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  1. Flattening the armor out to a percentile value that only gets a few bumps at key points in the star chart, and reworking health values and possibly damage around this new standard is what the big armor rework should have been from the start. We're already seeing the consequences of not going with the better option.
  2. Aren't Railjack commanders immune to most forms of armor stripping, or did they finally fix that? I play Railjack so little now I'm honestly not sure.
  3. There is no point. There are in fact way, way greener pastures. She's not worth your time unless you have every other frame in the game and you're just getting her to add to your collection. Even the Trash Heap that is Valkyr is worth your time more than she is. The one good thing she does, shields, is better done by a dozen other frames that also bring a lot more to the table.
  4. I think you're asking the wrong guy. This is more Alad's wheelhouse. Alad V is the mad scientist that screws around with sentient tech and infestation. Nef probably knows it's going on, but has no idea what it is. ...Nef's a useless oligarch potentate, who doesn't know his ass from his elbow when it comes to sentient tech. Nef probably can't get the networking on his cybernetics working without the help of five Corpus lackies.
  5. Considering Glaive throw explosions got nerfed with 3.0 for some unfathomable reason, it'll probably be a while. Just imagine how the people who bought the Wolf Sledge parts from other players with Plat feel right now. Y'know, before it was revealed it would be easier to get them later on in the Nightwave. Oof.
  6. This is surprisingly better reasoned and insightful than I was expecting. So yeah, I agree with these concerns.
  7. Considering the Tenno are a hurricane of Corpus death, I'm not even sure why we need to collect coins and personally rescue them to begin with. It would be more time efficient to just blow through the place like a lawnmower on cocaine and then call a team of Tenno aligned operatives to come in after and do cleanup. I suspect that's what frequently happens anyway, because why let a perfectly good corpus capital ship go unstripped? You do realize that some of Lotus' Invasion VOs completely and totally destroy this narrative, right? And their alignment with Vox Solaris in general craps all over it. The debter's colony in Fortuna doesn't really offer the Tenno much they can't get elsewhere, at least not from a lore perspective. Truth is, we're entangled with them largely because Nef is a giant scumbag running a cult, and literally everyone outside the Corpus hates his guts for how much a horrible piece of trash he is. It's pretty damn moral.
  8. The Catchmoon got Ember'd and the primary version of it seems to have inherited the stupid, unnecessary nerf. The Plasmor might escape this fate, though, providing it doesn't get nerfed in the same patch they add hard and very hard mode. The usage stats for all these weapons is going to plummet through the floor when people realize that they scale horribly without something propping them up somehow. Yes, even the Plasmor. This is important because that's the only metric DE responds to. They don't care what the objective, overall power level of a weapon is, just how many people are using it. On the flip side, since the armor rework, the Plasmor specifically no longer scales so badly as to become completely uncompetitive past level 100 or so. Catchmoon died an unfortunate early death because, as it turns out, a gun having an effective range that is outperformed by most melee weapons is kinda a problem. DE really surprises me with how blind they can be sometimes.
  9. This is actually worse than the Quellor, because the Quellor suffers from the same stat schizophrenia weapons like the Corinth and Euphona Prime do. Weapons with stat schizophrenia suffer because you can't build them to get full performance out both the primary and secondary at the same time. Assuming the stats on the Wiki are correct, the Stahlta's issue is moreso that the stats on the primary fire are just flat out worse in every way than the secondary.
  10. Imagine unironically identifying with Cartman.
  11. From what I understand this is one of those things that wasn't super great to begin with, that got a nerf-outta-nowhere when some Youtuber managed to find a use for it, waaaaaaay back in the primal mists of time. Basically, it's been bad since, and because it's so bad, almost nobody knows or cares about it, and thus it gets ignored by the devs. DE only really pays attention to whatever has extremely high usage statistics, or experiences a sharp spike in usage (in other words, sees a trend) versus new content. Meaning anything that's been the victim of the nerf hammer tends to fall down the memory hole. The Tonkor ate nerfs and was complete trash for ages, for instance, and only after years of people complaining was it improved. It's sad, but there's a reason the "nerf or nothing" meme exists here. Outside of big patches where they buff a whole bunch of underperforming stuff at once, weapons and augments normally tend to get balance adjusted in one direction only: Downwards.
  12. I wish I cared about Railjack at this point. Too little, too late. It's Archwing 2.0. And not in a good way.
  13. More Nekros and Hydroid nerfs I see. Haven't seen a single protea part so far. Have a stack of the gun parts already. ...Wait, why am I farming an underperforming frame again? ...Actually, what even is any good in this patch?
  14. DE, just make Bloodrush and other similar mods work on Exalted weapons. This exclusion doesn't make any sense after all the various nerfs and the melee rework, and it keeps breaking. Most exalted weapons aren't even as powerful as normal melee weapons now. ... ...Actually, let me put this in a way you might be more receptive to these days: Do you want to sell Wukong skins or not?
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