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Bringing back old sigils for those who have unjustifiably missed on them?


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By "those" I mean me, and probably a dozen people like me. And by unjustifiably I mean thanks to mishaps in the event.

Example: last year I missed on the Eidolon Sigil. I have watched a dozen or so streamers achieve the required prerequisite. DE then confirmed there has been an issue and that it has been fixed. I watched yet a dozen more, and still didn't get the sigil. I did get the rest, but not it. Yes, I went to support. They are usually very accommodating but this time they simply refused to hand me the sigil despite me telling them I have all the other Twitch rewards. Welp.

What say you? Should DE bring up new opportunities for people like me to acquire those missed on sigils? Or would be called an entitled prick? 😎

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10 minutes ago, BiancaRoughfin said:

The Eidolon Sigil was given exclusively if the Twitch Streamer you were watching managed to defeat an Eidolon wile streaming and Earned the Achievement.

Sadly, only the player who does the finishing blow get the Achievement, which means even for the streamers it was a hard chore.

Yea, and I watched a dozen streams where, AFIK, this happened. I even watched solo streamers, which had taken forever since back then amps were new.

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