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A sniper warframe-Lobaev


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Lobaev-The sharpshooter,The all seeying eye.

1st ability:Camouflage

Blend in with the environment and deceive the enemies while staying hidden in plain sight

2nd ability:Supress

Makes so all your weapons are 100% silenced

3nd ability:Eagle vision

When aiming down sight,you get access to a thermal vision scope which highlights enemies through any wall,obstacle or environment

4nd ability:Riffleman's creed

Lobaev summons an exalted bolt action sniper riffle that can penetrate through any obstacle and has increased critical stats

Passive:Gain energy on every successful headshot

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I feel his 1 and 2 skills are too Copy/Paste of existing Skills. His 1 should only render the warframe undetectable when standing still and shooting would still alert enemies.

His 4th skill doesnt need to be an Exalted weapon, it could just prompt the currently wielded primary and have it become Semi-Auto in case its automatic wile giving it a significant increase to damage wile if a Sniper is actually equipped, give a significantly higher damage bonus wile giving the player the benefits you mention from his 3rd skill.

The passive is unnecessary, there is already a mod that does that. I would prefer having players use the mod for this benefit and not give an opportunity for it to stack with the passive unless you restrict the passive's bonus to Snipers only as does the mod.

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way way too simple, too much copy-paste, and the sniper theme is expressed poorly. 


the 1st is a copy of Loki's invis

the 2nd is a copy of Banshee's passive

the 3rd is a built-in effect on both the Argonak and Zenith assault rifles

the 4th is nothing but a sniper with punchthrough

and the passive is a copy paste of one of the newer mods in the game... 


so why would anyone want to play this? I'm sure you can do better. try focusing on the sniper theme more. how about implementing the Shot Combo Counter that's unique to sniper rifles? or if you must copy an already existing ability, why not a teleport to get some distance between yourself and the enemy cos, you know, you're a SNIPER. plus there's so many useful not-yet-in-game passives you could give like maybe adding 1 bullet to your magazine with each headshot (less reloads = more DPS), or have sniper shots gain increased damage the further they travel before hitting a target, etc


I'm not making any specific adjustments cos I like sniper characters too much, Zer0 from Borderlands 2 being my favourite, so I'll most likely highjack the idea and come up with something completely different. hope the suggestions helped 

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