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Revenant quest should automatically progress after building parts.


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You guys really messed up the Revenant quest.

At no point does the game make it clear that you have to go back to Orbiter and click the quest menu to make the quest advance after making the Revenant parts.

May I ask why?

After fumbling around in the dark on the plains for half an hour trying to figure out why I couldn't get the waypoint or the spot to activate. I go back to my ship and see that I had to activate the next step myself. Now it's day time and I have to sit on my hands for 90 minutes while I wait for your idiotic day/night cycle to pass because god forbid I don't get anything done when I need it done, right? I might not give you guys money I don't have to buy Revenant, right?

Seriously, fix this. It's inexcusable. 😠

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