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  1. My PC is broken so im having to use my Husbands, this is me currently: Login, do Sorties, Farm Syndicate rep cap, check to see if there is any Nightwave challange i can do, if so i do it, otherwise logout. If my PC was working i would do some Railjack missions to farm Holokeys. I often like taking clan mates/friends to rank up gear or do Railjack missions too.
  2. There is no separate counter for Kills made with your Operator/Amps. Nor should you bother actually, current UI is full of useless and inaccurate infos like "Crates Opened" that some times you get over 400 of them even in missions with absolutely no crates.
  3. Personally i think any ability for a frame that doesnt have an actual element associated with it should deal True Damage. Along with that, i think Soul Punch`s Augment (Soul Survivor) should be part of the ability from Start tho revive players at full health. You can already stack armor reduction casting the skill multiple Times. Quoted from Wiki. It reaches 54% at max rank, there is no need for more than that considering the rate at which mobs spawn. Not in favor of the Ignore Defenses part and with what you proposed so far, basically this will make it so Nekros only needs to build for Power Strength and Range. I dont mind his Shadows having a minimal duration set to them so its not affected by negative duration but i prefer his 4th remained as is in regards to power.
  4. With how easy it is to grind rep with him, nope. It could easily be abused. Had the same thought.
  5. No its not a Bug. The item`s Blueprint and the Crafted Item are two separate things. As Keiyadan said, Hok sells Blueprints. Once you have crafted and claimed the item from your Foundry, Hok will not list that item as owned as the Blueprint has been consumed. He will however show that part as Owned in the Zaw crafting UI.
  6. Beacons have been bugged in the Temple of Profit for a wile now, enemies simply stop spawning after a wile and some times you have to go outside near the statu's feet to either get them spawning again or to kill mobs that may have spawned above the ground and prevent others from spawning underground. Are you farming Toroids for reputation or for crafting? If you are farming for Rep, do the 2nd Profit Taker mission which you have to invade the Enrichment Labs to kill some enemies then steal a datamass. Instead of taking the Datamass you just stay there killing mobs that spawn. You will have the natural mission spawns, drop ship reinforcements and beacon mobs stacking their spawns.
  7. Cute <3 How about making one where Sevagoth wear's Chroma's Effigy and Chroma wears Sevagoth's Shadow and thumbs up to one another? :3
  8. Those are good status, not godly but good. You dont really need a godly Riven to make a weapon perform great in missions. Combo Duration is only necessary if you plan on building for Heavy Attacks and/or Bloodrush/Weeping Wounds which are also not necessary and very overrated in build in my opinion, anyways you can equip Arcanes to you Primary/Secondary to counter this. Spending that much Platinum on anything in-game is ridiculously dumb. No Riven should be worth that much. Yes, Rolling rivens isnt fun because you wont always get what you are looking for but then again as i stated above, you dont need a Godly one to perform well in the game. I would prefer an item that allowed you to lock a single status so it isnt rolled anymore and let the player try their luck on the other two. As for the Item rarity, maybe in the same rarity as the Rivens them self. Shotgun Rivens are pratically non-existant from how rarely they drop and Legendary Cores are once in a life time (My self having only gained 1 from Sorties since the game mode was introduced into the game). I think you are spending too much Kuva on a single riven and expecting too much from it.
  9. As someone who very rarely buys anything from other players and often helps others providing some mods or carrying them to missions, i prefer these Tenet weapons remained untradeable to give me more reasons to do Railjack missions despite having maxed out everything and to give other players seeking these weapons the same insentive. I like taking friends in missions, especially newer ones to Railjack missions and watch them get thrilled with the game mode. Despite for most veterans it being a waste of time, i manage to find joy in it.
  10. Thats because Corrosive strips armor meaning +Damage and Viral adds Bonus damage to enemy Health. Grineers take extra damage from both so yeah, it literally melts them.
  11. Dont know where you got this info from, people usually build for Heat or Toxic because Heat removes armor and toxic they build for Viral/Corrosive with. Magnetic was added just recently and still its only efficient against Corpus, Impact? Doubt anyone actually builds for it considering its the worst IPS.
  12. I dont see issues with Puncture, Blast and Gas being added to the Progenitors table, problem is when you add the following above to the system. These are overly used and too good in any build so if DE added these to the table, no one would pick any other.
  13. Because if you had no Cap you could stack on reputation with one Syndicate then rank another that is opposed to it without going negative. This also forces players to periodically spend their rep tho many players never cap out as they often purchase mods/weapons from the Syndicates to sell. There is also the fact that many players keep their reputation for when new Primes come out to purchase Relic packs and if you had millions of rap in stock you could spend it all on relic packs and not have to go through the normal grind of obtaining them.
  14. The Dojo im currently Founding Warlord of was founded by a guy back in 2013, for some reason he just left the Clan and left it to me, my husband and some friends. At first i thought to keep it just for us few but many other friends started playing the game so i kept the clan open for others to join but with a 90 day inactivity limit. I remade my Dojo little over a year ago, something i regret a bit since i lost very old rooms and hallways the Dojo had from the early days. This is how my Dojo currently looks: The look of a Bird was completely accidental.
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