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Screen Freeze When Hosting Since 9.8


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So, I have played for more than 250 hours

and ever since update 9.8 , my screen freezed twice during gameplay. Or should i say warframe not responding.

I have to close the console from Task Manager and restart it.

Just want to let Lotus know ....

Hopefully Lotus will fix

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There are SEVERAL posts about this.


Currently I can only play the game if someone who DOESN'T crash when 4 people are in. Otherwise I can't play the game as typically I host and I have a 20 mbps connection.


This needs to be resolved asap.

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I too had this issue.  I tried playing a solo round and had no issue.  But when playing online I'd play for a little while and then the screen freezes.  

same here did try solo round at xini def mission till wave 5 and after trying online session mostly(2 players-4 players) i get mostly freezes

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Before the game enough for the eyes 900 MB of RAM, with all included beauty.
Now, after the updates - eats up half a gig of RAM at minimum graphics settings and... freeze?
- It is TIME to FORGET about the GAME.  (Need buying more powerfull computer kekeke)

i'm discovered this problem and found a solution for it!

- Remember : NO JUMP!

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