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  1. huh? garuda is an insanely dangerous damage dealer. her 2 completely removes a threatening target from play and offers a safe area. i was glad to see DE use a similar mechanic for Gaze on xaku. i dont know what peoples obsession is with passives, but her passive is so that you become more dangerous as you near death, not stay at low health. also rivens? arcanes? you must be joking. i cant laugh hard enough. the claws are no where near is weak as you are making them out to be. and thankfully they arent an exalted weapon and are optional. unless an arcane can instantly recharge your e
  2. Doors still bug on the last console for pulse generator causing me to have to abort mission,. DE please disable this mission objective until you fix the door bug. Edit: or remove the doors.
  3. trinity is not the highest damage dealer in the game. if you dont know healers need to able to live to heal. dedicated healers in other games also had their own kind of shielding to protect themselves doesnt make them a tank. support role is fitting for those frames because of the variety in their skill set. inaros is an assassin but people consider him to be a tank because of his ability to self heal. nezha is considered tank because of his DR, ember? tank because of DR. gauss? tank because of DR. see what im getting at. you are downplaying support because you think that the small
  4. there are other support frames that can do some healing to like harrow, and garuda. many options in place of oberon, many DPS options in place of ash as well. but like i said. eventually a frame will get moved into a place someone will not like. we all want DE to address this but what can we do if they decide that this is how they want to do it after the feedback? get used to it like all things.
  5. again it doesnt make them a healer. DPS, Support, Healer, Tank. these are classifications most people are familiar with. just because someone who is support can do a little bit of healing it doesnt make them a healer. the support role does various things and again trinity is designed to heal. i could very well say DE should make more healer frames since trinity is the only (by classification) healer. what DE did though is they went the route arena net did. there is no healer in Guild Wars 2 only classes that have a survivability skill that heals them.
  6. i actually know how it works. both vermintide and deep rock galactic have hero duplication blacklist. i own all 3 games. actually the people who dont understand what an opt out actually is well they gather here and ask ridiculous questions.
  7. this question has already been answered. its silly to keep asking it. leaving a group everytime to avoid the trouble isnt a solution. playing solo isnt a solution. backflipping and rolling arent opt outs. optout: to choose not to participate in something. backflipping or rolling does not prevent the effects and are therefore not opting out. opting out of the whole situation before it starts doesnt effect the people who like those frames literally because other people also like them. my not wanting to engage in a group that has the intrusive effects, affect no one but
  8. your experience with them is not the same for others. you should already know this.
  9. why be silly like this? you do understand that if a blacklist was put in place it would be limited, and that it is an opt out method which would only effect the user applying the blacklist. people seem to think that the blacklist is telling people how to play when really its removing themselves from the situations they dont like before hand. while i dont like what DE did to ember i never once thought someone playing her and spamming meteors was an issue. what i find funny is that DE specifically nerfed WoF because it was killing enemies before people could even see them, and
  10. being able to pop up some health orbs does not make you a healer. when you play enough games with healing classes and support classes that have some kind of small healing, youll know the difference. thats like saying bards in rift are healers only they arent. they can only be queued as support or DPS and not as healing yet they have 1 skill that does a little healing. Edit: trinity is a prime example of a dedicated healer. oberon, rhino, nezha, nekros, and protea are prime examples of a support class because their kits are designed to do various things where trinity's kit is designe
  11. let them remove all healing and see what the game looks like after. im not disagreeing about ash and obe. again im not against them being where people can get them enjoyably but drop table dilution is an old problem not a new one. that is not me but i agree with him. i used to spam sortie. when i just only got ayatan/endo i was on board with a token system. days of just getting anything from the common pool is just crazy.
  12. personal preference does not trump factual information. Trinity is the strongest healer in the game. thats fact. no its not a recent issue. its been a very long time one which is why DE has always tried changing tables many discussion have been made about this. i personally offered 2 solutions. 1. Move them to dojo 2. switch from drop tables to token system.
  13. im sorry, can zenurik instantly fill energy at the press of a button? no. who is saying it should be ignored. all i said is that it is an old issue. in a long list of old issues. Edit: actually better question. can zenurik be made to instantly fill energy and give shield/overshield at the press of a button? no.
  14. no one is disputing bloat but thats and old issue. of course things will be spread out more as more areas are added to the game thats a given. blessing isnt overrated as there is no other heal that can heal you to full health/shield while also giving you 75% DR. people want to down play trin rather than accepting facts. her healing is the strongest in the game. no one gives faster energy than she does.
  15. it doesnt. but im not saying that they arent support. new players still have access to a few support frames until they reach trinity or oberon. people hate nyx. i dont. not that i dont have my complaints but id rather play nyx than play hydroid.
  16. just like anything can that drops health orbs. protea can do this too. it doesnt make her a healer though. read the other comments. then move equinox to? then next? then next? again a frame is going to end up in a place someone isnt going to like.
  17. i agree this is a whole other issue for a different thread. syndicates need a rework.
  18. true. but then people would complain that DE shouldnt put her there. this is what im saying. someone will get moved to a place people wont like. as i posted above, and in other thread before they should be moved to the dojo. though i dont have any issues with where they are currently.
  19. neptune isnt a water world its an ice planet. uranus also an ice planet. sea lab of course doesnt even make sense but well go with DEs water lab. either way someone will be moved to a place people wont like. remember hydroid is a support frame too. that can heal with augments.
  20. ok so replace hydroid with oberon and put hydroid where?
  21. nezha is a healer as much as nekros is but i wouldnt call either of them healers. oberon isnt that much of a healer either. trinity is the only healer. the others are just support. in the support type there is still rhino. rhino get anyone up to where they can get trinity or oberon. what im saying is new players still have access to support frames.
  22. moment DE added a credit disruption i threw index out. then i moved to RJ lol. profit taker makes me vomit all them invulerability phases and what not.
  23. hopefully one of these times DE will really take to heart that not everything they make will be enjoyable to the masses. forced engagement is just bad. while i dont mind where ash and oberon are now and where the new frame will possibly be, ill always back the people who want an enjoyable place to get stuff. but really people should just take their time with getting into railjack. i believe i can enjoy it personally because of so much time spent playing Elite dangerous, Everspace, Eve Online, and the like.
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