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Second Cinematic Zoomout


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In the second cinematic of every game, the one where you can see the Tennos landing on the floor, it would be really nice if the screen stopped zooming out before some surface got in the way. It happens just about every time (especially if there are many players) and is really annoying - exactly because it's such a cool scene, seeing all the different Tennos with different loadouts and colors, and that being cut because of some stupid surface.


Also, on a more demanding note, it would be very cool if there were more variations on that cutscene, like them coming out from the floor (the first one punching the frame upwards), from some whole on the side, kicking a door open... I don't know. Having some perform some Warframe specific move would also be REALLY cool, like Mag opening a gate through magnetic control.


Just some thoughts! =D

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