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  1. Yes Protective Dash works on your self giving you the 5 second invulnerability and the healing.
  2. I currently use Neutral as my main build for Nova and so far had zero problems with people in mission wile using her. If anyone asks at start i just say Neutral, no Speed Bonus/Penalties. Neutral nova is a great build, only problem is she relies on the Power Donation mod to work and if someone else in your team also is playing Nova with the game mod, it ruins the whole build so i made a topic highlighting this last month and proposed a Mod for Nova that would remove the need for Power Donation: I made my build a bit different, i didnt add 300% duration, instead a
  3. Read whats highlighted on my original Post. I took mesures on my post to make it clear people would have to completely EMPTY the magazine to gain charges so it would be impossible for players to "Shoot Once and Reload" to gain charges And yes, thats correct.
  4. Go to the Warframe site, Login then go to the Account Management, Unlink your Twitch Warframe account from Twitch then Link it again. This should update the stuff you redeemed and get you the Operator Accessories. I had to do that to get mine.
  5. Frost Prime and Ember Prime are currently unvaulted since September 29th...
  6. Swazdo-Lah fellow Tennos! <3 So yesterday i bought the Deimos Arcana pack containing all the weaponsm started ranking and forming them to see them to their maximum potential and so far the Catabolyst has been getting me facepalming often. The idea of throwing the weapon's magazine as a Grenade is cool, something that Borderlands 2 already had something like it, throwing the weapon its self that exploded soon after instead of replacing the magazine. As for the Catabolyst, the player throws the Magazine when the reload bar reaches half way which is where the problems start: 1 -
  7. As far as i remember, buying something from the Market with Plat bypassed the MR requirement, same applies to weapons/frames from Prime Access packs. Have they changed it?
  8. Problem is not Chroma, problem are the players (like you) that think he is only good when he has his Vex Armor on and that keep complaining they cant charge it completely in normal missions where its not even that necessary and try using Profit Taker/Eidolons as a dumb excuse for him being in a bad state. His first ability got buffed, if you want to apply status of a specific type to a group of mobs in front of you, his 1st is great for that, if you are expecting to bad breath down a whole room with it, problem is you again. His Effigy is more of a Buffing skill than a Damage dealer,
  9. Im confused, is his Passive suppose to be one of these three? 1. Chroma can already cycle his Element with his 1st ability. 2. Is the Status Chance bonus Multiplicative or Additive? Also thats way too much passive status chance independent of how it applies. 3. Read Below... Chroma already has way too much power due to his Vex Armor and you are proposing further adding bonus Elemental Damage and Status chance to his attack? Either you dont know balancing, the meaning of Power Creep or both. Why not make the skill's Range based on Affinity range? Chroma has nothing to do with
  10. Wile i agree with the idea of Adding Built forma to his shop list, 10 SE is way too low of a price considering you buy them for 20 plat on the Market. You failed to remind that wile the Steel Essence missions say they award only 3, every mission spawns a Acolyte which drops more 4 of them, allowing you to get a total of 35 Steel Essences per day.
  11. Only change done to Khora's 1 was that it now only hits enemies in Line of Sight, why is that even such a big thing? Its still nuking everything in front of it. By me they should have capped its damage too. Doesnt matter if it had come before or after the update, Khora users would still be crying their salt on the forums about it. Also, to me it was more of a Buff than a Nerf to SE farming, i rarely dropped any in Steel Path missions and wasnt finding groups to farm the larger amounts. 35 per day is more than Ok, i also got a bonus 437 of them on my Mailbox because of the reward cha
  12. Pretty obvious it wasnt the cause. I tried the recommended Khora build Youtubers kept repeatedly using to see how it worked, easily dealing 4KK+ damage in a large area in front of the player with absolutely no effort.
  13. Name them? I dont remember any other frame with a 1st skill being a Melee that completely obliterates enemies through walls. The last one that came close was Gara when she launched and [DE] shattered her soon after.
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