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K Drive Mission Types and Game Modes


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First off, I want to address the fact that not many people like archwing. In my experience, the only reason we've ran the missions is for MR fodder and completionist reasons. In my experience, most people only use them to get from point A to B in the open worlds. That being said, I propose DE scrap the archwing missions and implement K-Drive mission types and gamemodes. Mission types could be delivery type missions that amount to "the floor is lava" situations where using hoverboards is justified vs. running/sprinting/etc. As far as game modes, this is yet again something to bring Conclave back to life some day lol. For this, I suggest race modes and trick events. I know this might not seem like much to some people, but goddamnit I love my board! Any input would be appreciated. Figure enough feedback will at least get DE to look at this.

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