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  1. the first weapons forma is first added then the second ones forma fills the remaining. forma and catalyst are part of progression thats like if DE changed the affinity system to: everytime you die you lose xp, and if you die enough you lose ranks. progress should always be maintained.
  2. i myself dont like the mechanic in the first place. there is no benefit to having a weapon lvl to 40. its padding. DE doesnt care too much if people skip grind (atleast some times they can be hypocritcal about it) since they offer rushing on crafting and to flat out buy weapons and warframes.
  3. its an example of how to not lose all forma. you could just keep all of them. try actually contributing.
  4. Weapon A (5 forma + catalyst) + Weapon B (0 forma) = Weapon C (forma/catalyst retained) Weapon A (2 forma) + Weapon B (5 forma + catalyst) = Weapon C the first 2 forma from weapon A are retained and the next 3 from weapon B are added (catalyst retained). forma and catalyst should never be lost. it is ridiculous to even allow it to be possible.
  5. both parties are at fault. valence fusion ui is trash. ive seen much better ui's for item fusion/transfer in many different games. DE took the laziest way out here. it should also not even be possible to lose both forma spent and catalyst. even if the user made the wrong combo forma and catalyst should transfer period.
  6. unless you consider yourself to be "people" i dont see how. i was making a statement about hypocrisy in the community.
  7. i didnt. people did in fact complain about being stuck in animation. i did as well and im glad its gone. when they added this garbage with old blood i cringed.
  8. doom popularized it, destiny 2 picked it up, then warframe picked it up. id rather it just go away. this is a loot shooter, not cutscene simulator. funny how people complained about being stuck in animation with old bladestorm and now want to return to that.
  9. when DE first launched kuva and rivens, i had said that it would have been nice if you could craft or upgrade weapons with kuva. ill say it again here. Kuva weapons should be upgraded with kuva. not random stat upgrade, not stat locking. a straight up upgrade like using Kuva as XP. on the subject of murmur, i wont reinstall WF until that patch rolls out and it is favorable. one of the behaviors i dislike about warframe is DE tries to make people into zombies.
  10. i think maybe its time DE remove polarity. forma/U. Forma can just add mod capacity (increased for U. Forma).
  11. i tend to agree with you most often monkey. but not here. im one for consistency and to me nothing was lost. i never noticed such a feature playing wukong. then again i dont use cloud walker as some kind of speed skill.
  12. if you are going to make a statement saying the people who work for DE are wrong. you bet you better have evidence to back it up.
  13. so peoples word. no actual video evidence? against the people who patch the game/write up the patch notes? i think ill hold any disbelief until they make a revision to the patch notes like they do when they make a mistake.
  14. Fixed toggle sprint carrying over into Wukong’s Cloud Walker (normal hold sprint did not). no. no i didnt. i dont use toggle sprint. also this brings it in line with hold sprint for consistency. wukong is a melee frame not a speed frame. cloud walker is still fast. still makes you invulnerable and still heals both you and wuclone. make up your minds. you want consistency or you dont.
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