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  1. EinheriarJudith

    Vauban Full Rework Suggestions with New Augments

    stomps CC range is irrelevant here. banshee is also a CC frame and is even more paper than vauban but her CC keeps her alive. nyx is a CC frame and is paper just like banshee but her CC keeps her alive there is nothing wrong with vauban's survivability. his CC is strong enough to keep him alive and like i said adaptation makes shield tanking viable since DR is applied to shields.
  2. EinheriarJudith

    Vauban Full Rework Suggestions with New Augments

    his kit doesnt have many problems to begin with. tesla could definitely use a touch up. minelayer i like some of your changes to it but im not a fan of speed so ill take a pass on speed lite. in a different thread someone said he was like paper and i replied to that post saying that he's paper because his CC is extremely wide. almost all of the CC frames are paper because their CC is enough protection. with them adding Adaptation shields can actually soak up more damage. id probably add to his passive a reduction to self damage given the nature of his CC imo he works best with an AOE weapon.
  3. EinheriarJudith

    Vauban Full Rework Suggestions with New Augments

    thats not how you spell bounce. also tesla is a turret. wouldnt mind if it acted like amprex and used weapon link.
  4. EinheriarJudith

    can DE please at least talk about changes to how to farm Khora

    i think as well double rounds for 1 rotation needs to go. even if they need to increase the time limit its better than doing 2 rounds for 1 rotation.
  5. EinheriarJudith

    Veteran players VS Endo

    index is also not bad for endo since they spam you with rare mods. time to start chewing up those duplicates. in light of the introduction of arbitration they could bump maroo mission down to daily from weekly.
  6. EinheriarJudith

    Why I hate index.

    that is fair ^_^
  7. EinheriarJudith

    Atlas the titan of warframes!

    i like everything i see here. in another atlas thread i also suggested making him an HP frame. good work sir.
  8. EinheriarJudith

    Baruuk is fine

    the buffs they gave her after release more so pushed her into a better position.
  9. EinheriarJudith

    Baruuk is fine

    he will most likely be fine in sortie with all those survivability/CC powers. his 2 will especially make things like covert lethality and strong <insert melee weapon> useful. DE talks about peace and all that but finishers are the strongest thing in this game.
  10. EinheriarJudith

    Veteran players VS Endo

    and im trying to tell you the farming isnt the problem. blame the extreme RNG nature in rolling the rivens. in the division when you recalibrate your gear all the stats lock in except the one that you can endlessly reroll. and for classified gear you can recalibrate 2 stats. and even in that instance you are only rolling between a predetermined stat list. rivens are absolutely terrible because when you roll, you roll the entire mod. not 1 stat, not 2 and the list is completely up to RNG. kuva farming is fine. the RNG in the rivens are not.
  11. there is nothing else to be said here folks time to move along.
  12. lol first you try to act like i dont know what im talking about then when i provided you proof twice you want to get an attitude? oh btw only 1-3 6. 8 and 19 have locked powers out of 25 tests.
  13. doesnt change the fact that MR 7 and 11 do not lock powers.
  14. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1586144940 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1586144899
  15. i took these the very moment you tried to act like i dont know what im talking about.