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  1. Yeah, well, that's not the Warframe we're playing now, and even before the armor scaling changes, this was already no longer the case, as crit weapons more and more began to pack an at least serviceable amount of status on top of crit. Crit meta has been on top for a long time now, and the more they "balance" the game, the more useless heavily status focused weapons become, and the more necessary crit becomes. Most of the viral builds people rave about are on weapons that have crit. Maybe if DE went over all the status weapons and reworked their damage types, as well as boosted statu
  2. Welcome to Warframe, where everything that you would really want to use status on is immune or resistant to status. Crit meta has always been the dominant meta in Warframe, and the recent status, shotgun and melee changes have only amplified this tenfold. Status is a good thing to have on a crit weapon, but a weapon without crit is usually mastery fodder. ...With some exceptions of course.
  3. At least pressing your 4 doesn't completely destroy your fashion frame.
  4. You and DE don't comprehend the concept of "happy little accidents" apparently. It's a real shame. There are quite a few frames that are garbage or mediocre on the normal starchart that really shine in Steel Path, but it's almost impossible to get groups of any sort in Steel Path now that the only good farm it had has been nerfed into the ground, in favor of one shot dailies that mostly last a couple minutes to complete.
  5. Glaives thrown by Mirage's clones don't detonate or return on command, is this working as intended? Also, is Volatile Rebound's 0.02 drop chance intended?
  6. Saryn is already C tier in Steel Path lol Saryn and Equinox would be trash by the new measuring stick if they were effected by LoS. Their only redeeming quality is that they do damage, and in Steel Path, not even that. Both of them lack strong defensive options, Saryn becomes a mediocre debuffer and Equinox... I actually don't know *what* equinox does in Steel Path. I've seen Zephyr there more than I've seen Equinox. Umbral Mirage is new meta, disco ball genocide OP, keep up with the times lol Khora never should have been nerfed. LoS is buggy and frustrating in Warframe, this wa
  7. Oh yeah, I forgot Hydroid is still garbage lol. Not sure who's more forgotten and unloved at this point, Hydroid, Valkyr or Banshee. Zephyr's still in a pretty bad place, but at least DE remembers she exists from time to time and gives her something that lets her be a meme for a little while.
  8. It's definitely noticeable. I know why they did it, but it wasn't a simple matter of adjustment. They're being dishonest about their full intentions, they should either come out and admit that it was intended to nerf all glaives, not just a select few, or increase the radius increase to 4-5 which should put it roughly where it was for Glaives not named Xoris (which was the real outlier here).
  9. Hey, DE, you do realize you basically just gave everyone access to a whipclaw like weapon that takes less investment to get results out of while nerfing Whipclaw, right? Worse yet, it's an entire weapon category, so you have different flavors you can choose from, unlike the one option Khora players get? Is it because she's a loot frame now? I mean, you seem determined to keep Nekros and Hydroid mediocre, is there some unwritten rule that loot frames can't have strong abilities? Why would anyone use Whipclaw over a glaive?
  10. It seems to be doing slash procs on manual detonation when fully charged in my experience.
  11. This happens when you hit the enemy directly and you get the bounce explosion. You want to manual detonate. Also: When using with a secondary weapon, you have to detonate with E, whereas quick melee or melee you have to detonate with the heavy attack button. If you're mixing this up, it can feel like you're manually detonating when you're really not.
  12. Now that I've really sat down and looked at this patch as a whole, taken it in altogether... I can't help but to reflect on how this is probably the most distinctively meh patch I can remember seen since I started playing. Everything's either half baked or a Faustian bargain. Nothing exciting and just enough nerfing to leave a bitter taste in my mouth. ...2020 and 2019 have not been good years for Warframe.
  13. Inferno is even less active than WoF was, as now I don't have to parkour around, just repeatedly press a button. Please get over this strange and arbitrary obsession, it's causing you to make bad decisions.
  14. So? Both frames are going to probably release in a completely underpowered state and wont be worth using for another three months afterwards.
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