toxic Experience in Warframe.

    Apparently hour long Mot runs don't exist on PC and we're all just blasted on acid and hallucinating.
  11. XaoGarrent

    My FIRST Toxic Experience in Warframe.

    Hahahah, telling a Nezha player to sit still. That's like telling water to stop being wet. Nezha has two modes: Going fast, and going faster. Any time you run into people like this, just run around even more. Run circles around them, then spam emotes and spam crouch in front of them.
  12. XaoGarrent

    when there are only 3 weapons in the meta

    I never said they were. That's your assertion, actually, by comparing weapons that are also not overpowered, and as such I disagree. The first point is outright wrong, learn to aim. There is no inverse falloff on snipers, this is not a thing. You can quickscope in Warframe easily, and if you're having trouble doing that, that's not the game's fault. The second point is null and void when you use it with a frame or secondary that grants AoE, which in most cases will do DRAMATICALLY less damage than a Rubico will in single target. Rubico Prime is one of the most deadly weapons in the game for Volt due to how strongly it synergizes with his kit. I'm already seeing a pattern with you. A few patterns in fact. Let's see if they continue... You are conflating anything that does good AoE with being OP, and you're doing this because... You can't aim, you don't know how to build weapons (one mod will solve the charge time problem and massively boost your DPS in the process)... And... ...As if that's not enough... You are going into missions SPECIFICALLY with the mindset that you're going to use one weapon for everything, regardless of frame, regardless of the rest of your loadout. You talk about synergizing as if it's in a vacuum, which means you're playing the game and trying to balance in a vacuum. Which is to say, frankly, that the game isn't boring, you're boring. If you're not kitting out your frames with weapons that somehow synergize with them as a rule rather than the exception, yes, you're going to get bland results. These weapons you are convinced are OP are significantly less end-all-be-all choices when you're picking your loadout as an overall scheme, with your choice of weapons, frame and even pet designed to work together as a cohesive unit. You have absolutely no idea how much it would reduce the game's overall build diversity if you had your way. The meta would basically become AoE frames with snipers and buff bots, and almost nothing else. Then you'd complain about that, of course. I find them to be a real blast. Maybe, if you don't, you should find another game to play. Because it sounds like this is not the game for you, based off what you've said here. No, seriously- How do you miss something at close range with the Opticor's cylinder? Even if your aim is atrocious you usually end up killing things with the weird splash. "I can't hit enemies at close range with the Opticor" translates to "I only use these weapons and think they're OP because I'm putting in 0 effort, so I need the devs to nerf them in order to force me to actually try." Within the context you've provided, that's the message you're sending.
  13. XaoGarrent

    when there are only 3 weapons in the meta

    -Rubico Prime -Amprex -Kitguns (Yes, just kitguns) -Opticor -Atomos (how could you forget this, it's basically the Ignis Wraith as a secondary) -Synoid Gammacor -Twin Grakatas (The low mag size is a pain, but they fart a cloud of bullets so whatever) -Mara Detron -MARA DETRTON -HOW DID YOU FORGET THE MARA DETRON -PLEASE TRY MAG WITH THE MARA DETRON, IT'S SO STUPID -Supra Vandal -Tigris Prime -Exergis? Maybe? -Phantasma -Strun Wraith (admittedly kinda needs to be paired with the right frame, but it's real good) -Insert any number of big ass swords here. Honestly I'm probably forgetting about a third of the best guns in the game, and I haven't even gone on to honorable mentions or frame specific stuff like the Synoid Simulor. Which yes, is totally nutso on Mirage again. Also, the Plasmor scales like trash without a good riven. Thankfully, I got a good riven.
  14. XaoGarrent

    Fixing Mesa

    It's not a flimsy defense. It's the correct answer. PEBKAC is the simplest answer to what you're saying. This goes for your content creators, too. Having a mic, video editing software and a bunch of sycophants doesn't mean anything special. There's actually very little substance in your post, mostly just fallacious logic and you repeating the same thing over and over without forming any sort of critical argument, so I think I'm just going to leave you to that. Especially since you have this habit of defeating your own argument by saying things that prove why the mod is just flat out worse. I know you're disagreeing with me, but it really feels like you're going out of your way to prove yourself wrong. It's really weird and I'm frankly not sure how to respond to that.
  15. XaoGarrent

    Fixing Mesa

    "Faster is still not instant" doesn't address any of the problems with Waltz and why holster rate is just blatantly superior, and frankly you don't seem to parkour enough. Otherwise you wouldn't be making the claims you are. Or would you? I do find it very interesting that you specifically choose not to respond to the part that demonstrates your statement as questionable. Waltz's benefits are minimal in the vast majority of real world use scenarios, and it comes with drawbacks that vastly outpace what you're getting. I'm not even going into the fact it also has a positive effect on the holster rate of other weapons, because at that point I'd just be beating a dead horse. You don't realize it, but you just threw leverage against your own position. Especially when you consider that one little corpus unit that's always such a pain in everyone's ass. If you prefer that mod, more power to you. Errr... Y'know, that's a lie. Technically it's LESS power to you. But go ahead, nobody said you can't nerf yourself for fun. Or well... Hmm. Style? It's stylish I guess.