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  1. EinheriarJudith

    Octavia, timing, and buffs...

    i for one dont like ability wheels. if the buffs are going to cycle they should cycle through its duration in some sort of way (could be through how the metronome plays out).
  2. EinheriarJudith

    Octavia's song switchings

    nah the biggest problem with octavia is that gimmick of performing actions to the beat. it is something i hope they change at some point.
  3. EinheriarJudith

    Revenant, The True Eidolon Warframe (Rework idea)

    truth. imo im ok with 2 abilities being usable at all times and 2 being used in specific situations. there is no need whatsoever for all 4 abilities to be used at all times. im on the side of disliking power spam.
  4. id keep it in the event they buff it. look at torid. it used to have very poor firerate and very poor reload. if opticor charge time was reduced or even removed it would definitely be a MR14 weapon.
  5. EinheriarJudith

    Revenant, The True Eidolon Warframe (Rework idea)

    while i actually like rev and his kit, i think it still needs some tweaks like: AOE not bleeding through mesmer skin. either remove ally FF from enthrall or killing thralls summon vomvalyst that scale off PWR STR and primary mods, id change his passive to: when he would be dealt lethal damage he changes to ghost form for ?? secs and then just add whatever to get his body back. if its too over the top well thats what balancing is for ^_^.
  6. EinheriarJudith

    harrow rework?

    the team augment mods would be better if they were a PBAOE having to target players just to buff them while they are zipping about is just ridiculous. they could all take a page from the book known as Flash Accelerant.
  7. EinheriarJudith

    harrow rework?

    my fav weapon to use with harrow (that compliments him extremely) is amprex. crit chaining death weapon especially in his hands. he does not need a rework at all. id check your playstyle because it might.
  8. EinheriarJudith

    Revenant's abilities could easily be better

    joints are a problem? my fully modded rubico prime is all i need for joints (non riven rubico prime btw) he doesnt need to bring anything to the fight when he keeps vomvalyst dead and can literally ignore eidolon magnetic shout without needing to swap to operator/run out of range. i dont stick to meta which is a problem with these kinds of fights. eidolon fights can literally be done with any frame thanks to operator god mode.
  9. EinheriarJudith

    Revenant's abilities could easily be better

    i would like to see DM be made to have the coverage of a sphere just like the battalyst laser drone.
  10. EinheriarJudith

    Revenant's abilities could easily be better

    Revenant was designed to fight eidolons. he does not take magnetic procs from the water. mesmer skin makes him immune to tera, hydo, (forgot the third ones name) magnetic shout, and can kill vomvalysts with DM (not make them ghost, kill).
  11. EinheriarJudith


    id definitely be on the side of link and bless getting increased durations in light of what shattershield, and splinterstorm are. well of life definitely needs something and ive always said just make it pulse heal like energy vampire. i like trinity's kit. i like it because it isnt instant press death, and it allows me to be a full support class and focus on using guns to kill. too many frames focus on power spam and im glad trinity isnt one of them.
  12. EinheriarJudith

    Request to take away stasis on kubrow and kavat

    i agree stasis needs to go. they can just have whichever companion you have equip sandbox around the ship and when no kavat or kubrow is equip then the spot is empty. or they can just have a selector for having a pet sandbox around the ship like cosmetic.
  13. EinheriarJudith

    Sentinels Unable to Use Companion Mods

    keep dying? if people watched their pets health bar and melee occasionally they would never go down. with high armor frames good luck downing them.
  14. EinheriarJudith

    Sentinels Unable to Use Companion Mods

    sentinels are already inferior to Moa's.both kubrow and kavats have access to hunter recovery which heals the warframe faster and for far more then medi ray.not to mention kubrow and kavat still have access to pack leader. sentinels having atleast the link mods will in no way make kubrow/kavat inferior.
  15. EinheriarJudith

    Fixing Mesa

    try to take away peoples aimbot and they will just be mad. a viral spec regulator pistols will just destroy anything it touches and people know this. aimbot gimmick needs to go.