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  1. Titania is in no need for Rework, maybe some tweaks to her current abilities but no changes to her kits of increase in power. Her 1st ability needs a small change to how it applies its Status immunity buff to allies, maybe having the HOLD to cast on self also apply to allies within the player's affinity range instead of having to manually aim at the teammate and cast it which is almost impossible with the game's flow. Aside that its a great early protective and status control ability. Her 2nd skill's buffs wile not the best do stack up well and DE did us the favor on the last rewo
  2. I reached the 900+ in stock before Nightwave was a thing. XD
  3. Zephyr's Tornados are already very powerful as they are, what you want is just the ability to cast tornados, shoot once then idle for the rest of its duration, something that hopefully will not happen. Zephyr is not suppose to be a DPS frame, the fact her 4 now can deal massive damage was a great improvement and incentive for others to play her but again, players have to PLAY correctly in order to take the most advantage of her Skills and not Shoot and Forget.
  4. The armor is not very different from any previous years, its pretty simple and changes very little from one year to another. The Ephemera is what i liked the most, just wish i could apply it to my Necramech and Companions too. Me quite the opposite, at first i thought it was going to look awesome but the more the showed the model in-game the less hyped i was and when it came out i was pretty disappointed. My Hagoromo stands as my favorite.
  5. The Sari Syandana was created by Mayala, their in-game alias is different from their Steam one so you will have to try your luck in the forums to contact them. There is an area on the Forums dedicated to TennoGen discussions which you can find Here. Heres the Sari Syandana's Steam Workshop page: Sari Syandana
  6. Sari Syandana is a TennoGen Syandana, this means any suggestions regarding it have to be addressed to its creator. Also, the Syandana was originally made to match Oberon's Deluxe skin and not Titania.
  7. I think the ideal would be adding "Bounce" to the projectiles so those that miss have a chance of bouncing back and hitting other enemies, along with that, maybe add to the Alt-Fire something similar to the Buzlok's tracking, causing projectiles to turn towards the marked target with a bonus to its effect. Explosion + Maggots + Scaling damage + Stun is way too much, also, why Slash Damage? Why not Toxic?
  8. Including me, back in 2013 when Orthos Prime was introduced, i prefer the Normal one's appearance more than the Primed one so i made a topic asking for them to allow using Normal weapon's Skins on the Prime ones.
  9. Not entirely true. If the equipment existed during the Orokin Era and was in a way used by Orokins, an example being Sentinels like the Helios which were used as messengers, is a Corpus technology and did get a Prime variant. Grineers dont get Primed weapons because they were mostly Miners and Builders during the Orokin era. The weapons they currently use came later as modifications of their tools. There is currently 3 different strands of Infested in the Starchart: - Orokin Strand which is the original infested created by the Orokin as a Bio weapon which failed and was then con
  10. It already deals Radiation damage, dont think she needs adaptive damage on it, maybe add a 100% status chance so enemies caught in its blast that survive get confused and turn on each other, also make it so it doesnt detonate when coming in contact with players and allow pressing the 2 button again making the projectile launch its self towards the crosshair so we dont have to keep steering it the whole way.
  11. Nova is not in the need of any changes or buffs at the moment, she is in a really god spot. Only thing she really needs is an Exilus to disable Molecular Prime's Speed effect on enemies so players can build her for power strength without worrying about being a nuisance for their teammates.
  12. No because Shields are a sort of eletrical/magnetic field, the Magnetic procs work by distorting/disrupting it. Wile i dont like the effect of Void damage in the game, i prefer it stayed as is unless something better and unique was made for it. Nope, because as i mentioned on the Magnetic proc, Shields are a sort of Electrical/Magnetic field and just as Earth's magnetic field protects us from the Sun's radiation, the In-game's shields do the same, thats why Radiation deals -25% damage to Shields. I think they should change how Magnetic works, along side dealing incr
  13. I did pay attention but as i had mentioned, Exalted Blade has its own animation which sync precisely with the projectiles it releases and also as i had mentioned there is the matter of the forced status procs which stances grants which could cause the Exalted blade to deal more damage or side effects than intended. There would be a lot of scripting to do which again i doubt DE is willing to go through to add to a Skill that already functions perfectly.
  14. Firstly for obvious reasons, DE wanted players to be forced to explore Deimos and farm the resources dropped there in order to be able to progress through the time gates the map introduced. If players had been allowed to use other materials, veterans such as my self could skip all the grinding and farming time gates and have maxed out the reputation in hte first week. Secondly, everything they used to build their research bases, vaults, tools and machines were mined from the Martian Moon its self so it only makes sense to use the same materials to repair these for them to work correctly.
  15. None, because Umbra was the name of the Dax Soldier that was turned into a Warframe for witnessing Ballas betrayal by giving Orokin secrets to the Sentients. Its likely that like Umbra, whatever other warframe Variant that came would inherit the name of the individual used in its creation. As for what frame it would be, most likely one of the starters or basic frames as they were the first made and most likely the most simple to force the transformation onto someone.
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