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So i got an idea of a new companion, which would be an operative from a syndicate (example defects, crewmen and such) as a reward for joining them.
They would act similiarly to umbra and could be equiped with one weapon, either primary, secondary or melee, they could have a special mod like the moas/pets have and they could be customizable, it could also be a new open world feature, where you buy a crew contract, customize their armor (which defines their abilities and stats), for example there would be a part that defines what their mod is, for defects prosthetics, crewmen backpacks and such, this could also really work well for Railjack, as having crew walking around the ship helping you board and such, i mainly post this because i really wanna see some sort of unique companion, and the other factions enemies being customizable. 

Edit: Operatives (red veil, new loka, arbiters of hexis and suda) could be more mobile crew. Defects (Steel meridian) could be more armored crew and Crewmen (Perrin sequence) could be more strong with weaponry

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1 hour ago, (PS4)Ghost--00-- said:

Meh, i feel like specters of warframes fulfil this desire for a soldier like companion. Just kinda wishe they were customizable so we'd be matching

Also the spectres really dont do much except ospreys and moa, others just shoot, not much usefulness, But nullifier crew for example

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