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  1. then its on DE to fix it so it doesnt. DE created this problem. they get paid to fix it.
  2. they are arguing for the sake of arguing. its a common thing here. voltages solution is a win for everyone. people refusing to understand well...... you know.....
  3. also want to add to this that "Endoparasitic Vector" prevents parazon finishers on the sisters.
  4. agreed. i disable these kind of cinematics in games. both nioh 2 and code vein use these on parries and finishers but they let you disable them in the options.
  5. best way to fix this farse, is to give all weapons an aura slot and treat these mods as auras so that if anyone kills everyone gets the buff just like growing power does. it seems like this with this update DE is trying to punish people. for what reason? its anyones guess.
  6. i blame 2 things. K-Drive, and helminth. moment DE put helminth in, they take the stance of "we dont have to really work too hard on skills because people can just replace them". Edit: really what i want to see DE do is stop making frames and focus on the one thing that needs the most work (other than bug squashing). missions. type, variety, complexity.
  7. very true. but k-drive? they have a good necromancer working at DE. they should have let it stay dead. Edit: atleast they brought RJ up to snuff by allowing solo (there is still some annoyances to work out), but k-drive? they didnt even try to improve it so that it isnt niche group of people who like it.
  8. doesnt mean DE should go for ridiculous grind syncs. and most time they dont but those few times. i think someone who works there is blowing off steam by punishing the community. look at gauss. gained through disruption which is arguably one of the best mission types in the game.
  9. i just cant. after 6700+ hrs the last thing i want to do in this game is play with something i dont like. once i get a nice coupon ill just plat her. ive platted a few other frames whose grind i deemed not worth my time like grendel.
  10. i laughed when i saw they tied it to K-Drives. DE has not learned anything. most likely gonna plat her. really? tying her to k-drive? just because people arent engaging with it? how about you remove it instead of forcing people into it? seriously. you could have just added another water planet/moon, and moved her there along with making it a new corpus planet. oh wait.... to much work.
  11. that was a bandaid. just like this one. its also not even a full bandaid as it doesnt remove the other 3. conductor? bandaid. augments need to stop being bandaids for powers.
  12. i laughed when i saw the augment. its what i been saying should have been the power from the start. now with the augment all i do is just turn it to the 4th mote and it never moves from that. DE dont want to admit that this is what it should have been because admitting that would mean they made a mistake. cant have that. your idea should also apply to titania, and grendel. i get so tired of ability wheels. they really need to stop putting them in. Edit: augments being straight up buffs/improvements/band aids to powers needs to stop.
  13. huh? garuda is an insanely dangerous damage dealer. her 2 completely removes a threatening target from play and offers a safe area. i was glad to see DE use a similar mechanic for Gaze on xaku. i dont know what peoples obsession is with passives, but her passive is so that you become more dangerous as you near death, not stay at low health. also rivens? arcanes? you must be joking. i cant laugh hard enough. the claws are no where near is weak as you are making them out to be. and thankfully they arent an exalted weapon and are optional. unless an arcane can instantly recharge your energy to full her 3 is amazing.
  14. Doors still bug on the last console for pulse generator causing me to have to abort mission,. DE please disable this mission objective until you fix the door bug. Edit: or remove the doors.
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