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Kitgun Drakh Master bug


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If a Drakh Master steals your Kitgun with his boomerang, the Kitgun is lost indefinitely. This happens for both hosts and regular players, no pick up prompt appears, no weapon appears on the ground. The minimap pick-up marker only appears for players not using Kitguns. This happens consistently when Drakh Masters disarm you.

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Update on the glitch: 
It is possible to pick up the kitgun when you get disarmed, there's no prompt though. So you have to memorize the position of the Drakh Master when he disarms you. It works almost all the times, except on slopes. Then the kitgun might glitch out and drop below the floor? Maybe? 

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Ticket: #1602365

This issue still triggers.

Lua - Plato

Recently, there was a fix for this.

Today, a Drahk master disarmed my kitgun (first time one does it to me).
And appearently, there is still a chance, to lose said kitgun for the remainder of the mission.

Nothing was seen on the floor, though the indicator clearly pointed it out.
Moving a distance away, did not solve the issue.
The kitgun was unable to be recovered, despite all efforts made.
No prompt to pick it up, was showing up either.

Most likely, still reproducible, despite the fix.
Or perhaps it clipped under the floor.
The EE.log and metadata screenshots hopefully, will shed some clarity on the situation.




Replicated the issue.
Let a Drahk Master disarm my kitgun.
The results where 100% the same.

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