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Forest/jungle Environement


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I love the idea.... maybe a space colony, jungle sandbox huge map, with special kind of missions that requires stealth, ambush, tactics, take advantage of the environment, with enemies that are actually dangerous and hard to fight, which requires coop, if you rush like an id!ot you die... with special rewards for completing, being stealthy and so...

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I was about to post this. What if the planets have their own theme? Like this can be earth since it is suitable. Ruins/ crater on secret etc

Yes. I would loooove realistic-ish planets.

Mercury- Huge Grineer geothermal plants among rivers of lava and electrical storms.

Venus- Corpus outposts, but you know, on Venus.


Earth- A mix of Grineer sky scrapers and jungle ruins.

Mars- Fine as snow outposts. With a terraformed atmosphere mars would probably be cold and snowy.

Phobos- would probably work better as Mars, but whatever. Fine as is, space!magic and all that.

Jupiter- apparently becoming Orokin ruins soon, so that's good news.

Saturn- Grineer Aerostats. Basically huge blimp-like colonies hanging out at upper cloud level.

Sedna- Grineer ice caverns (like in the Vor story trailer)

Uranus- More Aerostats.

Europa- Underwater Corpus base and Ice Crawlers. Ice crawlers would be huge slow moving H3 mining complexes, and you could fight Raptor on top of one :)

And what a view!


Neptune- The next big Corpus tileset is going here.

Eris- Infested hive tunnels.

Ceres- As is. Nothing but Galleons and mining stations.

Pluto- Spaceships and Ice crawlers.

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