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Future Dojo addition ideas


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As a Warlord of my clan my personal favourite aspect is building up the Dojo it's something I really enjoy doing and I have a list of various addition I'd like to see in the future.

1: a lab or trophy room of sorts to display our frames (iron man style)

2: a hanger to display our various orbiters

3: Archwing training course (or perhaps even allow the observatory roof to open to allow us to fly about a small sandbox area of space)

5: Animal kennels to see them run around in (I understand this is probably not possible)

6: A foundry within our Dojo so we can build things within there (I know this one isn't needed but it's a personal pet peeve of mine)

7: Aquarium to display the fish we catch (I know we get one on our ship, however having an entire room dedicated to it in the Dojo would not only look nice but would allow more of a purpose for the fish we catch from plains and Fortuna)

8: A bar\Recreation facility (not a necessary feature but it'd be a fun facility to have

9: A Digital library (my idea for this would be a room with interactive holographic shelves that contain each and ever piece of lore you come across that you can read at your discretion, it would always update each time you scanned a new in game item, it would basically work as the codex but in the Dojo)


I hope you like the idea of these features please feel free to chat with me about them and add your own ideas I'd love to hear them 🙂

Have a good one fellow Tenno.





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