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  1. BiancaRoughfin

    Cosmetic Requests?

    Yeah, get kids into tabagism early on... I wish [DE] would make more diverse Skins for Primary weapons like they do for some Melee, examples like Heavy Blade skins you can equip to any heavy blade, make some heavy machinegun skins that could be equipped to Gorgon/Soma/Supra/Tenora.
  2. BiancaRoughfin

    Warframe 2.0

    Funny that i dont see that, specially considering the 2 weekend tests that they did for the game were a disaster and that their micro-transactions have not come clear to the public yet which is keeping a lot of gamers skeptical. The game also has EA brand on it which is a big NoNo/Turn off. They do plan on making an Openworld map for every planet and as far as i know, RailJack will be open Space, which means players will be able to literally navigate between planets in their ships. Also Anthem takes place in a single planet, making open worlds with as much diversity as each planet in Warframe has would take too much time and require a much larger working team than [DE] currently has.
  3. I would rather just have some decoration object you purchase to put weapons on the walls or Warframes on display wherever i wanted instead. The Warframe displays would probably use up just as much decoration limit as the Articulas. Pecular Mods that Add attachments or increase status in some manner wont exist but it would be funny one that cause you to discard the weapon and pull out another to attach to the clip instead when reloading. Resources often show up on the Mini-map as containers with the Loot Radar/Thief`s Wit/Animal Insticts mods so there is no advantage making one specific for them. Players that are in need of resources will end up breaking them anyways no matter the type that was displayed. Players can stipulate what resources drop of containers/lockers based on the planet they are on. As for Mods you can probably fetch a list on the Wiki of common mods to drop from them. It is confirmed that they are planning on making Conservation missions for Cetus. This would be interesting, its something i have thought about long ago but they shouldnt spawn directly in the path the players would take from start to finish of the mission to force exploration. It can already be done, i my self have already run some pub missions as Operator only, tho i wish there was some situations that actually required Operator only to solve or places that could only be accessed by operators too. I think they would behave more like Sentinels with a bit more movement freedom. but yeah, would be interesting too. This is no new idea. Dont think this would be a good idea, there would have to be other ways for enemies to trigger alarms and consequences for doing so. It would be interesting but very jobby for [DE] to implement considering they want Operator hairs to have physics. They are about to add a new cosmetic slot for players to add some special effects on their Warframes, these will be hard to get and exclusive to some situations.
  4. I main Zephyr/Prime as she is the Warframe i enjoyed the most and mange to take most advantage of her skills with wile being both efficient and supportive to my team. I was around the house of 42% usage with normal Zephyr considering i mained her since update 12 when she came out and now im slowly passing the usage to the Prime variant. Weapons usually are the most i swap around, changing depending depending on the mission type for the Sorties i have in that day tho my current Go-To set is the Corinth, Catchmoon (Kitgun) and Balla Dagger (Zaw).
  5. BiancaRoughfin


    Since i didnt get the actual thing, i would love having that keychain. ❤️
  6. BiancaRoughfin

    [Feature request] Allow donating resources to all dojos

    Err, no because people will start paying veteran players with endless pools of resources to briefly join their Clans just to have their Dojos built and even if it was not payed for, it would still be too much of an advantage for emerging clans with little to no dedication invested.
  7. BiancaRoughfin

    A Paper Warframe {The Paper Storm} Orokin Librarian

    Being invisible doesnt mean being invulnerable. I still have to backtrack or run ahead in missions to help Loki players that were invisible and got downed.
  8. BiancaRoughfin

    A Paper Warframe {The Paper Storm} Orokin Librarian

    We already have Loki which is a Paper frame, first shot he takes he turns into an Origami. :V
  9. BiancaRoughfin

    Mod Shards

    This would only over complicate the system. How would you determinate what mod comes out of the Shard combination? If its still an RNG, there is no benefit having to grind for 5 shards to get a random mod when you can just drop the complete mod.
  10. BiancaRoughfin

    Simple Chroma Balance Rework

    Get Primed Continuity. Theres your 50% Duration increase...
  11. BiancaRoughfin

    Eros Arrow Skin

    I have one in my inventory just for having. I dont buy them for the same reason. Wish it was a permanent Skin just like some other holiday stuff we have.
  12. BiancaRoughfin

    All Equinox Needs

    Only thing Duality needs is a duration increase. Nothing else.
  13. BiancaRoughfin

    Can we have a scythe weapon category?

    Forgot some:
  14. BiancaRoughfin

    Firewalker, should have additional sound effects rotation, effective programing.

    Did you have to make 2 topics about the same thing? There is an Edit button in case you need to change/add information on your post. Firewalker needs no buff and i think having it as a channeling skill could consume more energy over time which means recasting it is better.
  15. BiancaRoughfin

    Lets upgrade Firewalker

    Doesnt need to have any Recast or Charge/Hold mechanism. Its good enough as is.