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  1. EinheriarJudith

    Ember Bad even with the ARB +300%

    the only damage synergy harrow has is with Crit weapons. its no different than ember dealing massive damage with heat based weapons. my build has accelerant at x5.35 damage modifier. i dont know what build your using but if you are having trouble damaging enemies with heat probably should check your build. all 4 of her abilities have a CC component.
  2. EinheriarJudith

    Ember Bad even with the ARB +300%

    why? i did a 40m with harrow. in the end i took a one shot in the back but that wont stop me from challenging myself. problem with arbitration is OHKO. a problem that has existed long before its introduction. if you take a squishy frame just do your best and if you fail no problem. the mode increases failure im not going to avoid frames i like playing just because of this. people should really play what they like but meh thats today's warframe. if it doesnt trivialize the difficulty its bad.
  3. EinheriarJudith

    Ember Bad even with the ARB +300%

    actually he also said any decent fire weapon. he wasnt only talking about ignis.
  4. EinheriarJudith

    Ember Bad even with the ARB +300%

    DE made it so trash weapons stay trash. i dont know what you mean by meta weapons but she can literally turn any weapon that has a decent heat boost into a natural disaster.
  5. EinheriarJudith

    Ember Bad even with the ARB +300%

    i dont defend map wipe. im on the side that wants to see it completely removed from the game. ive also said many moons ago that CC that covers the entire map completely removing any threat needs to be removed as well. no where did i say equinox was effor or mesa aim bot (because thats what it is). but frost 4 doesnt cover the map, mags 3 and 4 dont cover or CC the map, nova's 4 only slows enemies in which you can still be shot and even then i said a few times they should remove time scale from it. ive said many times limbo needs a rework. im not oblivious to any of the happenings currently but ember gets a ridiculous amount of unwanted hate because people either cant AFK, they cant face tank, or they cant neuter the entire map with CC to a point maybe its time DE stops making frames squishy since people want to avoid the responsibility of using parkour. saryn has been popular ever since -duration Miasma when it was corrosive. her popularity didnt just start with her 2.0 and 3.0
  6. EinheriarJudith

    Ember Bad even with the ARB +300%

    ember is a blast to play im not like some people who are lazy and dont want to move around and want to reach enemies they cant even see. you have no idea how good that range reduction on wof actually is. you do realize that WoF can only have 3 explosions while its maintained? you do realize that if those 3 explosions are off screen the power might as well be off? oh wait thats right you probably dont. ember is a heat buffer. always has been, and always will be. pablo? lmao completely over buffed saryn pushing her back to press 4 spam then they put a fix on her now she just needs press 1 then 4 saryn is probably the most boring frame to play because of ability to coat the map in lethal damage almost effortlessly.
  7. EinheriarJudith

    Ember Bad even with the ARB +300%

    LMAO what? hahahaha all 4 of her abilities have CC component. time for you to learn how to play ember rather than AFK sit in WoF.
  8. EinheriarJudith

    Ember Bad even with the ARB +300%

    a misconception people have is that you need to stay inside fireblasts ring to boost damage passing through it when you dont.
  9. ive said this a few times and gave a distinct example of a game that does. killing floor 2 has some of the best AI ive seen in a LONG time. enemy design in that game is pretty good. each class plays a very specific roll in the team so much that if you lose your medic people fall like dominos until the mission fails.
  10. EinheriarJudith

    Ember Bad even with the ARB +300%

    ember's niche is buffing heat. so unless equinox all of a sudden is able to buff heat, i dont see that happening. 300% strength buff on ember turns heat into a nuclear disaster.
  11. the countless threads about armor scale is proof enough. if they werent spongy you could use any gun you like but again facts are facts. DE had to buff guns and introduce over the top mods so people can deal with it. i dont need to get good. been there done that. its actually quite boring.
  12. both of these posts make me laugh hard. if grineer werent spongy people wouldnt even need to use corrosive projection x4. people have been complaining about armor scale far longer than nullifiers have existed. sortie 3 interception is one example of ridiculous armor. ive played this game long enough to know it is a fact warframe has spongy enemies.
  13. you're not serious are you? the biggest problem people have with this game is that grineer drink magazines. if you havent yet come to the point consider yourself lucky.
  14. LMAO when was the last time you played destiny 2? just because it doesnt have 4 powers you can use to wipe the map doesnt mean you arent powerful. the gunslinger class you can almost insta jib a boss with 3 bullets. infact destiny 2 doesnt have the one thing warframe does have, bullet sponge.
  15. EinheriarJudith

    Revenant's Thralls Still Need Ally Damage Immunity

    you cant do any of that since they are dead before you activate reave or DM. trolling can easily be averted by thralls not counting towards end of wave. this is only an issue on defense. the whole purpose of making them immune to FF is so you can activate its synergy without interference which is enthralls one and only problem currently.