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  1. When the error rests on the person, you argue against the person. Failing to do this is a failure to address reality. A bunch of you have done nothing but repeatedly strawman the OP and other posters since you've started. You have, repeatedly, failed to own up to this fact, and change your approach. This isn't simple insults, this is a critique of you and what you're doing. Stop taking things out of context to make other people's arguments say things other than what was intended, and you wont get people focusing on you. It's as simple as that.
  2. I think this is the clearest case of projection I've ever seen on this forum. I'd say on the net, but you're tied with some new earth creationists for that one.
  3. I did. Two people have now. More if you go back further. But, people who hear only what confirms their biases are deaf to substance. So I'm not surprised you didn't hear anything substantial. That doesn't mean there wasn't any.
  4. In a land overwhelmed by smooth brains, one man dares to have wrinkles.
  5. So you're being intentionally disingenuous, got it. Certainly explains the wall of strawmen you people construct.
  6. You really don't have enough strawmen yet? I'm not sure if you've been had by all the people cropping out context in their quotes, are legitimately incapable of reading comprehension, or you're intentionally being disingenuous because you don't want to admit your precious target of admiration has some actual, major flaws.
  7. How many knights are you training that you need to construct this many strawmen?
  8. I'm full aware of all this. You on the other hand, missed the point entirely. From the look of it, intentionally. Maybe instead of linking meme videos from a guy who makes his entire Youtube career out of crapping on everything, you actually respond to what's being argued rather than what you would like to be argued.
  9. Yes he is. You're just determined to stick beans in your ears and remove any context that doesn't suit you.
  10. He's right and you know it. Laugh all you want, it just looks insecure. City of Heroes has a full featured auction house and that game is so old it's rusting.
  11. The problem is that the Corinth's potential falls off far before that of other weapons. "Other weapons also have to contest with scaling" is not an argument that refutes the problems that the Corinth faces against multiplicative EHP scaling, especially when what you're comparing it to can outright remove one of the multipliers. It gets worse when you factor in Warframe powers because the frames that can apply damage amps usually can't also strip armor with abilities. No, I got your point, it's just that your point is wrong. The Corinth's alt fire is an explosive projectile, and the only thing that could be construed as "utility" is the knockdown, which makes lining up headshots more difficult and potentially even reduces the exposed, perpendicular surface area of a target. Blast damage if often a NERF because it reduces enemy profile. With a shotgun you typically want to be firing at upper center mass, or at least in video games, strictly the head. And even if none of this was true, which it is, the Scourge is still a fiercely mediocre weapon. The reason I brought up the Phantasma is because it's both a vastly better weapon, and a vastly better comparison.
  12. It actually is, because scaling in this game 100% guarantees it. It has nothing to do with the weapon and everything to do with what you're targeting, and once you get up to sortie 3 level enemies, you need everything your mods should be giving you, slow firing status becomes utterly useless, and crit focused shotguns not named Hek begin to fall off sharply. The problem with crit shotguns is that if they don't have overwhelming base damage and crit- Which is difficult for most primaries to reach due to the mods- they can't overwhelm armor and TTK begins to ramp up dramatically as levels climb higher. Especially with logarithmic scaling creating a situation where you can't benefit from random, lucky corrosive or fire procs to keep you competitive. Even crit shotgun secondaries begin to have this problem, they just have it much later in the curve (well past the point where I expect scaling to drop off once the armor rework comes around, I have a feeling Piranha is going to be a secret top tier again soon). Using the Scourge and Quellor really, really doesn't help your case, as they're both- to one degree or another- mediocre weapons. Especially the Quellor, because while it's the better of the two, it's literally designed the other way around, with the crit being on the big, slow firing blast and the status being on the rapid fire. WHICH MAKES SENSE. This weapon can actually be halfway competitive because they bothered to put the status and crit on the right parts of the gun. It's still forcing you to split mods, which puts it behind many, many weapons, but at least the stats aren't wrong. This is before even getting into the Phantasma which is an exceptional weapon that I'd have a hard time arguing against being best in class. Not only as a shotgun, but as a beam weapon and grenade launcher. Notice they didn't split stats, and the secondary actually has a mechanic that makes it possible to apply status despite its moderately slow fire rate.
  13. The problem with the Corinth is that it's one of those weapons where DE decided to ruin it from the getgo by splitting the stats between crit and status, and even worse, made shotgun half crit while making the slow firing single shot grenade status. Not only is it bad design to split stats, forcing you into a situation where you can never get the full benefit of the mods you put into it, but WHERE they put the actual stats is completely backwards.
  14. The devs spent months getting most of the frames in the game on relatively the same level of performance. Now they're actively working on scaling. Screwing around with mods wholesale would be adding a third, completely unnecessary factor that runs perpendicular to both frame performance and enemy scaling. Ergo: Mods intersect with too much else, and attempting a large overhaul at this time, would serve to do nothing else but break all the other effort they've put in. Also, the sort of changes you're suggesting would hurt frames that are already too MAD as it is the worst, including the recently reworked Vauban, and regress the game's balance back to an older, inferior point of design, when the best builds in the game dumped most of their stats and only focused on one or two skills. This is before getting into the fact Saryn and Equinox are two of the squishiest frames in the game. If you nerf their range, there's literally no reason to play them over a frame like Nezha or hell, Ember, who- outside of ESO- actually has competitive performance IN ADDITION to damage resistance. Even Vauban has some durability now. Don't even get me started on how newer content is favoring tanky, boss killer frames more and more- Nezha has one of the few debuffs that works on Liches. Meanwhile Saryn can't strip their armor at all. You're getting booed because you have bad ideas that are wildly out of step with the current state of the game. Whatever your problems with the game are, you will solve nothing like this.
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