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New bounty types


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Lets come up with some new bounty types for the Orvalis and cetus that the devs could potentially create/use. 

An Idea I had for a fortuna bounty was a hostage situation race. So the corpus will have take one of the people from fortuna hostage but do to the corpus gambling habit we're able to make a wager with them for the hostage if we win a K-Drive race we get the hostage back if we lose well (rip hostage) and the people of fortuna are working overtime or something. Now you might be like we have four players that wouldn't work and how do we know the corpus will keep their word so maybe while one player completes the race there are 3 points (based on # of squad members) where the other tenno have to set up some kind of insurance incase they don't keep their word, this could be three different terminals to hack for info that we could leak or this could be a threat to blow up the coolant volcano things. There would be three methods to fail this bounty either not getting everything you need to keep them truthful at the end of the race or the obvious one losing the race, the last method would be if we attempted to cheat with arch, falling off the board shouldn't fail you because you would already be behind in the race because of it.This would be cool cause you could split up roles and who does the K drive race could be who ever meets up with the corpus guy first.


Bounty Idea number two gathering enemies for a k bomb we go around causing controlled caos in select area that for enemies to all gather in one location for a k bomb death party. It would be cool if they had tons of enemies roaming the streets of the orvalis as they go to the gathering point. They could also make this stealth based so if you get spotted or caught before they gathered they dont go to the point and you fail. 

These are two ideas I had would love feedback on those but the main goal of the post is to create ideas so what do you think would be cool potential bounties to add more diversity to the bounty system. 

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