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  1. Divide and Conquer your enemies NOT your squad. the benefit limbo provides is protection. if invincibility is too much nerf it to damage reduction. add accuracy penalty for enemies in the rift there is a whole slew of things DE could do while maintaining his current kit. no people dont like limbo because he turns off guns and melee and can almost AFK with impunity. the 2 solutions i provided are things he does to block the team. how does removing things to block the team all of a sudden destroy him? it doesnt.
  2. people wouldnt hate Limbo at all if DE made 2 little changes. "the rift no longer blocks ally attacks (guns and melee) in opposite plane" "the rift no longer prevents interactions". problem solved.
  3. the augment makes garuda an amazing Well (blood well) turret. bonus damage till you are fully healed then near instant reload rinse repeat. i agree her 1 augment is dreadful. Edit: wouldnt mind seeing her 2 get something like a blood bolts. can only have 1 well, and recasting on a new enemy causes the old well to explode and shoot out blood bolts (does slash procs).
  4. protea grind is nothing. by far the fastest frame ive unlocked without platting yet. nidus grind and ivara grind are far worse.
  5. watch time simulator. reminds me of Star Trek online. that game is nothing but time gate hell. missions need to take on the pace of disruption.
  6. Aboslutely enjoy playing protea. i have too much time played in this game and needed something fresh. what i like most about the frame is its ability to have both frame power and gunplay coexist with each other and not have it be a weapon platform (we already have a few) or power spam (we already have too many) or AFK nuke (everyone knows the offenders). not a big fan of grenade fans little hop and collision need to be fixed (if you fix it, apply that fix to airburst to). would also like to see the shield satellites apply to her automatically when casted but i usually just drop them and use that sweet roll she has right into it. DO NOT increase the duration on the turret. people need to learn how to use it situationally as it is intended to be used. if people want a turret that just kills in the area, they should use octavia. that is what mallet does. really like Dispensary. titania's tribute could have been this rather than that gimmicky ability wheel nonsense. i think temporal anchor needs a more detailed explanation of mechanics but i like it very much. takes a snapshot of frames current state, allows you to wrack up damage with spam, then rewind to safety. i really like the mobile playstyle, and i hope she retains it.
  7. ill take mesa and raise you octavia. i farmed every single thing out of each difficulty just pressing 1,3,4 and running around.
  8. i would love to see this kind of change. same should be done to arbitration.
  9. spawning isnt the only problem. i frequently get enemies being unalerted which leads to whole groups just standing around in different rooms. i made a thread a long while back with this image with the same suggestion you made if this small dev team can do it, so can DE. they arent the only ones either. modders have made it possible for borderlands 2 and for Titan Quest.
  10. im not mad about changes but those changes do not take into account that Grineer is not the only faction just like you admittedly are refusing to accept this fact. we do have end game corpus. they are in orb valis. level 65+ is equivalent to corpus at 130+ level. i play Protea because she is fun to play and brings a smooth mix of both gunplay and power usage. i got kuva nukor just yesterday and used her to farm murmurs and kill the lich. grineer were at 75-90 when i vanquished it, and i had no issues. power fantasy? you are barking up the wrong tree friend. Protea is an all rounder support, and not a DPS frame. you want a DPS power spamming frame? go play one of the other ones. we have many.
  11. energy conversion gives you ability strength on the next cast after you pick up an energy orb. her kit is heavily based on ability strength and duration.
  12. youll absolutely love the mobile playstyle she has. she is also able to make use of mods that go off of health and energy orbs like Equilibrium, health conversion, energy conversion ect.
  13. like what are you even talking about? blaze turrets shots turn into AOE after the first shot. it has no problem spreading fire panic. and also can stack enough heat procs to deal disgusting damage. i could go on to say that this is what fireball for ember should have been. the duration is fine. i like both protea and vauban, and i like that both have very different playstyle. any boost to blazing artillery will make it unbalanced for every other non armor faction. there is no point in doing that. flechette orb needs that enemy damage scale because it has RNG shooting (which is further limited by LoS) and only deals puncture damage. Heat > Puncture. thats a statement of fact. nasty damage for 35 energy? you are being very silly here. with my 200% STR the 4th turret is psycho on ALL unarmored enemies. as i said previously max level of star chart is 120 because of liches. everything not in the grineer faction turns to ashes. she quite easily hands out overshield, and health and energy orbs and ammo. her ult makes all of her ability casts after it just the one time cost of 70 energy because it takes a snapshot of your stats before you used it. the only issue i have with this frame is that grenade fan suffers the same collision problem zephyr does with airburst, and im not to fond of that hop that she does which plays into the collision problem.
  14. you guys make no sense. Grineer is not the only faction in this game. blaze artillery completely destroys non armor up to and past level 160. the highest level star chart sees is 120 because of liches. if they buff it by increasing duration it just becomes AFK, if they buff it by scaling with enemy level it becomes completely unbalanced. how about you use your other weapons along side it? there is nothing wrong with its duration. you can spam turrets for the very small amount of 70 energy just by pressing 4 first. Protea is not a caster DPS frame she is an all rounder support frame.
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    preach! this point right here seems to elude too many people.
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