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  1. i remember a mechanic like that in hawken when it was still around. the fire mech could do more damage to other mechs while it was hot but could instantly vent its heat. i love things like that. and again your suggestion adds to the whole volcanic style.
  2. problem with warcry is you lose the slow because it cannot be recast.
  3. i was heavily against them turning WoF into a channel from its duration base. turning accelerant into a toggle with give it war cry's problem unless they make it work like silence.
  4. you keep saying CC isnt reliable which is incorrect. inconsistent? sure, overlap? sure because of accelerants 1-5 sec based on enemy type, and because of stun being overwritten by panic which is then overwritten by knockdown which means that while you are using her powers the enemy remains CCed by something unless they poise through it as seen with heavy gunners slam. as i said before embers damage type is sustained. the reason heat scales poorly against armor (because as ive said numerous times, heat wrecks non armor) it is an issue with the damage system. fact is ember can go past 40 quite easily with the use of her arsenal and her powers. people who ignore this fact are being disingenuous. ill repeat. could heat be better? could her powers be improved? yes. but people are overreacting as usual. her rework will come and people will like it or hate it. unless DE does something about armor there will be complaints no matter what. ill say it again. warframe is being balanced around star chart. the highest lvl star chart starts and ends at is 60-100. if people are looking to turn ember into mesa by making her into a frame that has to pay no attention to arsenal, no thanks. that is something i want to never see her become.
  5. this is a problem cause by DE making frames like mesa that dont even have to consider the rest of their arsenal. just spam powers, and in her case just press 4.
  6. this is my build. literally every frame in this game can go past 40. sortie which starts at 50 can be done by all. the only people who claim she cant go past 40 are the ones who rely solely on her powers as if that is how shes played. accelerant became the center of her kit the moment DE added it to her. trying to treat her as if all of her damage comes from only her powers means they dont know how she is played. Edit: its like saying banshee cant go past 40 because sound quake does low damage ignoring the fact that sonar can be modded for up to x10+ damage boost.
  7. if you cant do lvl 40 which is either 15min on sedna or pluto then you need to learn how to mod better. ember doesnt start having trouble until about 130.
  8. absolutely spot on Teridax. most of my time doing fissures is: wait to see if there is volt, wait to see if he is spamming speed, leave mission repeat process. its absolutely ridiculous. i will always be on the side that wants a change to rift mechanics. being shut off from enemies at limbos whims is just as ridiculous. no other multiplayer horde game i own or played even allows a character to exist with this kind of skill.
  9. thats how i play her now so if they moved to this id feel right at home.
  10. the one proposed by MyunhealthyHobby. imo i see ember having volcanic abilities so his fits the best in this. foxfx and other seem so intent that ember is a phoenix of sorts.
  11. one of the reasons i still play mass effect andromeda MP, killing floor 2, and considering redownloadng vermintide 2.
  12. defintely will have to see when her rework comes. some of the suggested reworks are not bad while others are a completely different frame altogether or just asking for ember to be saryn or mesa. the one complaint that will not go away is heat vs armor until DE does something about armor. they are more likely to cave in and give ember armor strip, and at that point ill make a thread asking armor strip to be added to all frames since they dont care to address core problems.
  13. i think wisp has spoiled alot of us with how she can use all her abilities while moving. this could be a QoL thing they start adding to more warframes not just ember. i think what people are also forgetting is that ember is not a spike damage frame. her DPS type is SUSTAINED which she does well enough and sure it could be better by adjusting heat damage which is less about ember and more about the damage system in the game.
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