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Adjust the order of fishing items.


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When Fortuna opened, I have not purchased Peram Spear yet. 
Instead, I bought Shockprod first. 
Now when I use the 1 button to switch Fishing Spear. 
The Shockprod stuck between Tulok and Peram. 
This does not affect the game but it is very frustrating. 
I like things to be neatly arranged. 
I have tried sell, buy back Shockprod and Peram. but the order didn't change. 
Is there any way I can change the order?XofcSR3seYaVAFCEuEdIyzyA8?token=eyJhbGci

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Yeah, I can see how this could be really annoying.

FWIW, at least for Fortuna Bait, using them all up and then buying them in the order you want works,
but still, a manual sorting option for these separate gear wheels (and a drag & drop feature for the main one) would be nice.

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