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ART DUMP: 3 Weapon Ideas


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This is my first Art Dump For Warframe Weapons!


It's a corpus auto-rifle that's really pretty much a continuous laser stream gun, that's very powerful and can disintegrate enemies, turning them to dust or complete nothingness. Let's just hope a Tenno doesn't find a way to make this.


A really strong grineer machine gun, that also has explosive bullets that pierces into the flesh of enemies, and once that enemy health deletes, they go BOOM! Causing an AOE Blast Damage of a few feet. Let's just hope a Tenno doesn't find a wat to make this.


This is a tenno-made weapon by one of the great Tenno forge-masters that instead killed for the orokin, created stronger weaponry for the tenno and orokin. Strangely this weapon feels like it gets stronger a little bit every kill, but after a while of no killing, it goes back to it's original strength. Very strange, indeed.

I'll be making individual posts for these weapons later on with stats and stuff so don't worry.

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Discharge a continuous stream of atom-splitting plasma, tearing anything anew; either into dust or complete nothingness." 

Stats:(Subject To Change)

Trigger: Automatic

Accuracy: 100%

Crit Chance: 20%

Status Chance: 30%

Crit Multiplier: 2.5x

Magazine Size: 200

Max Magazine: 800

Reload Speed: 2 secs

Punch-Through: Innate


Radiation: 35

Special Trait: Melodic Ray

The longer you hold down the trigger the more it get stronger; after passing the 100 clip left mark or half the clip, all the elemental damage in this weapon doubles, so let's say this is a corrosive build with 500 corrosive damage, after half the clip, it'll be then 1,000 corrosive damage. After the 50 clip left mark or 3/4 of the clip, the damage will double again so 1,000 corrosive damage to then 2,000 corrosive damage, all while not letting that button go! (Yes, I know this could be broken AF, but heck why not right?) 

From the makers of the Dera comes the latest breakthrough Corpus technology: The Influx-Surge. Here are the three most frequently asked questions we get about our new revolutionary weapon.

Q. If the weapon fires a matter-altering plasma, does it need ammo?

A. It doesn't need bullets, but need ammo packs, so the inboard matter transmuter can turn it into electrical energy to power the weapon.

Q. What happens if it backfires?

A. Trust us, the finalized product won't backfire; we've lost many good guys to make sure this weapon won't hurt yourself, their sacrifices won't be in vain. *sobs*. Oh poor Bob.

Q. If I use this on my annoying boss, will it leave anything and how fast will it kill him?

A. Uhhh, well um, it'll disintegrate his entire body so most likely there will be nothing of him left, as well it most likely kill him in a second. You know what, we here at Ox Solomon, encourage you to take as much opportunities that this weapon help presents!

Questionnaires(All-together):THANK YOU!!!









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"Everyone just wants to rest in their field of dreams, after passing their stage of meaningless coil, but only after a explosive performance of beautiful, skewing blood  EVERYWHERE"

Stats:(Subject To Change)

Trigger: Automatic

Accuracy: (IDK)

Crit Chance: 5%

Status Chance: 40%

Crit Multiplier: 1.5x

Magazine Size: 11

Max Magazine: 275

Reload Speed: 3 secs


Impact: 75

Puncture: 150

Slash: 32.5

Special Trait: Implosive Rounds

This weapon fires slow almost making it feels like a semi-automatic weapon, but it's not, you can hold the weapon down. When all eleven bullets are inside an enemy that hasn't initially died from the regular bullets, they will cause an implosion, which is an explosion inside the enemy, which will also cause lot's of damage, an forced proc of all the elemental statuses in your weapon, so it's 100% chance with the implosion, and finally if the enemy dies from the implosion, it will cause an 5m blast AOE. The amount of damage caused by the implosion depends on the individual damage dealt by each bullet, so if you shoot an enemy with lots of crits or not that damage is stored inside the enemy, and then bursts out in the implosion. EX. 1000 each shot, implosion will = 11,000 damage. (Yes, I KNOW this can be absolutely broken AF, but (once again) WHY TF NOT!)

"Cap, i'm sending a blueprint for a new weapon by Clem"

"Oh my god, that damn madman is actually a GENIUS!"




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"The colluders were to worried what would happen to the empire if they killed me; even that damned Ballas. I am and will even in death, be the worshiped emperor of my people; and the venerable crowds would not suffer my passing. My edict was banishment."

Stats:(Subject To Change)

Trigger: Semi-Automatic

Accuracy: (IDK)

Crit Chance: 35%

Status Chance: 25%

Crit Multiplier: 2.2x

Magazine Size: 10

Max Magazine: 70

Reload Speed: 2 secs


Impact: 46.2

Puncture: 9.9

Slash: 9.9

Special Trait(S):

Speed Boost: Your warframe's speed gains a .5 boost.

Frenzy: A head-shot kill with this weapon increases it's damage by 25%. You can keep it's bonus and increase it by getting more head-shot kills; this stacks up to 100% more damage which is 4 consistent head-shot kills, also it will slowly diminish if you don't get another head-shot kill in a few seconds time; as well as interrupting the kill spree with a normal(non-head-shot) kill. The damage bonus will also go away once you reload.

Head-Hunter: Every head-shot kill returns the bullet shot.

Desperado: A head-shot kill will decrease the reload time by a sec(Doesn't Stack). Bonus goes away once you reload. 

"The colluders came by the dawn of midnight, lurking into my palace while we wassailed. Ballas himself led the plot, and it was by his own Myriad that we were arrested.

Imagine my surprise to see the Envoy waltz into my palace so bloated with vanity. He took vile amusement flinging sputum in my face. We were polliwogs advancing to the Colossus under the cover of dark.

There was to be no beheading; Ballas and the Envoy feared the crowds. They knew how delicate their grip on power would be, and how the people adored their emperor.

Ballas dared not look me in the eye. What was the emotion on his face? Was it stigma? How could he bear such disdain for one who had been as a father to him?

We were contained within the Colossus and banished into the furthest reaches of space, left to the same end I had decided for the Envoy so long ago. We were left to perish.



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Hi this is my second art dump for warframe weapons; hope you enjoy!

1. Bitter-Benevolence(Top-Left):

It's another corpus laser gun, but this time instead of radiation as it's element, like my other corpus laser weapon from my first art dump, this will be cold-based; so like a freeze ray gun. Also this weapon is also manufactured by the same weapon creators of the Dera, and Influx-Surge; Ox Solomon.

2. Dye(Top-Right):

A very bloody weapon indeed. Legend says, that the one who created and used the weapon first, was a vengeful Tenno whose friends and allies were wiped out in a mission apparently; and he was the only one left alive.

3. Sourdough(Bottom-Left):

This is actually a replica of an extremely old Tenno grenade launcher; probably dated back to the Orokin Age and rise of the Tenno. Whoever created this weapon sure has a knack for AESTHETIC and FASHION.

I will be making individual posts for these weapons later with stats and stuff, so don't worry!

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22 hours ago, (PS4)stormfalcon2018 said:

Yeah these give off a destiny 1&2 vibe, were these inspired by destiny exotics.

YES THEY ARE!! I was hoping someone would find out soon enough, but I really like destiny weapon designs. They're just more interesting than most guns in the shooter-genre, while at the same time give off the distinction of a gun. But, yes they are inspired by destiny weapons. 

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1 hour ago, (PS4)BestinClassXP said:

YES THEY ARE!! I was hoping someone would find out soon enough, but I really like destiny weapon designs. They're just more interesting than most guns in the shooter-genre, while at the same time give off the distinction of a gun. But, yes they are inspired by destiny weapons. 

Well i do have a destiny warframe crossover idea that contains a warframe, weapons, sentinel, and quest. Check it out if you want.


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