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Mesa Prime's default textures issues + Gunblade grip


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Hey there it's good old Nightmare reporting stuff. Who would have thought!

I got Mesa Prime yesterday and I've noticed she has some weird texture issues with her tint channels, mostly on her chest and hat. I am unsure if this has to do with some texture recompressing process Steve mentioned on stream yesterday, but nonetheless I'd like to bring it up because it reminds me of Volt Prime's release. I think a fix could be in order.

Chest (green stripes on blue):Warframe0810.jpg

Coat neck (red stripes on green):Warframe0809.jpg



Also, a second thing: Mesa Prime doesn't seem to grap the Redeemer nor the Prime very well, the handle is a bit offset. Pics below, everyone else can grab the gunblades just fine (Vauban will be used as the example):




Hope you guys can fix these. Thanks in advance! 🙂

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