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Hi Tenno, Hi DE

There was few time ago, i was a poor beginner player, and i bought for exemple Saryn Deluxe SKIN, and not the whole bundle

And i get an idea. Now i'm a veteran, with lot of plat to waste in cosmetic, syandana, sugatra etc.
BUT, if i got somethings who it's in a bundle, without bought the whole bundle, price dont change


Now, i would like buy theses special weapon-syndana-sugatra-sigil "Bundle only" for completed my collection. That why i still play after almost ended the actual contain.
It's my opinions, but it should be nice to change that, and doing a " prorata "


If i got one or more thing in, the bundle, idk why i should pay twice a full price bundle for only a sugatra. I would like get a cheaper price !

What do you think about my idea ?

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Yeah some of weapons skin are ugly or arent my kind / favorite theme, sugatra are useless but Warframe has a big side "gatcha game," and collec everything for the podedex-codex.
As i said, i my objectiv ATM is farm for get all theses skin, syndana etc.
But i think it's stupid that a full bundle cost 200
Warframe deluxe skin = 165
Then after is you want skin weapon and Sugatra or syndana, you dont have to pay 35 but again 200. But i already got the big part (skin) for 165)
Then it's a 200 platinium sugatra
I know it's a usefull tech for oblige player to take full bundle, DE need money for pay dev, but as my opînion it's stupid
For exemple, League of legends is also a F2P game, with a pay to fast side, and pay to skin.
But if you get 50% of a bundle, you dont pay the full price, only 50 or 60/75 % bc it's exclusif contain from the bundle. but never 100% with in the bundle price, the price of what you already got

I just find this is not logic, and would know if DE, one day will apply a kind of prorata

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