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  1. I dont get it, whats knowing what others are using help you figure out how to invest? If you want to know if a weapon is good or bad you can find dozens of reviews on them on Youtube.
  2. I was having this issue with the Sisters when they first came out, the "Larvaling" was always coming with the Detron, a few times the item came blank but the single time i tried taking it and see my luck i got the Detron too.
  3. Personally i dont bother, Umbra was just a way to give non-founders something special to replace Prime. I just wish DE would add more value to the Primes, they should be able to benefit from their passives in other mission types aside the Void too. I did make a topic years ago asking DE to put dismantled DeathOrbs or orokin relics around missions as spoils enemies could have managed to steal/recover from the Void and allow these to activate the Prime`s passives too.
  4. Actually they never confirmed there would be other "Umbras" they did hint there could be other variations of frames in the future tho i doubt they will be called Umbra because the frame inherits the name of the person that got turned into the frame. Status wise Umbra and Prime are exactly the same, only difference is Umbra has the Spectre mode and Prime has the Void energy pulse. Also, this would bring up another issue because Excalibur Prime is not obtainable and people who desire him would flood the forums complaining they dont have him to merge. China has "Umbra Prime" because it was their Founder Exclusive, DE later introduced Umbra into the global build as replacement for the Prime players couldnt get and because practically everyone in the community was asking for it. Also, the game's lore is completely different in China from what i know so they have a completely different approach to why Umbra exists there. I think you should replay the Sacrifice quest again and pay better attention to the lore on how Warframes are created. 2 Skins because Umbra and Umbra Prime are exactly the same frame. Hah, no... An absolute no. Power Creep is bad enough already, the helminth's invigoration system worsened it a lot and having "Umbra Primes" get a boost of their own would further add to the problem.
  5. Yes please, this would be awesome. Also, why stop there? Steel Path Sorties, Steel Path Clem missions, Steel Path Maroo weekly.
  6. This issue usually happens where a lot of mobs spawn elsewhere in the map and/or get stuck, any player that is away from the Extraction point and some times companions may draw mobs away from where they are needed, same for the Battery ones. Also, from what i could notice, the number of cells on the floor also affects the spawn of the battery carrying one too so its usually a good idea for you to carry one on your frame and one with your Operator towards the new excavation site to give it an extra boost should you need to wait longer or run back to grab more. Good thing we dont also have to keep a Scanner tower active to find the excavation sites like we had to when Excavation missions was first introduced.
  7. Because not everyone that plays the game is into trading, i only get plat on every Prime Access that comes out and usually its for me to get some new stuff when it comes out, to help my friends from time to time and some times to gift. Also, having Rep grinding gives me more to do in the game since im L1 too and i have everything already. Thats what i proposed. I posted two images i edited with what i have in mind.
  8. I usually have 4 maxed out at a time (Loka, Perrin, Veil and Meridian), tho recently i had to raise rep with Suda to get her items and Arbiter's items, losing rep with Loka and Veil in the process tho i have finished purchasing their items and am currently recovering rep with Loka before doing Veil too. Also, im curious what syndicates you keep maxed? No because it would make obtaining them too easy, there are things in the game i believe players still have to have the effort of obtaining on their own.
  9. Nothing we can do actually, if your friends are old enough to be playing Warframe, they should be old enough to have enough good sense and know when to stop too.
  10. Then a massive Sentient Ship erupts from the surface of the Sun heading to the nearest planet to devour it. For those curious, this is a scene from the Shadow Raiders animation that aired between at the end of the 90s to early 2000s, the moment the Beast Planet comes out of the Sun.
  11. Swazdo-Lah fellow Tennos! I love syndicates, they give me something to work for every day which i can farm rep with wile doing Sorties and other missions and when my rep gets high enough i can grab either weapons to give to my friends/clanmates in need or just buy some Relic packs. The problem is every now and then DE releases something new that forces us to have to grind some other syndicate and lose rep with those we already have maxed in the process, that also requires us to then manually go through each frame we use and switch the Syndicate Sigils on our frames, something many times we forget and end up running a mission with another syndicate's sigil causining a whole daily reset worth of reputation to be lost. For a wile now i have wished that we could pick which syndicate we want to contribute with on the Navigation screen, like a popup button next to Nightwave's button with the currently selected syndicate on it. Switching Syndicates would automatically cause the sigil on our frames to change to the last one of that Syndicate we equipped and its Bonus be tied to the Sigil Tier we have bought so far, example i would be able to Equip the New Loka's Growth Sigil on a frame and if i already have purchased the Humanity Sigil i would get the +15% Bonus. If i switch to some other Syndicate and back, the game will automatically equip the Growth Sigil again on my frame as it was the last one i used on that frame. What are other Tenno's thoughts on this?
  12. Instead of a Toggle, maybe like animation sets we had another bar that allowed you to pick the "Ability Effects" since there are some Deluxe skins that alter abilities too and they look good with prime parts, having the Ability's visual be toggled by the Prime details like it currently is forces the player to either pick frame fashion or cool abilities. An example being Frost's Deluxe which the SnowGlobe has a visual of its own.
  13. Isso é algo que muitos da comunidade pedem a tempo ja. Infelizmente os Devs ate hoje não implementaram mas ja deram a entender que querem. Tem muitas armas cuje a versão normal é mais bonita que a Prime, um exemplo sendo a Rubico.
  14. A Proto Skin do Excalibur e a Proto Skin da Glaive são referencias ao antecessor espiritual do Warframe chamado Dark Sector. Pessoalmente não vejo necessidade de alterar a Skin, especialmente pra manter a originalidade dela que muitos players ja gostam e a homenagem. Outra Skin no jogo que é homenagem ao Dark Sector é a Nemesis Skin da Nyx: Porem adoraria que os Devs fizessem uma Skin pro Excalibur no Warframe baseada no projeto do DarkSector de XBox que foi abandonado.
  15. Im very fond of short blades like One-Handed Swords and Daggers. My favorite Zaw so far is a Full Crit Balla Dagger, fast, stabby, deals a lot of damage and i can use Exodia Contagion on it to turn it into an alternative weapon. My second favorite Zaw is a Full Crit Rabvee hammer i call Lobotomy. Its mostly for use with Exodia Contagion as a long range melee nuke.
  16. People have been asking for a rework to the Extractor system for years now and DE has never touched the subject. There are even the Primed variants which are exclusive to Prime Access packs. I would really love if they automated the extractors, have them automatically return the goods instead of the players having to manually click to take them and keep collecting until either their health gets too low or they are removed manually. The player would get a prompt every time they logged in showing what was collected during their time offline and the extractor's conditions. Im the Warlord of a Storm Clan, me and a friend/clanmate alone farmed 50K Mutagen Samples needed for the Hema's research in a few days, we spent an hour or so at a time in the Derelict (Current Deimos) survival missions. I bought Boosters for me and him, there was no Smeeta at that time and only Nekros had any loot dropping buff.
  17. I have absolutely no intention on playing Warframe on Mobile. I only use my mobile for making calls, saving some notes and some times some photos or emergency google search/map, aside that i have no other uses for it. I really hate mobile games, they are awful to play due to the small screens and leave my fingers numb.
  18. 1 - Do you have blank Genetic Code Templates available? 2 - Has the Kavat or other Pet you want to grab genetic codes from had any code taken already? 3 - Is the Pet baby? Also, try turning your pet back to Baby and back to adult then try taking a template again.
  19. The Sentients come from Tau but i do remember years ago DE mentioned they wanted to add a whole new Star chart that would be in Tau.
  20. Do you remember which DevStream that was? There is no way of knowing without see which stream it was but as far as i know there is no new faction planned. As for the Tau system, i dont think its anywhere near to be implemented yet.
  21. Spin-to-Win was a dumb playstyle that happily got nerfed enough for people to stop doing it.
  22. Why Harpo? Whats it suppose to mean? Why not Bypass or some other name that actually has to do with hacking? Not fond of these, hacking is already easy in the game and there is both a mod for hack duration and ciphers for those that are unexperienced. Parazon mods also made it much trivial too with auto-hacks and second hacking chance. As for the Bullet Jump / Dodge effect, this is too OP, considering most of the mobility of the game is done through these means, it would render the frame completely invulnerable to damage wile moving around. The problem with his skill is it assumes all enemies have some sort of cybernetic implant on them that would be remotely affected. I personally only see this working towards Corpus, especially considering Grineers and Infested have no Shields to take extra damage from due to Magnetic. The problem with this skill is it depends on enemies being afflicted by the first in order to work. Instead only affecting mobs under the effect of Trojan, have it apply its effects independently and those affected by Trojan suffer a amplified version of this skill or some additional stacking effect. You already proposed a passive that would practically make the frame immortal, adds an ability that actually makes it immortal? This skill would be very OP and i can see many players completely ignoring everything in missions to finish it using this skill. The energy drain would have to be ludicrous in order to balance. Again like the first skill, this one assumes all enemies have some sort of cybernetic implant to be hacked which makes no Sense for Grineer and Infested, the skill requires the player to stand in place for too long with very high probability of failure wile being a downgraded version of Nyx`s Mind control. Also, making the skill useable against bosses is pointless considering assassination missions you will take longer to get the boss hacked than to simply killing them and running to extraction. Assuming you do hack them, you will only have a few minutes of fun.
  23. Please no... Sweet is relative, some of us cant stand to see someone with that Wing ephemera, its too out of place in Warframe.
  24. Rubico is better due to its Crit Multiplier which is double that of Snipetron and it goes up further when zoomed.
  25. Login to the Warframe site and check if you have Two-Factor-Authentication enabled. If it is, try turning it off then on again. You should only get the message asking for an authentication code once on your PC.
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