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Pax Seeker lack of consistency


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Arcane's projectiles dealing fixed damage types (puncture and slash) make us mod this Kitguns in a really weird way. I mean i'm kind of confused when i have to add slash damage mod on my Catchmoon (dealing no slash damage) to only increase my arcane projectiles. For the sake of consistency a weapon should be modded for its innate abilities, not its arcanes only - It also means that innate puncture and slash Kitguns benefit more from such arcane and that +Slash Catchmoon rivens would be meta even if this weapon doesn't deal a single slash damage - Looks like a weird niche resulting from a real lack of consistency here.

There's something really wrong with that and it doesn't make much sense to me. Will this arcane be debugged or change again ? Arcane projectiles damage type could be your Kitgun more dominant types (50% impact and fire with a basic Catchmoon for example), it would make more sense and thus we could choose which kind of homing bullets we need.

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There is nothing wrong with that.
This is how Arcanes are designed. They work better on somethings than on other things.

For example the Arcane Trickery Enhancement makes you invisible when you perform a finisher.
If you use this Arcane on a Warframe that is unable to open up enemies to finishers, the Arcane is almost useless.
On Warframes like Ash, Inaros, Equinox or Excal, this Arcane is insanely good.

This has nothing to do with consistency.

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