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Tranq Rifle - Purchasable upgrades


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The Tranq rifle only costs 500 standing and gives a solid basic hunting gun.
However it only has one shot, its slow to reload and many more. Why not make it like the Synthesis Scanners?

Allow us to purchase upgrades from The Business for standing and animal tags.

  1. Hunter's Scope
    Adds a sniper scope to the rifle and allows it to shoot more precise
  2. Penetrating Needle
    Allows to ignore armored animals protection (e.g. Bolarola)
  3. Tracking-Chip
    Highlights the tracks from further away and in a more visible way
  4. Silencer
    Turns the rifle silent and prevents it from alarming nearby enemies and animals.
  5. Self-reloading Clip
    Tranq rifle does not need to be reloaded anymore but instead just has a low fire-rate of 0,5/s.

Of course these above are just examples of what I personally would like!
I have read a thread earlier about why people cheese the hunts with Equinox.
My opinion is: Its cheesed because the rifle is trash without upgrades.

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Been thinking about the very same idea.

Maybe mods for the tranq rifle, or a second version for 5000 standing, that doesn't break stealth.
Now that Ivara's sleep arrow only yields a good capture, she deserves something to fit her style.

And Biz could maybe offer more powerful tranq darts.
Since Kubrodons and a few others require more than 1 dart.
These could also be sold like bait, for standing.
The higher dose then makes 1 dart be enough, as an alarmed animal allready breaks perfect captures most of the time anyway.

And to prevent them from being abused, these carry a higher dose for putting an animal to sleep.
So using these higher dose darts on pobbers/virmink, kills them due to getting too powerful sedatives, injected.

Those darts could be equipped/unequipped on the fly, like bait/pheromones.
To prevent accidents, or forcing players to return to Fortuna for a loadout change.

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