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✨ Baros Backyard Sales ✨ 41 godly and demi-godly rivens for 34 diffrent weapons! Ѽ NEW TODAY: Akjagara (+dmg +ms +toxin -fr), Daikyu (+cc +cd +fs -zoom) and unrolled: Pyrana (+ms +cc +sc -zoom), Paris (+ms +cd -zoom), Twin Vipers (+dmg +ms +recoil) +2more

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Catchmoon Grades:



Price: 4k


All weapons that are part of the collection:
Ack & Brunt, Akjagara, Akmagnus, Akstilleto, Akvasto, Amprex, Arca Scisco, Catchmoon, Cernos, Daikyu, Dokrahm, Dread, Gram, Gunsen, Knell, Latron, Lecta, Mewan, Opticor, Paris, Phage, Plague Kripath, Pyrana, Quartakk, Rabvee, Sepfahn, Soma, Stradavar, Strun, Synapse, Tiberon, Tombfinger, Twin Vipers, Vectis

All rivens listed:


Ack & Brunt Tempi-croniata 1k
Akjagara Sati-toxiata 3.5k
Akmagnus Crita-hexacan 3k
Akstilleto Visi-hexadra 500
Akvasto Visi-lexican 3k
Amprex Sati-acridex 1k
Arca Scisco Hexa-acrican 1.5k
Catchmoon Visi-concican 4k
Cernos Sati-concicron 1.5k
Daikyu Conci-acricron 1.5k
Dokrahm Critadra 1k
Dokrahm Locti-cronitis 3k
Dread Visi-satitis 2.5k
Gram Locti-critatis 3.5k
Gunsen Acri-gelicron 500
Knell Hexa-critacan 1k
Latron Visi-hexacan 1.5k
Lecta Toxi-loctiata 500
Mewan Vexi-acricron 500
Opticor Visi-critacan 4k
Paris Satitis 1k
Phage Hexa-satinok 2.5k
Phage Visi-critatis 1k
Plague Kripath Crita-toxitor 1k
Pyrana Hexa-saticron 1.5k
Quartakk Saticron 500
Rabvee Acri-critatio 500
Sepfahn Loctiata 1k
Soma Lexi-critaata 500
Stradavar Sati-toxiata 1.5k
Strun Sati-toxiata 4k
Synapse Saticron 1k
Tiberon Hexa-acrican 2k
Tiberon Visi-hexanok 1k
Tombfinger Sati-critatis 6k
Twin Vipers Crita-satidex 3k
Twin Vipers Satiata 1k
Vectis Hexa-visicron 1.5k
Vectis Visi-critatis 5k
Vectis Visican 1k
Vectis Visicron 1k

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