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Killing Kril Quickly


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I don't know if anyone has figured out  a way to kill kril quickly, but I haven't seen anyone kill kril or figured out a way to kill Kril quicker than this, and I apologize to anyone if they've already posted this because I never really did any searching to see if there was a faster way.


By performing this method, you can effectively get kril to his fire stage within 30 seconds (or less) if done right. I've tested it multiple times.



The how:

Basically, you get behind kril like normal shoot his cryotube backpack by whatever methods you can, and then keep running in and out of his ice skill attack range. This will prompt more chances of him activating his ice skill thereby freezing him faster. Here is a diagram below of approximately (not exact) his ice skill attack range:




The white area is the platform he naturally spawns on.


The why:

As you know, kril basically has a range of which you have to be in to get him to activate his ice skill once you pop one of the tubes on his back. Well, it seems like the activation of a skill is based on an "if" condition rather than a nested "if" condition in a loop . If you're familiar with programming, "if" conditions essentially "if this is true then x events happen". Well, you can't just stand in his ice skill range because it seems like there is no looping condition check to see if you're constantly within range. It appears to be an "if" condition that has priority activation when you run within his range. If you do this, you'll notice a lot of times he'll interrupt other actions to perform one of these ice skills. In short, it appears to be this "if" condition is placed somewhere where it has priority over the rest of the AI.

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This is not 100% accurate.

Kril has two ice moves that can cause the trigger.


The other is a little ice shot similar to Frost's 1 which he activates if you are beyond his AoE power radius.

You can opt to just walk around in and out of cover until he decides to try and throw it at you and get his butt frozen.

(you'd think he'd learn from this)




At any rate, the technique for beating him is on the wikia, isn't it?



Well, this is added to the list of threads people will find while looking for when they have trouble beating Lech Kril.

-claps- (for the helpful thread)

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You guys are missing the point. The point of this isn't to explain the mechanics of how the kril fight works. Of course, the mechanic was always to pop the cryopack so the tube goes flying then "bait" him to use the skill. But just saying "bait" him is a rather ambiguous word to use. There is no defined way of "baiting" him.


What i'm explaining is how to FORCE him to use the skill nearly instantly everytime, without waiting around wandering aimlessly. Which is essentally, run towards kril until you're close, then run away from kril and repeat this constantly really fast. I'm aware that kril has two skills and this method will force him to use either depending on the distance you are from him. See, here's what I was trying to explain, take this for example:



You can opt to just walk around in and out of cover until he decides to try and throw it at you and get his butt frozen.


If you walk in and around cover eventually throw one of his skills and this will happen always no matter what because HE DECIDES IT, but does not guarantee the activation. You're still just waiting around until he does the skill. What I'm saying is this allows you to control it. Do not hide, just after you pop his cryopack run away, then run back towards him and back away again. You can literally just run into a straight line back and forth and this will force activation of the skill(s).


If you do not have high shields and he manages to break them with the gorgon because then that's the only time you really need to run for cover, but you shouldn't even have to do this. The most I was shot at between freezing rounds was like 2 bullets.

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