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Navigation console causing extreme lag and freezes


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I spent the best part of an hour last night sitting with my router settings and forwarding the ports needed through my firewall and setting things up so Warframe had all the network access it needs outside of uPnP settings.

I did this as since Fortuna has gone live, everytime I click my navigation console the game either stutters or freezes for anything ranging between 5 seconds and one minute. It has never done this before now. I can only assume this has something to do with my clicking on Navigation creating a Game session or a Party preemptively before me starting a mission. I make this assumption on the grounds that if I set my profile to Solo play I experience exactly zero problems again. I also see direct correlation between Fortuna being release and a MASSIVE increase in player volume as before now, Baro would cause junctions to rise anywhere between 5 to 20 lobbies and Cetus / Plains would hover around that mark too at its busiest. But since "Fortuna", Fortuna / Orb Valis numbers have quadrupled those lobby amounts and clearly with that increase so have all other nodes in the system. Am I wrong here? Is there more I can do? Or is it that DE need to up the servers again to house us all?

Any suggestions or help is welcome, please ask what you will or tell me what you need. Thank you ❤️

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