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Vauban Bouncepad Horizontal mobility suggestion


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With bullet jumping the bounce pad has become obsolete in terms of vertical mobility and only sees use as a area denial tool for choke points or objectives and is far surpassed by the tripwire and radiation grenade that could be substituted for the same purpose. What I propose is that the focus should not be on vertical mobility, but horizontal mobility by making the bounce pads by default impart their momentum in the direction that you are facing.

A while ago there used to be a bug where the orientation of the bounce pad was determined by the angle with which the player was looking at. As an example if you threw a bounce ball straight up or at a + 90 degree angle on the Z axis, when it came down its orientation and directed velocity would be +90 degrees on the Z axis or straight up corresponding to the angle that you threw it with. Similarly if you looked straight ahead at a 0 degree X or Y axis the bounce ball orientation would be just the same and you'd get a horizontal bounce pad with its momentum inducing side faced away from you.

This was patched out a few months ago last I remember however it actually made bounce pads useful in the brief period that i used them. you could create bounce pad highways that propelled you or your friends/enemies up to great speeds or use it as a makeshift palisade to set up on objectives or doors and what not to keep units off of them much more effectively than bouncing the enemies upwards. This would drastically increase the Bounce pads effectiveness and create many more interesting ways to use them than simply bounce a thing upwards haphazardly. 

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