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Twitch Prime Weapon Bundle not received


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I havent received the Twitch Prime Weapon Bundle on my Switch Account. Is this not supposed to be working?

best regards


I tried:

-unlinking and linking again

-unlinking and linking a new twitch prime account and THEN claim the rewards again

nothing works 😞 like everyone else I received only the trinity bundle but not the weapons bundle.

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Same here, got the Trinity Prime bundle, but not the weapon bundle. 

Both have been claimed properly, with the same account, in quick succession.

The Trinity Prime bundle was delivered instantly yesterday, after waiting a night and trying again this morning, the weapons bundle is still missing.

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Ah, kind of comforting to know that it's not just me -- just adding to the chorus, I've had the same experience (linked my Twitch Prime and Warframe accounts, claimed both Prime bundles, received only the Trinity bundle but not the weapons bundle).

(Also, just because I hate a bug report being my first post, Warframe on Switch is fantastic so far. It's totally stolen my Thanksgiving weekend.)

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