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Feedback on Distilling Extractor Prime and "rare" extracts


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Distilling Extractor Prime is supposed to improve the rates of acquiring rare extracts from a planet.

They are extremely inconsistent and the description is very misleading.

After mining Saturn, Ceres and Eris for months, i ended up with a ton of Detonite Ampules compared to Mutagen Samples, both are advertised as the rare extract of their respective planets

I understand RNG and the rewards are weighted but when i get a sample size of about 40 Detonite Ampules extractions to 1 Mutation Sample extraction, It just seems wrong.

Edit: I assumed this since it's in the 4th slot, it's probably Orokin cells for Saturn and Ceres but i get those more often than Mutagen Samples as well.


Sure, this may be a side activity but can we have at least some semblance of consistency here?

If you don't want people to get Mutagen Sample easily, then don't advertise it as the rare extract but make Distilling Extractor Prime having no effect on it.

Thanks for your time.

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On 2018-12-17 at 11:33 PM, peterc3 said:

Apparently not.

No, I get similar behavior.

I've seen this happening rather consistently for a rather long time, so I started taking  notes. First, I ran titan extractors for about a month for Saturn and Kuva Fortress (but Distilling on Eris). Then, I went full distilling extractors all the way through. (One day I retrieved my extractor without taking notes, and forgot the last digit. So that's a _ in my notes.) Here's what I got:



Observation: saturn extractor often damaged, kuva extractor not damaged

        Nanospores    Nanospores    Salvage
        Plastids    Plastids    Circuits
        Neurodes    Orokin Cell    Neural Sensors
        Mutagen Sample    Detonite Ampule    Detonite Ampule

        Eris (d),    Saturn (t),    Kuva Fortress (t)

2018-11-13    114 plastids,    169 plastids,    1111 Salvage
2018-11-14    4 mutagen samp,    134 plastids,    1156 Salvage
2018-11-14    103 plastids,    1260 Nanospore,    885 Salvage
2018-11-15    4 mutagen samp,    6 detonite amp,    282 circuits
2018-11-16    116 plastids,    1584 Nanospore,    858 Salvage
2018-11-18    1525 Nanospor,    1270 Nanospore,    1173 Salvage
2018-11-19    4 mutagen samp, 6 detonite amp, 738 Salvage
2018-11-20    122 plastids,    174 plastids,    1005 Salvage
2018-11-21    108 plastids,    1302 Nanospore,    909 Salvage
2018-11-23    1541 nanospore,    1368 Nanospore,    1119 Salvage
2018-11-26    4 neurodes,    1336 nanospore,    707 Salvage
2018-11-27    102 plastids,    6 detonite amp,    677 Salvage
2018-11-29    120 plastids,    150 plastids,    1163 Salvage
2018-11-30    1202 nanospore,    1338 nanospore, 7 neural sensor
2018-12-01    12_ plastids,    186 plastids,    265 circuits
switch to all distilling
2018-12-02    1521 nanospore,    1522 nanospore,    5 neural sensor
2018-12-03    133 plastids,    1393 nanospore,    294 circuits
2018-12-04    144 plastids,    1598 nanospore,    236 circuits
2018-12-06    134 plastids,    6 detonite amp,    215 circuits
2018-12-07    91 plastids,    149 plastids,    6 detonite amp
2018-12-08    131 plastids,    138 plastids,    1072 salvage
2018-12-09    125 plastids,    6 detonite amp,    830 salvage
2018-12-10    1545 nanospore,    169 plastids,    629 salvage
2018-12-11    1250 nanospore,    6 detonite amp,    273 circuits
2018-12-12      119 plastids,   6 detonite amp, 228 circuits
2018-12-13    116 plastids,    6 detonite amp,    213 circuits
2018-12-14    4 neurodes,    1581 nanospore,    233 circuits
2018-12-16    1486 nanospore,    6 detonite amp, 232 circuits
2018-12-17    126 plastids,    1394 nanospore,    6 detonite amp
2018-12-20    4 mutagen samp,    6 detonite amp,    261 circuits
2018-12-22    1553 nanospore,    6 detonite amp,    6 detonite amp
2018-12-23    135 plastids,    1210 nanospore, 772 salvage
2018-12-24    1465 nanospore,    1319 nanospore,    255 circuits
2018-12-25    90 plastids,    179 plastids,    6 detonite ampules
2018-12-27    1245 nanospore,    187 plastids,    298 circuits
2018-12-28    1344 nanospore,    6 detonite amp,    6 detonite ampules
2018-12-29    142 plastids,    6 detonite amp,    234 circuits
2018-12-30    117 plastids,    137 plastids,    233 circuits


So, yes, there is some random variation. But odds for Mutagen Samples on Eris are significantly lower than odds of Detonite Ampules on Saturn. 

But, also, the third item on the list (Neurodes on Eris, Orokin Cells on Saturn) seem to have lower odds than anything else.

Kuva Fortress seems to be coded differently.

Now... sure... there is randomness. And my sample set here is relatively small. BUT ... it roughly corresponds with my observations from month after month previously. (Where, actually, I did not get Mutagen Samples at all from Eris, while getting so many Detonite Ampules I thought they were a common drop.) Anyways... unless you are going to provide your own sample set based on  your own observations, or there has been some other *recent* effort to collect statistics on a significant scale, you do not have any basis for claiming that someone else's observations about RNG were flawed.

And... once again... it's not just Mutagen Samples where the suggested odds do not match the actual odds. 

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