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  1. There is already an unused Ayatan model in the game which you can find in Cetus at the Miner's stand. Hopefully they will implement that before anything else regarding Ayatan.
  2. Que diferença ia fazer chamar de Maestria ou Nivel? Ja chamamos de Nivel de Maestria do mesmo jeito. 😛 A idea é que o jogo seja COOPERATIVO, significa que todos beneficiam por igual pelo que a equipe mata. Infelizmente isso abre brechas para jogadores preguiçosos/oportunistas que ficam a missão toda sem fazer nada e colhendo fruto do trabalho dos outros mas é melhor do que ter os players se xingando a partida toda porque alguem roubou kill. Se voce botar um sistema de XP individual vai criar muita toxicidade entre jogadores e os problemas de balanceamento dos Warframes que ja são grandes vão se tornarem ainda piores, um exemplo sendo a Saryn. Eu não dou o menor credito a player em missão comigo que esteja usando Frames ou armas que limpem uma sala toda com uma única habilidade ou tiro.
  3. Its very likely that Mars openworld will be a Desert due to its Desert/dry lands tilesets but that will take a wile to happen as they put a halt on Openworld production right now to focus on Empyrean and New War then they should increment on what already exists before returning to openworlding and Mercury is next on the line of planets to be Openworlded, hopefully it will be some Barren/volcanic land swarmed by infested and patrolled by the Grineer.
  4. I wish the Ogris had more skins too, specially TennoGen ones that completely changed its look. One thing that really upsets me is that [DE] never gave the old skin to players who owned the Ogris before its remodel as a legacy gift. Wile the new look is great, the old boxy one was also very cool and kinda reminds me a lot of old Action movies where people would pull up those quad rocket launchers into the shoulder.
  5. Personal feedback, i have been using Ferrox for over a month now as main primary and it has been very very useful, specially considering it helps hold groups of mobs and cluster them so you can kill them easily with some weapon with large area like Arca-Plasmor, Catchmoon or explosive ones. I also built it for gas too but i didnt focus on the Alt-Fire alone, i have a Riven for it giving +Damage and +MultiShot, its great even in sorties of any level Alt-Fire consumes no Ammo so Spring-Loaded Chamber wouldnt take effect, also the weapon reloads on its one wile on its Alt-fire so you can literally throw it at 0 rounds back and it would return fully loaded no matter how short was your Alt-Fire's duration.
  6. And when will we get to see Grineers with Pumpkin heads and Pumpkin Rollers again as done in 2013's Halloween?
  7. I was expecting at least something near at par with the Sweeper Prime.
  8. So the long awaited DethCube came and so did its Prime weapon, problem is, its prime weapon is way too weak, the status difference between the normal and primed variants are very small but still not enough to be substantial and worth choosing over the Primed Sweeper. A small increase in its current crit chance and status chance could make it better tho still not comparable to the other Sweeper Prime and/or Deconstructor Prime. [DE] please consider increasing its Crit chance up to 15% (From 10%) and the Status chance up to 10% (From 5%).
  9. I usually consider what was done to Alad-V during the Profit (PS4 Launch) trailer to explain why he keeps returning. He did get the Disk collar back on his neck before being thrown out the window, it can very well have some sort of gadget to teleport him or glide him away.
  10. And thus why i dont sell stuff for plat. I only buy stuff from other players when really needed and still only with plat i get every 3~4 months from Prime Access. I wish [DE] kept a Trade/Transaction log for every account and instead of punishing the player who received the fake plat, they would undo the trade and block the account of the fake plat trader.
  11. BiancaRoughfin

    jump 2.0

    You can tap the Aim Button to stop your vertical momentum and make shorter jumps. I main Zephyr which means my jumps go way higher and longer than most frames and this really helps bring her back to the floor faster.
  12. I usually do it with Mesa/Prime , equip some Semi-Auto Hitscan pistol and remove any punchthrough mods then blow up the dargyns and activate the Peacekeeper to kill the pilot as it falls.
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