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  1. I am buying the following captura scenes for the following offers. *Prices determined by estimated difficulty to obtain the required syndicate standing.* Lotus Chamber, Silver Grove, Lua Nursery - 25p each Lunaro - 40p Onkko's Command Post - 50p If you have any of these and are willing to sell, please pm or friend me in-game. Thank you.
  2. There are a few funky things going on with some of the dojo decorations. The hanging cobwebs have a visible, translucent sort of background mesh that should be transparent, so instead of just seeing the web, you now see these big rectangles that they're attached to. The embers flowing don't look quite right. They're sort of...unidirectional, when they used to swirl about in circular motions. One of my heat distortions decided to turn itself off for no apparent reason. And the cherry tree branch has a constantly flowing texture as if it came into contact with the Shimmer from Annihilation. That's all I noticed for now. Seems like recent updates have caused some sort of cascade failure in the decorations. EDIT: Idk, the embers flowing seem fine, now. Reloading the dojo seemed to fix it. Perhaps that was a one-time glitch. The cobwebs and tree branches are definitely whacked, though. RE-EDIT: The cobwebs seem fine, now, as well. I don't recall seeing anything about them in any patch notes, but they look okay. They seem to have fixed themselves. *Shrug* I dunno--ghosts in the machine? But the Annihilation shimmer flowing cherry tree branches definitely need attending to. I mean... it's kinda cool... but I certainly don't want them to stay that way. 😕
  3. Yeah, just noticed this. I did a dead tree garden with lots of dead branches on the ground. My garden now looks like the snake room from Raiders of the Lost Ark. I think the cherry tree branches had contact with the Shimmer from Annihilation.
  4. I just stumbled across this bug as well. It's unique to the Tributa. I have now a couple of these unfinished tributas forever frozen in limbo in my dojo. I'm sure they'll fix it soon.
  5. Yeah, I also now have a couple of these untextured gold statues forever frozen in limbo in my dojo. Glad to see I'm not the only one. I'm sure they'll fix it soon.
  6. I know, right? I was gonna make my own thread about this, but I'll just post here instead. This'll do fine. So, the OP put it pretty well, but I want to illustrate just how frustrating trading can be sometimes with respect to the private chat. How many of you have had this happen? You advertise that you want to sell some stuff, and then someone pm's you, and it goes a little something like this: (Blue text is you, the seller, and red text is the rando you're talking to.) How much for Overextended? How about 20p? Sure. Inv. What do you want for the Mara Detron? How about 40p? But you just said 20. Huh? No I didn't. We agreed 20. I'll take the overex for 20. Yeah. Sounds good. And how about the detron? What? Is it a yay or a nay on the detron? I never said anything about a detron. Hello? Are you there? What do you want for the detron? WHAT THE FU... And it is at this moment in this little "Who's on First" routine that you realize that you're talking to two different people. The guy who wants the detron is a different person pm-ing you from another tab, and he hasn't heard a word you've said. Now, let me just state for the record that I am a veteran WF trader. I buy and sell (mostly sell) in the market a LOT. Not bragging or anything, just want to make it clear that I know how it works. I'm usually very good at keeping a sharp eye on who's talking, but even seasoned traders can screw up, and I had this exact mishap almost word for word a few days ago in the trade chat. Sometimes when you're really focused on a deal, you just don't notice, and it can get really confusing. This ain't rocket science--bottom line, when you're inside a private chat tab, you should only see messages from THAT PERSON. Period. Capiche?
  7. Yup. This is a thing alright. Hoping for a fix, but it's not really a top priority.
  8. Fix? FIX???! Please?! Pwiddy Pweeze wif a forma on top??????
  9. This is a small quality of life thing. I would like to kindly request that you give us the ability to change the order of our loadouts. So, here's what I'm talking about--I have some... twenty or so loadouts, and I've been making these things for a long time. The first loadout I ever made was a Valkyr. Years later, I made another Valkyr loadout, and that one is now towards the bottom of the stack. I want both of my Valkyr loadouts right next to each other, but the only way to do this would be to pick the adjacent loadout and completely remake it, but then that loadout is now gone, so whatever that was now has to be moved as well, so I have to pick another one and remake that, but then that screws up the next one, and so on and so on. So, as I see it, the only way to reorder them is to systematically remake every single loadout until you've gone through all of them. Every move you make screws it up. It's like trying to solve a rubik's cube or something. Please let us just click and hold a loadout, then drag it up and down, then drop it where we like in the stack. Or some "reorder" toggle button. Either way. Thanks.
  10. Oh wow, never knew about this. DE, please don't ever change this! If it is a bug, LET'S MAKE IT A FEATURE! Okay, well, you can smooth out those glitchy things the OP mentioned, like with petting the companion or whatever, but please let us continue being able to holster and unholster weapons in the orbiter. Matter of fact, let us do in the dojo as well. It just adds to the realism. Like, we have these weapons, so... if it was real life, why wouldn't your frame be able to take 'em out... like... wherever they are? Right??? It's a really cool thing. Fix it up and make it an intentional feature. In fact... I just came from this thread, and after what I wrote there, it's got me thinking: we really should just have a dedicated holter/unholster function. There should be a hotkey function for this in the controls menu, and it should work wherever you are, albeit you wouldn't be able to fire your weapons in no-combat zones. Nobody wants people spamming every weapon in the game while we're trying to shop at the void trader. :D But, yeah, give us a holster/unholster function, please.
  11. Still hoping for a fix for this. Please don't tell me it was intentional!
  12. Oh how I have been looking forward to seeing "Buffed Mesa's butt" in the patch notes. This is pretty close. Lol. 😄
  13. This is still an issue, I see. 😞
  14. For me, every time I get a new message, all old mail returns. I delete all of it, then the next time I get a new message, it all comes back.
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