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Players need to know about that Bounty bug....



That when your objective is to kill for credits and the credit counter doesnt change from zero. The mission is still working.

You just need to do it as normal and whenever you reach 3000 credits the mission will be successful.

The counter although sometimes breaks and shows 0/3000.

People leave instantly and it kinda ruins everyone run!

Hang one some time and you will get rewarded for beeing patient once for a while!

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Perhaps I was unlucky or they've since hotfixed this issue (partially).  Every time this has happened to me I was playing solo and only needed 1000 credits. The counter would stick at and I'd spend half an hour killing enemies with 4 active reinforcement beacons and never   completed that bounty stage.  Since then I've always left mission.


Admittedly, though, that was at, maybe, hotfix 2.

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