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Peltier/Seebeck Thermoelectric Generators on weapons.. for frame energy charging.


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Thermoelectric generators, to make Heat and Cold elements trickle charge your energy.

Something you put on your weapon, like a lens or arcane.
Heat or cold procs generator x%, or x amount per strike.

Yes, this would fundamentally change those effects forever.
But ladies and gentlemen... So what? That'd be sweet!
You need more energy, you get a gadget, and roll heat or cold damages.

Could teach players about procs and how they work,
and give a little more energy early on basic set ups.
Would be very comfortable with Healing Return builds later on.

Super nice for specialists of Frost and Ember.
Could make electric passively do this anyway...

Single element builds are more likely to have lower damage,
due to the fewer element mods.
...would give purpose to heat swords and daggers, for newbies to enjoy for a while.

(This is an idea of mine for a future feature,
inspired in part by our new electronic buddies on Fortuna,
and driven by my lust for more passive energy gain systems.)

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