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  1. Wat. Are you trying to imply that they have to do all of this at once, immediately, because reasons? Unless they've coded their weapon data and set up their dev programs in an extremely inefficient way, giving us rudimentary balance should be as simple as changing a few integers for each weapon. They don't even scale without mods. They don't even need to run any complex calculations; they can just ballpark it based off of current performance. Best part? They have a decent portion of the community that is strongly invested in the idea of game balance that will give them constant feedback on the
  2. No. Way. If you want to hyper-specialize a weapon to attain higher levels of power, you should have to deal with the drawbacks of hyper-specializing a weapon. If there's one thing players DON'T need right now, it's even more DPS.
  3. Because obviously there's no reason to get a newer gun unless it's more powerful than older guns!!! /sarcasm #WarframeBalance2014
  4. To quote Scott in response to balance when: Is update 14 out yet? Oh. Wait... .__. Awks. Balance please. That will entail both nerfs and buffs, but balance nonetheless. A good first place to start would be improving the base scaling of weapons and Warframes (giving weapons scaling to begin with, to be precise) between ranks 0 and 30, and reducing the overall impact mods have on weapon stats when it comes to damage.
  5. If PWE buys DE and the playerbase doesn't flatline: They get more money. If PWE buys DE and the playerbase flatlines: They've wiped out a competitor for what is likely a trivial sum of money. I don't see why people think logging in/ not logging in will make a difference.
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