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Screen Freeze When Hosting Since 9.8


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at 22 minutes in survival, im in full sprint bout to go for a wall then freeze. it starts again and im in wall run, so i jumped off into a crowd and perform masama on like 30 infested, mid move in the brightest part of the flash it freezes and this time i had to close the game. plz fix.

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So, I have played for more than 250 hours

and ever since update 9.8 , my screen freezed twice during gameplay. Or should i say warframe not responding.

I have to close the console from Task Manager and restart it.

Just want to let Lotus know ....

Hopefully Lotus will fix



I have the same problem.
They NVIDIA video card?



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I am experiencing freezes now, too. But I have no single core machine, I have a duo core machine:


Intel Core 2 Duo CPU

E7200 @ 2.53 GHz

2.53 GHz, 3,50 GB RAM



When I am hosting, the game is kinda guaranteed to crash at some point. When I am in the void, I only have mini - freezes up to 3 seconds. When a freeze is a bit longer, I get kicked by the game.

This phenomenon is widely spread thoughout my friends, too. Most have problems with hosting. And when I get into a game, I very often have a host migration when the game is not even laggy. So I guess this problem is spreading.



Edit: I stopped playing right before Update 8 and never had problems before. Now that I am back, the problems are there.  I have exchanged every single driver of my PC for the newest version.



Edit2: I am playing in user mode, I will try and start Steam as admin

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i've tried to join games in progress, hosted by others thinking that it will first have to crash for the host and maybe ill complete the mission before it crashes to me once i get to be the host. oh so many crashes right a few seconds before extraction...

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Yeah this host freezing is really killing it for me its either I host and freeze or join someone else and get super laggy game that may or may not finish because of the migrations. So far the only games iI've been able to complete are only either when solo or with just one other friend. Add a 3rd person and nope, game says f off and freezes.

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You guys need to make sure and make tickets and submit your EE.Log files, there are so many duplicate threads about this and the only way to get DE tracking on the problem is to submit tickets.


As it stands right now I can only play the game if I am lucky enough by hitting escape constantly to get someone else to host the area I want to play.

The reason is the game (and rightly so) always tries to make me host because my connection is excellent.

I have been hosting games since I started and never has anyone complained of lag, soon as the patch went live and I attempted to host a game, FREEZE.

I can only host 1 other person or play solo because of this patch, and since the system for how the game chooses who the host is, is HIDDEN and NOT in our hands, I am left with the inability to play at the push of a button.

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I am also suffering from this problem when I am the host of the game. This issue did not occur until the 9.8 patch.


When more then 3 people join my game doesn't respond every time now. It's made playing almost impossible online. I've done everything to fix this issue, and I'm pretty much at my wit's end.

I have a good rig (more then sufficient to run warframe)


And a fast internet broadband connection with no router, just a direct line from the modem into the PC.


Please for the love of LOTUS, fix this infuriating bug. It has something to do with the number of players that join. When it's just me and a friend it works every time.

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Same here After 9.8 I'm not able to play anymore as a host and same for my clanm8 and my girlfriend...  any of us can host anything


Bugs, Nerfs & Glitches What comes next??? Massive player base data lost??? a Nuke war vs Syria??? Aliens ??? Zombies???



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