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  1. You can do that. I'll just not be buying plat anytime soon.
  2. You are aware what an appeal to tradition fallacy is, right? The system they're using to "balance" rivens sucks. We're not going to accept the system. You should save yourself some breath by accepting *that.*
  3. They aren't tweaking melee rivens at all right now, because they're waiting to see how the full version of Melee 3.0 pans out. Weapons like the Venka are likely to get a huge range buff and they likely don't want to accidentally overadjust. ...I mean, not that it really matters given how they balance rivens to begin with. But that's the explanation, take it as you will.
  4. You do realize the Tonkor is at least on par with with the Plasmor now, don't you? You're still doing things primarily on popularity, I see. I don't know why I even bother posting in these threads, it's not like anyone will listen. Please, go ahead and keep buffing my noob tube.
  5. Warframe isn't the game you want to play, and that's OK. You can play another game. But that doesn't mean the game has no tactical element. The burden of tactics is on the parkour and abilities, you want Gears of War and Warframe simply isn't a cover shooter. And you bring Saryn up like it's some kind of point, what about the newcomer Gauss who's entire thing is going absurdly fast, demonstrating EXACTLY how Warframe differs from other more conventional shooters? Warframe wouldn't make sense as a cover shooter, even from a conceptual point. It's a game who's theme is basically Starwars meets Power Rangers meets cyberpunk dystopia. It's not going to be like other shooter games, you're gonna have elemental nukers, guys that can run at supersonic speeds, and yes, teleporting ninjas. Even in its much older, grinder days when the game was slower, it was still decently fast by shooter standards, being about quickly dispatching enemies and running around dodging and weaving to avoid damage or remain undetected. So many of the people who comment on this particular topic really do just boil down to "I'd rather play a completely different game, with completely different design, but for some reason I don't have have either the self awareness or the self discipline to go find that other game." If you want to be a grunt with the gun who faces an uphill battle trying to accomplish even the most basic feats, you're looking for love in all the wrong places.
  6. Alright, so here's my suggestions for changing Gauss, and not just in terms of making him more powerful, but making his kit more cohesive, synergistic, and functional as a real speedster. New Passive: Silver Bullet His current passive is dropped completely, because it's just bad. Name could be something different, this is just what jumped to mind. Gauss can fire weapons while sprinting, and activate abilities while running in Mach Speed! (The latter he can already do, now it's just listed here) Ability 1: Mach Speed I don't believe this is currently being fully multiplied by sprint speed modifiers. Well, guess what: It now is. Mach Speed's damage is now enhanced by mods equipped on your melee weapon! This includes crit chance and status chance. Has a base crit chance and status chance of 0. This will come into play later! Does NOT gain any benefit from, or build combo multiplier. This is Atlas' cheese. Ability 2: Kinetic Plating Now has a very short cooldown on how frequently battery can be drained by incoming damage. Now protects against all damage types, but caps out at 80%. 60% of this bonus can be gained normally, the last 20 requires Redline. (Alternatively) Do what D20 said and make the damage reduction completely dependent on how fast you are currently moving. That's actually a cool idea. No longer adds slash to his 1's collisions. Not that this even matters. Especially as this is being replaced later. No longer converts energy on hit. Instead... Builds energy for each enemy YOU hit! This ability now returns 2/2/4/4% of total energy for each enemy you bowl into with Mach Speed. Ability 3: Thermo-Kinetic Engine This ability's design makes almost no sense with the rest of Gauss' kit. It's getting a partial overhaul. Tapping this ability now swaps between heat and cold mode. Holding creates the AoE damage field we have now, and also swaps to the other element. Always confers a bonus of either 25% crit chance (Cold) or 33% status chance (Heat) to Gauss' 1 depending on current element. Always confers all status effects and debuffs of the current selection to Gauss' 1 Enemies effected by either the damage field or Gauss' 1 take either 40% more damage (cold), or have 40% of their armor stripped (heat). These debuffs are doubled when in Redline. *Optional* Damage done by Gauss' AoE patches is now percentile. Shouldn't be enough to do most of the work, but should be more than enough to soften enemies up for his guns. Ability 4: Redline This ability is actually great. The only thing that changes is that duration no longer confers ANY negative effect to it. So in a nutshell, what is this? Improved synergy, improved reward for playing Gauss... Well... How he's supposed to be played, and making even more sure that there are very few reasons to EVER STOP MOVING AT ABSURD SPEEDS. Buffs, but ones specifically targeted at keeping him doing and being what he already seems meant to do and be. While this *does* give him more damage as part of his abilities, the greater intent is to push him further towards being a frame that debuffs and cripples with his abilities and does damage with his guns.
  7. See, the problem this is, despite being bad he still manages to be stupidly fun. He's in much the same position pre-rework Nezha was in.
  8. The more I play Gauss the more I can see that he's on track to be "Gauss Tier" now that Wukong isn't filling the role of being the character so low tier he gets his own tier. Where Wukong was known for being unkillable and bad, Gauss is going to be known for going real fast to accomplish very little. Had a syndicate spawn that made it exceedingly clear how trash his 2 is, especially when paired with his stats. A bunch of corrupted toxic eximus is a very rude wakeup call that utterly disillusioned me to the idea that Gauss' 2 is good. This is NOT a top tier defensive ability. He's shield based with low base health, making building health a questionable proposition (unlike say, Zephyr, where it's kinda OK but not great). His 2 would be much better if it capped out lower, but covered all damage types. Especially given the idea with a speed frame is to just avoid damage anyway, and toxic damage is one of the few damage types that is difficult to impossible to avoid due to how it's usually applied.
  9. Okay, so I have found one redeeming thing with him: With a high duration build, his 4 makes high capacity high fire rate weapons like the Ignis Wraith and Supra Vandal absolutely meme worthy. Given I've already got him colored in red white and blue, my Gauss is probably going to become a firestarter, twisted firestarter. Yeah, unfortunately
  10. You dump strength and range, his 3 becomes even more pathetic. You max out efficiency to keep his 1 going, and you sacrifice too much duration. You max out duration, and it makes his 4 take longer to charge up to 100% I stand by what I said. He's just all over the place.
  11. I unfortunately have to support pretty much every complaint in this thread. At the moment he's more or less a much worse Nezha (man, wasn't that long ago when Nezha was a worse Rhino). - Chugs energy with no good way to replenish it. - There was a missed opportunity here to make him an energyless frame like Hildryn and just make everything run off his battery, building it with movement and his 1, and expending it with all his other abilities. - What energy gain he does have works off being hit, which is utterly ridiculous for a frame that's about going 500 MPH. - All his ability damage is bad. There's really nothing more to this, mediocre base damage with no real way to scale it. - What little ability damage he does do is done through his 3, which encourages you to sit there and spam it, which seems completely counterintuative, especially given his 1. - I honestly expected his 1 to scale to melee weapon damage like Atlas or Gara. Man was this a letdown. Especially given how expensive it is to use. - Incredibly MAD. Wants all the stats, and yet the benefit of any given stat is really hit or miss in regards of how much of his kit it effects. I think duration isn't even helping the maintained version of his 1. - Too much of his kit is situational. Even his shield lacks protection against many damage types. - Using his 3 during his 1 is awkward, in addition to expensive. Honestly, using his 3 during his 1 should cause it to attach it to his 1, using its radius, and smearing over whatever distance he travels while it's activating. Basically, making it longer, but more narrow, both because that's more interesting and because it's easier to actually *hit* things with in the way you'd want to.
  12. I see no problem, only a baseless objection.
  13. The only problem Volt has is that he's basic. ...And his 1 is bad, but that is something he shares with a lot of frames, both good and bad, complex or not. He's got four buttons, they're all simple to use, they do what's on the label, and three of them do what's advertised very well. Really, that sounds about right for a starter frame. Excal isn't much more complicated, and while Mag has her bullet bubble goofiness and meta armor stripping, you really don't need to do much more than press 3 and 4 on her to get pretty far. Not *every* frame needs to have a dozen synergies going in all directions within their kit. I think it helps if a good amount of the frames do, but some frames really are better off just being "press button, receive bacon."
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