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Ability use while holding gear.


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Just a small request really.

Is there any way that DE can allow us to activate abilities while holding gear such as spears and trac guns etc. 

Just really starting to feel this issue while using Loki while hunting. After the Lure you must put everything away, go invis, then pull the gun back out.

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12 hours ago, Clats01 said:

you can, you need to bind use selected ability, before secondary triggers became a thing it used to me mouse wheel in.

You mean before mandatory ADS became a thing.  We had alt-fire, it was just bound to RMB on guns with an alt-fire, which was sensible.  Not every gun needs ADS, except that they force falloff and accuracy penalties on us if we don't.  It makes no sense.  Shotguns don't just magically tighten their spread when you hold them closer to your face.

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