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  1. path of exile is the only recent place i saw great pet AI. with the introduction of the new pet gems that let you set them to defend or aggressive, it really made necro broken. both nekros and revenant need really badly.
  2. do you even hear yourself? this is an mulitplayer/coop game. 1 person should not be able to do the job of 4 people leaving the other 3 with not much else to do than picking up loot. i think its you who has not a clue about how multiplayer mechanics work. its funny you suggest working against a team memeber just to have something to do. you obviously have nothing of any kind of importance to add.
  3. that isnt a compromise. you not only want to strip armor but pull it down to where a few proc and its gone. that is unbalanced. heat already deals a crazy amount of damage to red HP on top of its CC. few weapons have corrosive or viral as its base damage (wonder why plague kripath is so broken?). you can already achieve a corrosive/viral spec.
  4. i agreed many saryn threads ago. its not just a saryn problem though. AOE skills can be lethal without killing the map. pablo over buffed. damaging aoe powers in general need a range nerf. this includes octavia, equinox, volt to name a few. Edit: adding LoS will go a long way.
  5. this line right here is ridiculous. as long as this game has the tag multiplayer or even online coop, it has to have balance passes regardless of being PVP or PVE. this is not a single player game.
  6. its literally in the OP's post. he wants heat to halve armor like viral does to HP. i didnt say it didnt make sense i also know everything has a melting point. heat does not need this at all. use corrosive or viral. heat needs its DoT damage to increase with its duration or for the highest application of it to overwrite weaker ones or both.
  7. corrosive already strips armor and viral already halves HP. there is absolutely no reason for heat to do either of these things.
  8. i like option 1. there is no need for option 2 but they could increase the base multiplier to x2.
  9. the way they can fix heat procs is to have it intensify depending on its duraiton on the enemy. armor stripping needs to stop so DE can fix armor scaling.
  10. exactly. they said it in one of the devs streams while talking about overheat that they didnt want her to have DR, then go on to give it back to her lol. avoidance is the name of their game as i said previously. they are slamming DR into frames hoping it will allow them to not look at the core problem. Edit: a list of frames so we are clear on this. Gara: launched with DR Nidus: launched with DR Mesa: launched with DR Gauss: launched with DR Nezha: changed from damage avoidance to DR Garuda: launched with frontal DR Trinity: launched with DR Baruuk: launched with DR Equinox: launched with DR
  11. id make the tentacles grab and hold them in place (no ragdoll), allowing players to shoot the enemy or tentacle to deal damage. dead bodies drop to the ground allowng them to grab and hold more enemies. while storing the damage already absorbed from gunfire for its duration.
  12. she didn't need a way past armor. they need to fix armor scale so people don't need things like x4 CP or armor strip in powers. they need to fix OHKO so people don't need things like 90% DR. adaptation was a bandaid, and they still need to do more about shields. i heavily dislike the after effect that when gauge is full drains all energy so you have to spam fireblast to not be empty. all it does is force playstyle, and like i said make you micromanage. gauss came with it so i can understand, but ember didn't, and doesn't need it at all. I, like you, think it should just boost damage and efficiency while also changing the effects of her other skills or be more along the line of Saryn's counter or Nidus's counter. im not a fan of unreliable buffing (wish they would do something about eclipse). atleast with gauss there is no threat of complete loss of damage reduction after redline. their iteration of this heat gauge is pretty much overheat 2.0: gauss edition. all this move to power spam is just bad. i myself have grown tired of it. i dont craft weapons to not use them.
  13. as we discussed in other threads i actually like current ember. the heat gauge is just more micromanagement that doesnt need to be there. also it comes with a ridiculous negative. one that i wouldnt take over world on fire's channel drain. wukong had only one viable skill and that was defy. i was one of the few that didnt speak against his rework. i knew it was going to be good. embers? they removed accelerant for armor strip and DR? but kept fireblast? ridiculous. all i see in embers rework is avoidance. that is what DE is now. "lets avoid having to pay attention to the core problem". its just another and thats sad. add armor strip and DR to the frame design recipe. so fricken stale its unbelievable.
  14. but whipclaw, shattered lash, and landslide are nukes. blazing chakram is not. Edit: im in full agreement though it needs better tracking. it really does, but damage is something it doesn't need more of.
  15. my misundertanding sorry. thought you meant turn it into an exalted weapon which my opinion would still be no thanks for the reason ive given. chakram already deals alot of damage with reaping chakram + his 4. unlike shattered lash, whipclaw, and landslide, it also makes enemies take more damage, and drops health orbs with a chance to drop energy orbs. its not the same kind of skill as the others. its a support skill that has a damage component. Edit: all the charge does is make it punchthrough with slight damage increase
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