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  1. Firstly i didnt ask for banning people that use them, i said banning the use of the programs. Second, it will be adressed in Part 2 of Melee 3.0 as stated by [DE]Steve in the Workshop stream he made with [DE]Rebecca abit more than a month ago. And Third, removing the interaction of Maiming Strike with Blood Rush wont make it a useless mod because you still have Status focused Melee weapons with little to no critical chance that can benefit from it.
  2. I call it shamefull because its abusive and used in a way that was not intended to. If you follow the DevStreams you would know that the Devs regret having added Maiming Strike into the game because it made a playstyle they dont like.
  3. By me if its not a Recording Program, Game Overlay like NVidia`s / Discords or plugin like Razer`s Chroma for the game interacting with the mouse/keyboard colors, it should be banned, including Macros as people still exploit them for shameful Spin2Win mechanics.
  4. Because Warframes are made from Dex Soldiers, which follow a strict standard when being made as the Orokins were perfectionists, this means if someone was lower/higher than their standard, they would be reject. Higher or Smaller soldiers ment having to redesign their equipments to fit various different sizes, this ment cost in a society that was already starting to struggle for resources.
  5. Whats the "ToNightDrops" ??? I know of Twitch Drops and Mixer Drops and they only drop stuff when there is either Prime Time (Every Thursdays) or DevStreams. Add: Or are you referring to Nora Night's drops?
  6. I have the same issue as you against these kind of players, it nauseates me when i join a mission with one of the type thinking they are just too good for the team because they can press 4 to kill everything or spin their way around the map killing everything with a cheap gimmick even the Devs regret having made the mod that makes it a thing.
  7. Same issue here. Was finishing leveling up my Wukong after placing the last forma on him and when i went to change frames i noticed the Mithra Skin's leg armor was different. 😕
  8. Where in the Origin system did you read that he is a Corpus/Engineer Warframe?
  9. He could use those Mouses with a set of keys on the side like Razer Naga so the AWSD was on the side buttons.
  10. Good, lets just bury and forget about it then. :3
  11. Based on the Wiki its not affected by Riven Crit but there is nothing there stating it isnt affected by Blood Rush.
  12. @Apav Pure Crit, the Contagion projectile benefits from all your Weapon's status, including Crit buffed from Blood Rush. I managed to do a 44KK Headshot Crit with the Balla + Arcane Contagion a little after the first Plague Star event.
  13. She isnt Squishy if you build her correctly and no, Arcane Aegis isnt mandatory to play her either, i dont use it and have no trouble playing her at all. I built mine with Umbral Vitality and Umbral Intensify, contrary to what most do thinking she doesnt need health mods... Also added Adaptation mod to further decrease the damage she takes on to her shields. In Corpus and Grineer missions you can just keep spamming her 2 to keep her shields full.
  14. I see Umbral bewbs :3 The sculptures looks neat.
  15. I dont think Infinite Bullet jumps would be very good for her, nor the idea of triggering Tailwind with Bullet jumps tho i would love it if they made it so casting abilities refreshed Double Jump and Bullet jump wile mid-air, this would allow players to take more advantage of the momentum generated by her Tailwind and make it more energy efficient for a skill that is often used multiple times. The platform thing is a No No, makes no sense and has nothing to do with flight. No No... This is Zephyr`s signature skill and should be replaced. If any changes should be made is to implement the benefits i mentioned above from her Passive, add a Combo counter system to further decrease cost as casted and some changes to the Charge mechanism for it to give her a temporary controlled flight or at least make the Hover allow her to move freely like Hildryn`s 4th but faster. Err, no again, because her 1st already triggers DiveBomb when aiming down and what you proposed has nothing to do with Diving. The current 2nd Skill (Air Burst) was proposed by me and its doing well what its ment to do. You can push a large group of enemies to a corner with 1 or 2 burst then use a strong AoE or PunchThrough weapon to kill them, you can use it to push mobs away from your Zephyr to avoid Melee hits or to knock large groups of mobs down. In high lvl Interception missions it is great for pushing enemies away from the consoles, even through the walls due to the large AoE. Dont touch Turbulence, its already a great skill as is. The synergy with Tornados you proposed is too much, i personally dont mind spending 75 Energy every 46 seconds as she is not a frame ment for spamming abilities. Couldnt take seriously after the "Stupid Change"... If you want Tornados to spawn around you, just aim at your Feet. Being able to spawn them where you are aiming at is one of the greatest changes they made as now you can deploy the tornados in more strategic ways. The Casting wile Airgliding thing is just meh. Wile Zephyr`s Airglide lasts longer, players wont have the time to individually deploy all 4 of the tornados in a single Airglide and the pressure to try in get them into strategic places will just cause people to missclick or get confused. The steering function only works when you are aiming and i find it to be useful. The "Conclave Only" thing not only is OP but is totally unnecessary. For the love of Lotus just let Conclave die.
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