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Mods With Debuff


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(trade off. not debuff. I couldn't think of the right word at the time. <-< now i cant edit the title)


so, with the duel mods that came out and such, Iv been thinking that this game rather needs debuff mods. Im not saying debuff existing mods, but rather with new mods that have ye to come out, to keep builds both interesting and otherwise, some of the them should actual decrease things, as seen with the helmets.


this opens a very interesting path where you have to plan out mod power levels and otherwise to make your gun the way you want it with new stuff, wall keeping older things interesting. so for instance, say you wanted to put on more damage at the cost of having your base clipe size reduced by a few bullets. on some guns this would not effect it much, but on the snipers it might bring them down to 1 shot. this would then make it so that the charged chamber mod would be much more usefull, but at the same time you would have to reload every time. or for swords, perhaps increased speed with deceased momentum, or likewise with frames faster movement speed and jump height at the cost of mass (mass being the chance to resist a heavy attack or whatever as well as some ability like the damaging fall mod).


with bows for instance, we could ahve weight changing mods, that allow the arrows to be diffrent types. so heavy arrows deal more damage but travel slower and over a shorter range, wall lighter arrows do less damage but are faster and longer ranged. we could do different type of ammo in shotguns, make different type of bullets in guns, all having there own different debuffs and buffs.


the point is, to create mods that interact with each other in both good and bad ways to not only creat a more custom frame, gun, or whatever, but also allow for players to play around with making it truly there build. 

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