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  1. This made me laugh. After Zephyr gets her Deluxe you are free to complain.
  2. -I think his passive should increase Melee Speed by 15% and the Damage bonus be 5% tho it would be multiplicative instead of Additive. -I think his 3rd should remain as an AoE skill , maybe just have it instead of sending Blades in all directions, have it send one in each enemy within range and have its damage scale. -As for Exalted Blade's Blind, it should have the same effect of the Vaykor Sydon's passive, instead of consuming energy, it would slowly charge up as attacks are blocked and then release a radial blind. -Her 1st, 7 Meters for her contact radius is way too much. 3 Meters is more than enough, the radius is affected by Range mods. -Turning her skill into a Dash would totally ruin its usability wile also just making her a bad copy of Gauss's 1st ability. -Only change her 1st ability really needs is to make the Charge allow her to take flight instead of a Hover that completely locks players in place. -15 meters pull radius is ludicrous, tornados are able to move and seek enemies, they dont need such a huge range. -Tornados move towards enemies in a sort of zig zag pattern as it allows them to catch additional targets on the way. -I would just prefer that Airburst on the Tornados caused them to collapse, exploding and launching enemies away wile applying 100% of the damage absorbed for its duration to enemies. -I dont agree to the Walking into tornado to get status effect thing. Tornados are already very powerful as they are if you know how they work. -i agree to the speed increase in controlled tornados but nothing too fast.
  3. Having seen players in Conclave means nothing, its suck a minimal portion of the playerbase that its not worth investing in. Even the events that were PVP focused on warframe only had players playing them for the Ship decorations and got completely forgotten afterwards. By me DE should completely scrap Conclave and reassign the Conclave reputation and challenges to the upcoming Steel Path update so completing missions in Hard Mode and completing challenges during said missions would reward rep that you could use to buy the items Teshin currently sells.
  4. Get Nutrio so you dont have to spend with the Stabilizers anymore.
  5. Swazdo-lah fellow Tennos! ❤️ So, today for the second time an Ayatan Sculpture has spawned in an out of reach location in the new Corpus Tileset. Im not sure what this gallery is but it looks like some sort of docking area with a bunch of crates and barrels stacked. There is this little corner where the Ayatan Sculptures are spawning behind a wall where they cant be reached as shown in the pics bellow: Wile it does bum me out a bit at first for not being able to grab them, it really doesnt bother me that i currently dont have them as i have more then enough Ayatans stored for any of my needs. Still, i hope this gets fixed soon! :3
  6. Swazdo-lah fellow Tennos! For quite some time now i have been asking my self why [DE] hasnt allowed TennoGen developers to make Skins for Sentinels yet, considering that aside our own Warframes, they are the second object that remains on screen most of the time and are some of the oldest pieces of gear in the game? Its so rare to come out any skin for Sentinels and im pretty sure the TennoGen creators could come up with some fascinating concepts to make our floaty companions more attractive! If Skins for Sentinels are allowed, only doubts are, if [DE] allowed the creation of TennoGen skins for Sentinels, would they require the creators to make skins specific to each sentinel or would they allow the creators more creative freedom so they can use for example the Carrier's Skeleton/Animation to make a Skin that can be used on say, a DethCube? Would love to see other Tenno's opinions on this!
  7. Swazdo-Lah fellow Tennos! ❤️ For a wile now after the release of the Deadlock Protocol, i noticed that when opening Warframe, the game launches normal and comes to the password screen with no issues but, despite being full screened, the game has been behaving as if it was on the background for windows, meaning that anything you type will be typed on whatever textbar that was on screen before the game opened, leaving to some problems with passwords being accidentally sent where they arent suppose to. It has happened to me a few times when trying to type in my password that it ended up typed on some other programs tho so far wasnt anything serious until today when my password was sent on a Twitch streamer's chat. I quickly tried asking the streamer to delete the message but it took him over 5 minutes to realize what was going on and delete it, by then i had already changed my password in desperation. Do note i run the game in "Borderless Fullscreen" to make alt-tabbing faster for replying to friends on chat.
  8. Railjack missions once complete dont return you to the Orbiter, you remain in the Railjack in the same map you just completed then you have to head to the navigation console in the control room and choose to either return to your Dojo or another mission. All progress is automatically saved once the mission ends so if you extract after the mission summery has popped up, you will have lost no progress. Do note that some enemy structures will still fire on to your Railjack even after mission has been completed but progress up to its completion will still be saved.
  9. I agree that Frost needs a rework, not just to his abilities but also visual for the Prime. His 1st (Freeze) ability should be able to Charge, charging it would apply the Freeze effect to all enemies in the original Blast area. Also maybe add some Scaling damage. His 2nd (Ice Wave) Should also be given a Charge capability, when charged instead of just shooting ice forward, Frost would punch the ground and the ice would spread to all directions, covering an area with a layer of sharp ice that would slowly deal DoT wile applying stacks of Cold damage to enemies. Enemies killed wile affected by the skill would shatter and deal damage to nearby enemies similarly to the Acid Shells/Thermagnetic Shells mods which causes mobs killed to explode dealing (Cold) damage based on their max health to nearby enemies. His 3rd (SnowGlobe) should be channeled, the longer the player holds the skill button down, the more health/armor/size the Snowglobe gets, being invulnerable wile channeled and absorbing damage to add to its health pool. His 4th (Avalanche) should have a lingering effect that froze enemies for a little wile longer after the skill is cast and just like Ice Wave, have the Acid Shells/Thermagnetic Shells effect.
  10. There is a Cap to the amount of enemies that the Tentacles can grab at once. If a large enough group of enemies runs through them, they wont be able to grab them all. From what i remember the Nerf was reversed.
  11. Yeah i suggested that years ago here in the forums...
  12. This also happens with Zephy's Tornado as i got ragdolled into it wile hunting one of my Liches and kept floating in the tornado for the whole 40+ seconds wile the Lich was desperately trying to pummel me. :V
  13. Yeah i was about to mention Synapse when i saw the topic. Was having this issue last year after one of the updates. I just reinstalled Synapse without the Chroma modules and it stopped.
  14. Still have mine and some crafting components. Wish DE would put some old Event items to use like making Orbiter decorations from them for those that participated back then. 😕 As for the price, i think even 1K is still overpay for an item that cant be displayed nor comes with the blueprints and components to complete the set.
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