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  1. I could go on some long rebuttal, but honestly... I think the laughing reaction emojis say it all. Here, have another. I know you feel like you're being some kind of rebel, but sometimes a commonly held view is commonly held simply because it's abject reality The moon landing actually happened. The earth is not flat. Aliens did not build the pyramids. And yes, Ember is bad. Play the contrarian at your own risk.
  2. You want a simple answer to a complicated problem. You know how wrongheaded that is? ... Actually, it's not even that. You want what you want to the exclusion of reality. This is why going into detail is a waste of time with you, I could go on at length about the state of the game and where the balance problems are rooted, but I'd be wasting my breath. But my hope is that by not feeding into this behavior, maybe just for once, you might actually go back and learn something. I'm probably expecting too much.
  3. The implication wedged in "historically" is that there's a tried and true reason that shiny entertainment is usually paired with real sustenance. I don't believe that there is an economic reality here. I think what they're doing is a mistake, and if they don't work more on the meat and potatoes of the game it's eventually not going to matter how much Railjack and Plasmors they can pump out, or how many different costumes Shy can put on her giant wall of Mags. There's going to come a point where the glaring issues overwhelm new development and cosmetics.
  4. So you admit that you're reacting emotionally, and not thinking. Which is why you should be disregarded in any serious balance discussion.
  5. You've made some pretty horrible assumptions in this post, and they betray your bias pretty badly.
  6. This is why, historically, circuses have always been supplied alongside bread. I really don't think it's too much to ask for them to take a look at the game's scaling problems between big releases, or wrench out out some issues with old content while they're pushing out Mesa and Excalibur's 100th new skin.
  7. This is your entire problem. Right here. People like you have a very narrow view of the game's balance. Yes, half the frames. Maybe 1/3rd, but the rest bring something super special to the fight so they still count. There's a whole layer of frames that come close to the ones you listed, some that even have the capability to outdamage in total, even if not clear the "trash" as fast. That's the point of bringing up Chroma, as he's completely on the opposite end of the spectrum yet super meta where he applies... And eventually he's going to get a rework to fix his design issues. Because being super strong doesn't absolve him having massive design problems, this is how the Saryn rework happened. But it's more nuanced than Chroma makes it seem, he's just the most obvious example. The game's balance is a massive web, that exists in layers. There's a whole layer slightly below and right next to the one with the likes of Saryn and Equinox, and then there's a layer under that one that's a bit tankier but does less area damage. And another under that one and off to a different side that brings some useful utility to a team. This isn't a 2D affair, with a linear balance dynamic. There's a reason that Brozime places the likes of Ivara in top tier with Saryn and Equinox. She's literally got everything in the game but survivability. If you count her cloak, she's even got that, making her absolutely all encompassing. Volt likewise is actually loaded, just in a more straightforward way, hence why he's got a bad damage type. Or take harrow, for instance. He isn't even in the same dimension as, say, Equinox, but he's still balanced in a way that all his tools are competitive, at least where they can apply. He has massive single target or narrow area damage capability, and decently good support which is largely why he's not able to clear as well. If we was, he'd be the thing everyone was complaining about, because why play anything other than Harrow if he was top damage in average instanced missions, supports better, *and* is part of the hunter meta? Saryn is all in on Damage- Even her debuffs increase damage- Equinox's support is flaky and sub par. Harrow still belches damage, through his massive gun buffs, but he also gives energy, invulnerability, crits for his WHOLE TEAM, can buff his attack speed through the roof which does more than just increase damage, and leech shields. Give him the right gun and he can already do area damage adequately, so why would you ever play Saryn or Equinox if they couldn't do better? You have no idea how the frames actually compare, and you're trying to make adjustments on the wrong side of the balance equation. You don't realize that the frames are already really balanced against each other, and you've become a man with a hammer swinging at everything as if it was nails. Nezha is already just a better Ember, this is precisely the doing of people like you, and this pattern will repeat itself until we're back in the days of "only Rhino and Loki matters" just with more and different frames. All this because you're only looking at one half of the balance equation. Tank metas are always the ultimate resting place, because it's usually where the game ends up when the devs realize that they've been approaching the problem with the wrong strategy, after they've (at least in aggregate) ruined every single other class and now they've got nothing else to smash with a bat. The enemy factions are what needs adjusting at this point. The scaling, is a big part of what needs adjustment at this point (but also enemy tools and gimmicks need work). Most of our frames are very competitive, it's just they're competitive with each other. The devs spent about a year attempting to get the frames better oriented against each other and improve their mechanical functionality (which produces unavoidable power creep if done after the launch of the game), they succeeded by a surprising margin, and now you want to start taking a sledgehammer to a lose thumbtack, while there's a crumbling, dilapidated wall falling down behind it. It's utterly ridiculous. "Let's nerf this frame we just worked on a few months ago, and ignore the fact we've done almost nothing to adjust enemies since basically the game's launch." The enemies in the game are utterly boring and their scaling is completely broken in about half a dozen different ways, IN BOTH DIRECTIONS, which is something that effects all the frames in the game, oh but Saryn is the problem for sure.
  8. People like you are why circular nerfing happens. Please stop participating in balance or design discussion unless you intend to actually discuss the topic at hand properly, including all relevant points regarding how any one point of balance fits into the larger game. You are not helping anything by doing what you are doing.
  9. Half the frames in the game can do this now to some degree. You're unable to see the forest among the trees.
  10. It's almost like AoE frames are designed to clear out the chaff and Mesa, Saryn, old Ember, etc, are doing exactly what they're supposed to be doing. The shortsightedness of people on these forums is frankly astounding. I'll be here to remind people of what they caused if and when these frames get nerfed and the game reverts to "nobody matters but tanks and stealth," except with the addition of boss killer meta frames. Basically, if you're going to champion that we nerf Mesa, you'd better be damn well prepared for Chroma, Volt, Harrow and anyone else that's part of the Eidolon meta, as well as frames like Rhino, Inaros and Nezha who will dominate the survival/defense meta after those others are butchered by the nerf bat. Oh, and Atlas. But uh... People haven't figured out just how silly Atlas can be yet. So I'll give you all time to catch up on that one.
  11. All manually aimed exalted weapons effect nullifier bubbles. Seems to be a rule. Honestly, I think it should be the same for arbitration drones.
  12. EDIT: Actually, nevermind. I misread something and misunderstood what was being said here, whoops.
  13. The issue with using Wukong as an an example is that Wukong could very much go from being absolutely useless at everything but not dying, to mediocre at everything, including not dying. Ironically, this is similar to the problem with Ember right now, except worse in the not dying department and better in the damage department. But it's still a matter of across the board mediocrity in terms of net performance. Thus, people who actually understand the current state of Ember cringe at Wukong as a reference, because he could very much end up in a similar situation. Despite the ignorant protests of certain people, the reality is this: A frame sitting at the extremes needs to be able to either kill everything so fast they can't be inevitably one shot, or take a lot of hits so they can take their sweet time chewing through enemies. Like any other game the entire balance of Warframe rests on a sliding scale that stretches between health and damage, both of players and enemies. Ideally, we shouldn't have frames (or enemies) sitting at extremes of that scale, and instead have a rational, healthy balance of damage and survivability on all the frames... But y'know, they don't call themselves Digital Extremes for nothing. Being at one extreme is what got Ember nerfed, and they never really corrected the flaws in her design philosophy. They just painted over them. And the underlying cause of nearly every problem in the game right now, the extreme armor/health scaling they use for enemies, is still a factor in all this. I really think the entire game's stat curve could use a flattening, but doing so with Ember in her current state would completely destroy what viability she does have, as I imagine base HP would go up significantly even if level scaled HP and armor goes down. Thus my prescription on the state of Ember is actually to wait until they do whatever adjustments they plan to do later in the year in regards to difficulty. It'll be easier to figure out what they need to do, and what they can get away with, in terms of her design and numbers.
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