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[Suggestion] Map And Mission Additions List


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Another one of my suggestion threads... I can't help it, I want to see the game improve and survive for a while. Here's my list of map and mission related ideas.


Hourly Random Mission Types


This idea should involve replacing some missions on the planet map with an ever changing mission type. On each hour a mission on the map is rerolled into another mission. For example, M Prime is a raid, an hour later it rerolls its mission type and becomes a survival mission.


In a way, it can become a non-alert alert. Though running tangental to this idea, is my thought that defense and survival missions shouldn't be permanent mission types in each planet, but rather limited to this and alerts; they're too rewarding, and I feel that they're overtaking other mission types. I would like to hear your thoughts on that.


Tile Nightmare Situations


Why is it that standing by a reactor in the Grineer ship doesn't do anything to my shields? Walking into a freezer should immediately cut my shields. Standing by a reactor should continuously drain my shields, and soon my health. Or suddenly you walk into an area that has it's gravity malfunctioning. There needs to be danger zone tiles which change how the squad/players behave when they walk into them, also depending on what enemies are there.


Mission Location Unique Tilesets


Should be an addition to the regular tileset used for the mission, each mission in each planet should have some unique tiles not seen in other missions. There needs to be differentiation between each mission on each planet!


I hope DE ends up creating different, unique settings for each planet in the future as well.


Interactive Tiles


Why can't we press buttons to operate anything? Pressing a button opens vats of acid for the player to dunk enemy units into, throwing a switch electrifies a floor, stunning enemies and players who walk into it (making robots explode in a deadly fashion), and a classic example, pressing a button activates the tile's garbage crusher... And the enemy can operate those switches just the same.


In some cases, interacting with certain parts of the tile might lead to a secret area. Having this should eliminate some elements of Warframe's repetitiveness, and make levels funner with more than just our Warframes and weapons to play with.


Tile Props


For each tile we see in game now, it would be nice if those tiles have some variations to them. From relatively benign crates, to enemy manned heavy turret emplacements and traps. Gotta have some additional variety when running through levels and it wouldn't hurt to have some obstacles along the way.


Even though tile layouts may be different, it still feels the same when all the tiles I've encountered are too familiar to me.


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