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tranq rifle cause my warframe powers to not work.


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SO I have noticed a few time now, after I equip the tranq rifle and then quickly un-equip it, that when ever I try to use one of my warframe powers, it does not work, Not at all. 

I think that some how the Key mapping that is used in the game for both power actvation  is some how interfearing with the game play. 

as I have found that when I do a Conservation Hunt, an I encounter a corpus patrol, I have to switch out the tranq to my Primary Weapon or my secondary weapon to combat them, but I have been running Ivara, an to escape the patrols, I activate my Prowl ability\power to help get the drop on the more beefy Corpus I face out in the Vallis. 

But when I switch out my tranq for a weapon, my powers won't work, (again because I think it has soemthing to do with the key mapping)

I can fix it, but re-equiping my tranq then un-equipping it, an then my power return to normal, but when I'm being mobbed by a swarm LV 30 Corpus,  each second counts is a second between life and death. 

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