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  1. Bad luck i would say, i got a 55% Karak and a 47% Quatakk.
  2. Either play Vazarin Focus School or use Djinn with Reawaken and Sacrifice mods and you are good to go.
  3. Doesnt matter, what our operators say because there are other parts in the game lore that say that the Grineers were builders, they were genetically created to work tirelessly and gratefully until their death. Read some Grineer lore would you please?
  4. I can guarantee my imagination is very fertil but if its not Tied to the LORE, then it doesnt matter what i or even you think, it will be wrong. Also, to break your point more Grineers were Builders, just as our Tenno affirms during missions some times, they were only turned into soldiers during the War and the weapons given to them were those of the Orokin, Grineer designed weapons came centuries later and the Kuva weapons came just recently.
  5. Because the Relic are tied to the Requem mods which is tied to the Kuva (Blood of the ancients) which is used to make the Liches in our time. Yes , Market is a thing but there would be no Market for Kuva weapons if there wasnt Liches for Kuva weapons to be created for right?
  6. Because Kuva Weapons arent a relic from an old era that got lost and scattered through the Origin system, they are an on demand weapon crafted for the Kuva Liches which are also something new in the game lore thus never having been smuggled until now.
  7. 1st. ❤️ Cant wait for TennoCon 2020 and to see what will be announced with it.
  8. I would be Ok with Venari in the Orbiter, being able to walk freely like normal companions could tho she would only be available to players who have crafted and still own Khora. Venari should only interact with Khora her self and the Operator, trying to pet her with any other frame could cause her to growl and run away. There should also be some precautions to avoid her walking on to the Incubator or pet merging on the Beds.
  9. Nope, Aug Slot only. There has to be some balance/limitation.
  10. If the Devs ever make a separate Slot for Augment mods, i would expect them to make it so augment mods can only be equipped to this slot alone, thus limiting the number of aug mods equipped to 1.
  11. I would prefer the last 10 lvls giving +4% to the Elemental damage so in case a player maxes out the Kuva weapon with 60% base Element, it could go up to +100% at Rank 40.
  12. No because it would turn Ash into the Press4ToWin frenzy it once was and least we need in the game right now are more PressKeyToWin frames.
  13. Lichs wont give the same weapon twice in a row but due to the rotation, the weapon will eventually pop up again.
  14. @(XB1)Red Dough Boy Warframe Wiki:
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