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Garuda feels off because of the disconnect between charged 4 and charged 1


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tl;dr: Charge 1, upon release, should simply nuke each target marked from 4 with the damage absorbed shown in the blood heart

First I'll start by saying I know Garuda is not intended to be a nuker. However, the intended synergy between charged 4 and charged 1 takes a very, very long time for a game that focuses on wiping out entire rooms without so much as blinking. This change is not intended to insert Garuda into the meta, but at least make her able to keep up.

Garuda's kit's defense greatly outshines her offensive capability, but at the same time no one is kidding themselves into thinking she is a defensively oriented frame. Given the amount of set up it takes to make a meaningful 1-4-1 combo AFTER absorbing a "sufficient" amount of dmg, nothing is more heart breaking than seeing your charged 1 only hit about 4 mobs because of its current rocket mechanic, and most of your intended targets were either out of range, behind a corner/wall, etc.

To be clear, I believe it'd be best if the damage would be SPLIT, so as to not make her a nuker frame. This is debatable, and please tell me why you think it shouldn't be split. But I DO believe every Garuda out there should have their hard work rewarded when it taked charging up TWO abilities, where as currently there is very little practicality in doing so.

"But Fonk! This could be cheesed!" Shut up. Dueling Equinoxes (Equinoces?) are already a thing and bajillions times more efficient.

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How about something more persistent?

You activate the shield and start absorbing damage. After you reach sufficient charge you tap again the skill to activate it. Each enemy in your range marked will continously take damage as long as you have charge in the blood orb.

The damage may not be high but its persistent and fits her "offensive" theme.

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