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  1. This game really could use some robot animal companions, for that genuine Strider experience.
  2. I don't think this was meant as a nerf. Let that sink in a bit.
  3. It would be a balance issue. Most of the abilities that the helminth can subsume are somewhere between mediocre to outright bad, and the ones that are good inevitably get a nerf sledgehammer dropped on them. Understand there will be a cost associated with adding more abilities. The devs will invariably nerf everything to useless slag, people will gimp themselves with helminth, and then there will be a flood of whining on the forums about it. We've got enough of that around here already.
  4. Grendel is one of those B-list frames that they just cranked out real quick to make some money and keep people busy. They dumped all their love into Gauss, who came out around the same time. Expect to be waiting a while for Grendel's remaining design issues to be sorted. Those of us who really liked the ideas behind Lavos are in the same boat, and we're going to be waiting even longer.
  5. Gameplay wise, it's just Railjack with fissures. Both the good and bad parts. So mostly what matters here is the rewards. Simply put, way, way too slow for cracking relics. The only way this would be worth it over normal fissures is if getting radiant relics or bonus traces was guaranteed. Ergo, if the relic cracking is significantly slower, the relic resources should be better significantly better. One thing that nobody is talking about is that Railjack tends to overall be bad for Affinity, and this carries over to the fissures- Even moreso as corpus defense railjack objectives are
  6. Even with the prime, you're going to be getting nowhere fast. The reality of Steel Path is that it's wildly overtuned and only a small subset of weapons, a tiny subset of guns in particular, have a good kill speed there. If you're playing Steel Path, you either play the meta everyone else is playing, or you invent your own meta- Something that requires extensive game knowledge and still excludes a huge number of weapons. Frames, not so much, though. Even Zephyr is SP viable with the right setup now. Aside from that, yeah, you need primed and Umbral mods, and lots of forma. But A: If
  7. Not just that, but they actually nerfed him by accident in the previous patch lol They added double cast prevention to his 2, which actively prevents you from quick casting just for the vials, or making short, precision dashes. ...And they didn't even fix the bug where it cancels sprint. His main mobility skill still cancels sprint. Why. Just why. So much wasted potential in this frame.
  8. I really, really wish they would revert this. I hate that I can't do a short dash and stop on a dime with his 2 anymore.
  9. ...I have an idea as to what's causing this problem. So, everyone here knows about the issue Saryn has always had, where if you have more than one Saryn in the group, whichever one has higher range tends to more reliably spread the plague, and in doing so, block any other Saryn on the team from doing the same, right? Enter Panzer Vulpaphyla. Everyone is running that thing, especially in ESO, as it's a bit like having a budget debuffer that never dies on the team. I just tested this in the simulacrum and the spores do seem to block each other. With my one Panzer Vulpaphyla, it takes a
  10. Please, please do finish this. Forward artillery is really important in new railjack and having to constantly run between a turret and forward artillery is a confusing mess that's hard to coordinate around pub team play.
  11. It's truly the DE way. Punish the player for your bugs.
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