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  1. Thats what i said on the second part of my post if you had read it entirely... Have you seen the speed the Stalker's health drops once hes vulnerable? Thats the Major advantage players have i was referring to, we do so much damage he has no chance even on the highest difficulty levels.
  2. There is no such thing as Best Amp, you build it based on your gameplays style and necessities. I for example have many combinations of Amps i use depending on my needs tho my go-to for most missions is a 666 (Lega Prism, Dissic Scaffold and Plaga Brace) tho i have a Hybrid one with 266 i use for Eidolon Hunting.
  3. Were you in Steel Path? Acolytes negate your abilities and put them on a Cooldown depending on their tier.
  4. Not true, people often use large amounts of decorations to build sculptures in their ships and also donate to Dojos for same reason so there would always have reasons for players to farm these. If they were a One-Time thing yeah but my idea was so they could be farmed endlessly for the reasons i mentioned above. Also, they would probably be tradeable so there would be a market for them and rarity means value. ^^ Since Dojo decoration is now a competition, im sure lots of clans would love hoarding these decorations.
  5. Swazdo-Lah Fellow Tennos! <3 For a wile now i have been imagining if bosses had more special drops added to their loot tables, by drops i dont mean Warframes but maybe have each boss drop an exclusive weapon related to the attacks they have and use during the fight, also other stuff like collectibles? What if bosses had a small chance of dropping their Noggles or some other thing of theirs as Orbiter decoration? Examples like Sargas Ruk could drop part of that shoulder exhaust of his which players could either place on their orbiter floor or craft into a frame like the Fishing trophies and place on a Wall, a Toe of Vay Hek`s Terra Frame, The Sergeant`s helmet, Alad V`s broken Control Collar? The idea is to give players more reasons to replay boss fights aside just farming the frames that drop from them, kinda like Vor drops the Crono Sword BP, Seer BP/Parts and now Jackal drops the Stahlta and Stropha BPs, also have things exclusive from those bosses that players can have as souvenirs, like the Eidolons and Orb mothers already have with their respective Articulas. What are other Tenno`s thoughts on this?
  6. Something that really annoys me in the game is Meta, this is in my opinion what ruins the fun in the game and makes players brain-dead, you only see the same frames, same builds and same weapons being used. I felt like vomiting last month when i joined a Sorties squad with 3 Wukongs using Acceltras/Kuva Brammas and Kuva Nukors, the only reason i didnt get sick is because its always satisfying for me a Non-Meta Zephyr main carrying the mission. I dont see problems with Roar, Reservoirs or Gloom but i do have a big grudge to Saryn`s spore because of its extremely high damage potential and its not the only extremely powerful the frame has which people spam the whole mission. I honestly dont see your problem with those, they are support skills, Dispensary especially as it gives you and your teammates health, energy and ammo, something any player that wants to help their teammates should invest in, especially for long endurance missions. For someone who complained about team work at the top of your post, this is contradictory. Its not the Tools we get that make the game brain-dead, its how people use them. Lets use Gloom as example since i replaced my Nekro`s 2nd ability with it, my Nekros is built with the Despoils/Equilibrium/Health Conversion/Adaptation combo which gives him a lot of survivability wile he still does his job amplifying loot drops, problem is most of what i produce for my self in mission in terms of health/energy orbs goes to waste, to put these into good use i added Combat Discipline Aura so when i kill enemies, i lose 10 health and restore 20 to my allies, this also helps me keep loosing more health to absorb the health orbs and keep my energy and Health conversion charged so i added Gloom to drain some of that energy and increase my Nekro`s support role, giving both me, my allies and specters/shadows another source of healing and slowing enemies down. Its an activate and forget build? No, because i still have to keep moving around killing mobs to keep the healing running and to make sure my allies are within the effect areas of my skills. It required me to change my builds and Re-Forma some polarities in order to make it more optimal. Yeah, that new system really got me upset and worried about power creep. If it was just those secondary status like "Parkour/Sprint Speed", "Jump Hight" , stats that are usually ignored or of very little interest in modding for then i would be ok with. Some skills that are powerful on their own like Spore i would agree with a Cooldown timer, Exalted Ults should have the same effect as Valkyr`s which increases the Energy drain the long they are used but other ults that affect a very large area should have more extended Cooldowns. Magus Elevate isnt even that strong, maybe instead of adding Cooldown, have it heal over time and not stack/renew until the previous effect wears off. Magus Lockdown is overly abusive and should only tether up to 3 mobs at a time and only 1 mine. Magus Repair should be a Vazarin skill replacing Void Aegis as Aegis is worth Cr4b. Maybe add diminishing effects (Reduced Damage/Range/Duration) for consecutive uses of some abilities like Miasma.
  7. Players already have a major advantage over the Shadow/Stalker and you want him pin pointed to ease the kill even more? No its not, when hes about to appear you just stand still and wait for him to reveal him self, you have about 3 seconds to freely mark him before he starts running and attacking.
  8. Thats not a mod replacement, thats plainly adding more power for free. The difference between it and the Exilus is the Exilus still requires you to put a mod in your build and maybe even forma for it, it has mod capability and space cost along with preparations wile your idea with the Helminth just adds it for basically free with no downside.
  9. Totally overpowered and wouldnt say "Useless" i would say "Unnecessary" as they only feed an issue the game already has which is Power Creep. I would only agree with permanent buffs if they didnt include, Power Strength, Efficiency, Duration and Range, only other effects like "Knockdown recovery", "Parkour Speed", "Sprint Speed" and "Jump height".
  10. Then why are you even wanting to reset your account with the same name? It wont change anything to make a new account, you will later be able to acquire all the gear you could pick from at the Introduction mission.
  11. With what frame? That wouldnt fix the problem, it would be like sweeping the problems under the rug and pretending its not there. People ask for reworks when an ability is too weak or its mechanics dont really fit the frame's roles or dont function well. Untrue, there will always be something wrong or missing, also people always manage to find reasons to complain about something...
  12. Loved your card setup. <3 Im also eager to see more Prex cards in the game, maybe even something to ease putting them on display kinda like what you made.
  13. I dont know anything about Meeles but i would love if my Operator could have a Void Damage blade MELEE. This topic has been touched on countless times already and even the Devs have in a way demonstrated interest in it yet we have not seen any suggestions showing any Operator Melee weapon is being developed.
  14. Thats pretty much what i did and exactly how i expected it to be when i started downloading the Epic launcher. Got the pack from the Epic store, logged into WF to confirm i had gotten the skins then logged out and uninstalled warframe Epic version.
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