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Best place to figure out Riven prices?



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The likelihood of exact duplicates of your Rivens existing at all are slim to none. You can only look at prices for Rivens with similar stats and guesstimate from there based on whether your stats are stronger/weaker and how favorable the combinations are.

The major trading directories that come up via google are riven.market and rivenmarket.com.

In my experience rivenmarket.com tends to list more "sane" prices, but I'm not really sure which one is considered more standard by the trading community. I would personally compare both listings and pick something you're comfortable with.

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use riven.market not rivenmarket (yes they are 2 different sites) is a bit nuts with their prices i was gonna make an account then looked and it was a total mess.

the best method is to compare the useable stats and average out based on the ONLINE users. then check the base price and post for somewhere in between that. this is a decent method for mediorce rivens. 

For Example If i have a Gram Riven With Damage/Attack Speed/Channeling.

I will check the gram rivens with Damage/Attack speed. then ill check the base price. since my riven has a positive stat that is more or less useless. i will most likely put my riven at a lower price then the other damage/attack speed rivens but higher then the base price as it is still worth something,

for this example lets say the DM/AS gram is lowest listed online price is 600p the base gram price is 350p, so i would most likely price my gram riven at 475-520 probably leaning towards 520.

it will appeal to the people who want a better price (people do search rivens by desired stats btw) but still get a desired stat AND i dont have to wait months to sell my riven.

also a lot of rivens are completly trash ( not bad but just so many of them and so un-used that trying to sell them for more then 50p is not worth the time it takes)

i suggest watching trade chat aswell to see whats trending. and your clan/alliance should most likely have at least one person who is riven savy. 

hope this helps.

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