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Infested - The Ultimate Bros?


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Anybody else think that Infested Corpus ships should have infested Corpus, and not infested Grineer (and vice versa)?


I would have no issue with seeing a few more "Infestation" organisms floating around a level that have a clear non-human design either.


I think that I'd like to see a "iCorpus" and an "iGrineer" set of enemy models, with overlap only rarely happening on some really badly infested hotspots.  It kinda bugs me that there are ALWAYS Grineer models and Corpus models in the Infested line-up.  It'd add quite a lot of depth and believability to the universe if this one simple change was implimented.

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Are you saying you want only chargers on grineer ships and leapers/runners/crawlers on another faction ship?

Because chargers are the closest you will get to a messed up grineer.

Or do you want new separate models all together.

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I mean two totally different model sets.  Think having a Corpus version of the Charger for the Corpus ship.


I'd also like to see an Infested Grineer list of enemy models.  Both maps should have ancients and a few other "Infestation" organisms.

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