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Dear DE spawns and Surrvival extractions.

(XBOX)Aquarii Ptosi

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So I would like to make this very short and very simple 


I know power leveling isnt best for the game but when done without a nuke frame it's really not that bad just play the game(hydron ect) normally but as someone who really hates how easy you make the new player experience (because I'm not a new player and there's nothing for me) can we have difficulty settings or something modify enemy spawns? 

For instance 

Joins a pub with a lvl 0 WF with intent on going 20 waves to max said frame.

I need 4 people (which I prefer solo) to gain maximum spawns to achieve a 0-30 run in 20/25 waves (10 or 15 if your titania but honestly who plays her? 😅😢) my issue outside of needing 3 other people to gain moderate spawns (since you changed how solo play worked way back when) is beyond tedious and outside of my comfort zone and playstyle and I'm sure I'm not the only one who likes to be an oscar and play solo non stop to avoid people. 


So can we please have a way to retain enemy spawn counts even if that random player(s) (because MR25s do it too)  leaves like have our setting on hard and that will only join us with other people playing on hard so that we all basically agree that when one of us leaves we dont want the scales down version.

Less enemies has always felt antiquated in a shoot like this for me so I really really would enjoy to get my levels with randoms that I dont have to ask to stay.


Secondly For the love of god lol.

Please please please give us separate survival extractions please. Especially with arbitrations have the absolute worst spawn basically mandating I have to play on pub for a decent experience but then get forced out at wave 20 it's really painful.


I was trying to test my gear in a 2hr+ arb and was forced out when everyone but inaros died and he couldn't just let himself die to extract that way he had to take me with him even tho we agreed at the begin. I got booted out at wave 70 and he did nothing but leach anyway.

Man I could really go deep into this but please give us the option to get 4 player spawns when doing solo and give us the option to extract solo on survival 

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i made a thread a long time ago about how they could go about increasing spawn rate. Shadow warrior 2 allows people to increase difficulty by setting it higher and by simulating a full squad to increase spawn.

i really hate how in survival enemies spawn in other rooms and when you go into the other rooms they are in unalerted state. spawn mechanic should be replaced with onslaught spawning mechanic where they will spawn regardless of where you are. either add spectres to increase spawn or give us a drop down for x2 x3 modifier so we can chose how much or less we want.

i dont want new content, i just want the content we have to be in better shape. exterminate still has the spawning issue of enemies spawning late a old problem that still has not been fixed.

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